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Easy Way of Making Recited Water or Holy Water using Ruqyah MP3

Posted by islamicexorcism on June 30, 2010

In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent. Physics explains that “Sound” is a form of energy made of vibrations. The physicists and researchers by adjusting the frequency of these vibrations, have designed devices that can produce sound waves with a variety of benefits ranging from medical (ultra sound therapy, prenatal scanning, ultra-sonography , ultrasonic and Radio waves generation) to weaponry (sonar, radar). The fact that sound waves could be used for a wide variety of purposes is already mentioned in some verses of Quran ranging from medicinal purposes (“We sent down in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe.” 17: 82 and10:57) to destructive purpose (“The trumpet will be sounded, when all that is in the heavens and the earth will swoon away, except such as it will please God to exempt. Then will a second one be sounded, when, behold, they will be standing and looking on!” 39:68 and 69:13-17). The sound waves have a tendency to travel much faster in water than in air (whales and dolphins communicate with each other under water over large distances through sound waves), keeping this is mind, we can very easily make recited water by placing bottles of water in front of sound emitting speakers, thereby charging and energizing the water with all the positive vibrations of Quran. We should remember that Quran being the word of God All Mighty, contains full of positive and healing vibrations as already mentioned in the verse 17:82 above and also since human body in made up of more than 70% of water, the human body can very easily absorb these positive vibrations either actively or passively when played on a speaker or by drinking the holy recited water or using recited water for bathing or when massaging the body with recited oil or recited vinegar. Alhamdulillaah, this procedure is tried and tested by many and is proved to be very effective in treating sihir, jinns, evil eye and sickness.

The following are the benefits of making recited water using this procedure:
1.Muslims and Non-muslims who cannot recite Quran correctly, can use this procedure to make powerful recited water, recited oil and recited vinegar.
2.The victims who are sick and don’t have energy to do any amal or recite Quran or who get very tired on doing a amal, can utilize this procedure.
3.The recited water made by this procedure could be used as the base solution, over which more amal or dua’s could be done to increase the blessings and healing effects.
4.People who are to busy with the day to day work and have no time for exorcism and healing, can use this procedure to make powerful recited water, recited oil and recited vinegar.

Items Required:
1. Powerful Speakers (preferably with a woofer).
2. Few thin plastic bottles containing drinking water (avoid glass bottles, as sound waves can easily travel through thin plastic).
3. One thin plastic bottle of olive or black seed oil and/or one plastic bottle of vinegar.
4. Download the below Ruqyah MP3 files depending on the situation:

For treating Blackmagic, Spells and Jinns: Download Surah Yaseen by Fares Abbad:

For treating Sickness and Evil Eye: Download Ruqyah for Treating Sickness and Evil Eye by Fares Abbad:

1. Choose a silent place or room in the house, that should be free from all disturbances and noises of traffic, tv, music, talking of people..etc.[Note: If a peaceful place is not available, to prevent other disturbing sounds from interfering with the Quranic recitations, one could get a cardboard box, place the speakers and the plastic bottles touching or close to the speakers inside the box, the box should be closed completely allowing the wires from the speakers to go through the gaps at the edges on the box]
2. Place the computer/MP3 player, speakers and all the plastic bottles containing water, olive oil or vinegar over a table.
3. The plastic bottles should be placed touching the speakers or very close to the speakers so that the ruqyah or quranic vibrations directly hit the bottles.
4. Play the Ruqyah MP3 at a high volume for about 10 to 12 hours continuously without any breaks. You will have to make appropriate settings on the MP3 or computer to play the ruqyah continuously.
5. InshaAllah, the Ruqyah vibrations from the speakers will easily be absorbed by the water and other items charging and energizing them with blessings and power of the verses of Quran.
6. The procedure could be repeated any number of times if needed to increase the blessings of the recited items.
7. If necessary other amal or dua can be done over these items to increase their blessings.

How to use the recited or holy items ? The recited items could be used by the victim and his entire family till things get normal. For treating sickness or disease bathing/washing and spraying can be avoided.

Drinking: The victim should be given at-least one glass of recited water every morning and evening. The victim should drink the recited water daily till he recovers completely. While drinking the water, the victim should recite ‘Bismillaahi Ya Shafi [In the name of Allah, O Giver of Cure]’. For stronger effects, add juice extracted out of ½ lime or equivalent recited vinegar, to one glass of recited water and drink it, but remember lime juice or vinegar may be to strong on the empty stomach, so it’s preferable to drink this mixture after a meal.

Bathing/ Washing: For every spiritual bath, in the evening get one/two glass of recited water squeeze 3 whole lime or equivalent vinegar and add about 7 to 11 crushed Baierie or beetal leaves[with all the extracted Juice along with the crushed leaves] into the recited water and later add this mixture to some additional tap water[approx 1 liters] sufficient enough for the person to make wadhu/ghusul or rinse his body completely with it from head to toe, into this also add few drops of recited attar/ perfume. Before entering the washroom, the victim should recite the ‘dua of entering washroom’ and then make a dua in the heart ‘’ YA HAYYU YA QAYYUM Please cure and purify me from all evil influences of men and jinn that trouble and harm him. Ameen-3x”. The victim should make wadhu / ghusul or rinse his complete body from head to toe with this mixture in a big bowl or vessel or bucket so that the dirty water can be collected and later thrown on some ground or garden or in pots rather than in drain or bathroom. Remember, this mixture should be nicely rubbed on the victims head,forehead, shoulders, neck, chest, back, stomach and other places of pain and heaviness while bathing [avoid rubbing mixture on eyes as lime /vinegar may cause some burning]. This procedure should be repeated for about 7 to 12 days, every evening. Note: If the victim cannot take bath, try a sponge bath i.e drench a clean towel in a mixture of recited water, lime, baierie leaves and normal water, and wipe it all over the body from head to toe.

Spraying: Mix few spoon full of crystalline salt and few drops of recited attar/perfume into some recited water, it could be filled into any spray bottle or glass/cup and this mixture should be sprayed on every wall, corners of the walls, the ceiling of the house, on beds, curtains, furniture, at the entrance and outer boundaries of the house at-least once every day preferably in the evenings, except inside the bathrooms or washroom or toilets. While spraying in the house, spray more specifically in the scary places within the house or places where one gets goosebumps or places where one gets a feeling of fear or places where one has seen strange shadows or creatures. This should be repeated daily till the patient recovers completely.

Massaging: Mix few spoons of crystalline salt and few drops of recited attar/perfume into the recited vinegar or use the recited oil directly and massage the entire body before going to bed daily. Make sure you massage the recited vinegar/oil all over your body especially over the forehead, neck, arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs and all places of pain and heaviness. This should be repeated daily till the patient recovers completely.

To increase the healing effects the victim could also listen to the Ruqyah MP3 either actively with full concentration or passively while doing other work or while sleeping allowing the body and mind to absorbed the healing vibrations and energy of Ruqyah.

The victims of blackmagic, jinn and evil eye should recite – ‘A-oo-zo-Billaah,‘A-oo-zo-Billaah,‘A-oo-zo-Billaah, La Elaaha illal laahu Mohammadur Rasool-ul-laah Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam, at all times abundantly and as much as possible and also at times of fear, anger, forgetfulness, depression.

The victims of sickness or diseases should recite – YA SHAAFI YA KAFI YA BAQI, Allah humma Sali’ala Muhammad Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam (O The Curer or Healer, O Self-sufficient One, O The Everlasting, O Allah, send Your Peace and Blessing on Muhammad SAW ) at all times abundantly and as much as possible.

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