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Ask a Question ( Black Magic/Sihir/WitchCraft) (CLOSED)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever.

Mashallah, since our schedule’s are busy we request all the readers to simply read through and follow the instructions mentioned in the below link to treat and cure any type of Black Magic or Evil Jinns.

For all questions related to black Magic or Sihir or WitchCraft, please post them here.


Closing down of “Ask Questions Services”

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever.

Bi iznillaah, due to our personal commitments and as per the orders of our Sheikh, we would be shortly closing down all the “Ask Questions Services”. We have already provided all the necessary articles and guidelines for people to practice self treatment and benefit themselves and others.

We recommend our users to practice the dua’s and amal’s with full faith and full trust in Allah, and beg and cry before HIM (SWT) in abundance and remember expressing humbleness, humility and helplessness before our Merciful Lord is the best and greatest amal.

Guidelines for treatment of Blackmagic and Jinns

Guidelines for treatment of all pains and sickness

We will inshaallah, try our best to continue posting new articles for the benefit of all our users. We would end by quoting a beautiful verse of the Glorious Quran in which Allah says:”..loose not your heart, nor fall into despair, for you will succeed if you are a true believer”(3:139)

1,850 Responses to “Ask a Question ( Black Magic/Sihir/WitchCraft) (CLOSED)”

  1. Babie said

    Hello I apologize for taking up your time. I have had a recurring events of cat parts placed in my front yard. To be honest I find it quite strange because they are lined up in in similar positions every time. There are no signs of blood or struggles so I come to the conclusion it must have been placed by human hands. Can you help me please.?. I would like to know if this is some type of symbol or has a meaning and purpoes behind it. Once again I’m just looking in to understanding why this is happing and for what. It’s been said to me by many people that it might be a spell of some sort. Will you please help me with any information possible “PLEASE”!!! It is very appreciated I don’t know what else to do or who to ask for help. The first four pictures are one and the second two are another event about a month later. I really hope to here back from you soon…
        “Thank You So Much”

  2. temour said

    Brothers and sister when we remove magic we mistake which i will tell you,
    When you remove magic or any spell you need to track the knots of the magic and difuse the magic from their otherwise it wont properly remove, and when u listen to any amal or perform any islamic reading make sure you make intention to remove the magic etc from its knots or whever the magical item it was done on this is the right away to do it, because when PRophet Saw read the 4 quls the knots of his magic became undone so brothers and sisters please remember this. and Islamic Exoriscm please dont remove my comment because this is useful everyone. anyone have any questions feel free to email me at

  3. tausif said


    am i affected by black magic??

    • roohani work said

      salam contect

  4. dastan said

    any problem to tell me

  5. dastan said

    koi b magic so tell mee mjhy email kary ap

  6. salma said

    my son is suffering from severe ear pain .from the past 2months.tablets &injections he is taking continously.but the pain did not reduce.iam requesting u please give me dua to read or any wazifa.i want to know if he is affected with jinn or evil spirits.bzos from childhood his health conditions is not good .he falls sick every time.&at present again he is hospitalized.he is 13years.his name is muhammed rayyan.iam waiting for your ans.

    • roohani work said

      salam sister contect

  7. temour said

    Aoa plz email

  8. zeba said

    Assalamualaikum, I have a brief question to ask its about my sister who recently married to my maternal cousin who was already divorced twice, and the reason provided for the first marriage was gal had an affair and for the second marriage she was not matured even though she was more than 20 and hence convinced my parents to marry my sis to him,before marriage the guy was very nice and sweet to both my mom and sister and said that he will keep her happy and will fulfill all wishes and dreams and also our common aunties also emotionally forced my sister to marry him and now after marriage he and his family is completely changed and started torturing my sister and she is back to home now and its been 3 months he did not come to meet her and hardly stayed for 1 month or so together….Now my sister is very much confused about what step to be taken can you suggest what is accurate or the best way to sort this problem out as per our islamic ways…..

    As everyone says that the parents and sisters have done a magic on him and he is not allowed to say anything….

    • roohani work said

      salam sister you contect me

  9. Savo said

    Hi! Im 21 years old man, i have been cleansing from sihir food 8 months because i have these problems almost 10 years.
    Sometimes i go to a doctor that has special energy body reading aparate, russian technology, and it shows that im cleaner every time i have reactions from (holy water and small brown or white balls) that my very proffesional Seikh is giving me.

    Now i dont longer have fear of people , anxiousity, depression but i still cant sleep.

    I dont now if i had a good sleep in 10 years. Every time im very tired, im falling fast into sleep and then suddenly, some fear is waking me up. It doesnt allow me to sleep like normal people sleep.

    My question is do all sihir has to cleanse out from intestinal and stomach?
    ( im only getting diarrea and i can see on aparate its only 20% left
    ” negative energy” in small intestinal, when i started i was 100% red.)

    Ps. Im christian btw, plz whrite back

  10. roohani work said

    salam, Brothers and Sisters,
    If Anyone has any problems
    Please email me at

  11. remove sihr in few minutes said

    You will perform the following procedure for only 1 days(s) after Fajr and Maghrib 1 Time
    When you do this then In sha Allah within minutes the Blackmagic Sihr will break and be gone with the force of the river and the help of Allah swt

    This is a photograph of a powerful river after Fajr and Maghrib you will look at the photograph and perform the following recitation with ” INTENTION” that all your problems are being removed with the permission of Allah swt

    • remove sihr in few minutes said

      sorry i forgot to mention the Recitation its 7 times Durood Shareef Surah Falaq surah naas then Durood Shareef again

      • remove sihr in few minutes said

        its also STRONGLY recommended to give some sadaqah to poor people before performing this

    • remove sihr in few minutes said

      Dear brothers and sister I know it might be a problem to do the reading after fajr so in this case you can do it 1 hour before Maghreb salah and 1 hour after maghrib salah for 1 day only this will In sha Allah be suffice

  12. Not Available said

    Brothers and Sisters I have a method to remove all problems not just sihr or jin with SADAQAH, ALLAH talks about SADAQAH in the QURAN and its also discussed in HADITH as well so whatever im going to tell you is AUTHENTIC, You can try any method you like but this method can be supported By Quran and Hadith and as I Said it has been TRIED AND TESTED and im opinion powerful than any METHOD you can find on this website

    Give some sadaqah to poor people
    Right after you give the SADAQAH, make DUA to ALLAH ask him to send the rewards of the SADAQAH as a gift to all his PROPHETS, SAHABAS, AWLIYAS and all his RIGTEOUS PEOPLE and to make this SADAQAH as a means to remove all your problems,
    Once you do this In sha Allah you will start feeling better right away

    This is the method of making dua


    Make the dua as shown above

    Ameen 1X

  13. roohani work said

    Brothers and Sisters,
    If Anyone has any problems
    Please email me at
    with Subject: Blackmagic
    I provide isme azam reading free of charge

  14. ibrahim said

    Assalmu Alikum . i am ibrahim .now my job no have . i was work one company 4months. long time don’t work . all time some problem.

  15. saeed said

    ASLKM, Is there anyone can tell me about the way to do this amal. Solve all your problems using Powerful Hamd E Illahi (Praises of Allah), please let me know if there is some way to read it, or i can read if after every salah for 7 times. what is more effective way to do it.

    • I don’t dare to advise , however, you can try doing Zikir day and night ” Ya Razzaqu” and read Surah Al Waqiah everyday between Magreb and Isha prayer and pray to Almighty Allah for solving your problem. InshaAllah you will feel better here and in the Hereafter.

  16. Temour said

    Brothers and Sisters
    I provide help Free of Charge Fi Sabilillah
    kindly email with subject : Black magic

  17. billahs said


    I’m Ibrahim Issouf
    I’m very happy to visit your website
    On how to cure blackmagic in Islam
    However base on what I had experience and facing in my dreams
    As well as in real life, How can I treat myself or can someone recite it on my behalf?
    Best regards

    Ibrahim Issouf

  18. shaakira said

    wazifa for relief frm headace nd hippocracy due to any evil effect..

  19. anon said

    I recently found out sihr was used on my sibling and family in order for the marriage to happen. Is the marriage valid? We were also told the person was an Alim but obviously this is a lie.

  20. Tanveer said

    Can women pray Ayat E Karima Wazifq ? If answer is yes then can we pray in the group ?
    One aunty told me this Tasbi is very strong and Jalali so women can’t pray!
    I got confused now !

    • A Muslim said

      That is ridiculous. Of course women can recite it. ask that lady to give you one hadith where it says women cannot recite it.

  21. Shubham Kashyap said

    Dear Brother, I need you help in the name of almighty Allah. I am suffering from bad luck, detoriation of health and financial problems with no money left in my pockets and had many accidents and court case on me. I don’t believe on black magic as such but my friend said it might be the cause. My wife and a year old daughter suffering the bad health and every day fight with my wife. Please help. Thanks Shubham

    • A Muslim said

      Brother. if you look to the left of this webpage, you will see a number of amals that you can do, in order to break black magic and remove it’s effects. I have personally benefitted from some of these. I was very desperate at one point. But I was completely cured. Also from my own personal experience, I would recommend, that all pictures, toys etc. with human or animal faces are removed from your home. Avoid haram at all costs. keep yourselves clean, tidy your house, and read as many namaz’s as you can (if poss. all of them). For a quick relief, (until you do one of the amals, I strongly suggest that you) read the last 3 ayats from the quran(33 times each, at least), and blow on yourself (and family), and water. drink the water yourselves and dab it over yourself and family. and then sprinkle the water all over the house. (walls, bed, curtains etc.)don’t drop it on the floor and don’t take it into the bathroom or wash rooms. stand at the highest point in your house and read the azaan (3 times in a row) at asr time – everyday. If you do this, I gurantee that you will see instant results, within less than an hour. I also suggest that you take a look at the various pages on this website. It is a treasure trove of valuable information. Keep me posted of any changes

  22. Asi said

    As salam alykum. I need your help in relieving my family from a painful time. My brother has fallen into the trap of a married girl. She is married into my aunt’s house where my brother used to stay during his graduation period. She started luring my brother since that time and now that my brother has gotten into a very good job with a handsome pay she is desperately behind him for his money and wants to divorce her current husband for the same. My brother has entirely fallen into the trap and is spending on her limitlessly. We have enquired with a known Imam he said that it is spell of magic done on my brother which is not allowing him to come out of it. My parents are totally unaware of such conditions. They are miserable but helpless. My brother stays in a different city overall not in supervision of my parents or anyone else. For the sake of Allah I request you to please tell us what can be done to get him out of this cursed situatuon.
    Jazak Allah Khairan

  23. baseerat said

    i am 12th medical student from sopore my name iz baseerat and i am in relation wth a boy namely Haashir i wanna know my future wth him will it suceed or not

  24. Shazad said

    Help with eating black magic

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