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Ask a Question (Demonic possessions And Jinns) (CLOSED)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever.

Mashallah, since our schedule’s are busy we request all the readers to simply read through and follow the instructions mentioned in the below link to treat and cure any type of Black Magic or Evil Jinns.

For all questions related to Demonic possessions And Jinns, please post them here.


Closing down of “Ask Questions Services”

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever.

Bi iznillaah, due to our personal commitments and as per the orders of our Sheikh, we would be shortly closing down all the “Ask Questions Services”. We have already provided all the necessary articles and guidelines for people to practice self treatment and benefit themselves and others.

We recommend our users to practice the dua’s and amal’s with full faith and full trust in Allah, and beg and cry before HIM (SWT) in abundance and remember expressing humbleness, humility and helplessness before our Merciful Lord is the best and greatest amal.

Guidelines for treatment of Blackmagic and Jinns

Guidelines for treatment of all pains and sickness

We will inshaallah, try our best to continue posting new articles for the benefit of all our users. We would end by quoting a beautiful verse of the Glorious Quran in which Allah says:”..loose not your heart, nor fall into despair, for you will succeed if you are a true believer”(3:139)

650 Responses to “Ask a Question (Demonic possessions And Jinns) (CLOSED)”

  1. madi said

    i am a victim of black magic,
    can some explain me about this dreaming this sign i have seen allah name writing in the sky i see it 6 times,
    the last one i have i seen a white bird flying in the sky after the name appear it was writing allahu waheed i try to show it to my mum in dream suddenly the name dissapear,

    some time i see screen write for me in the sky in arabic word i try to read them but i could read in arabic i only know the first word allah name and the rest i could not understand it,

    can some explain me the meaning?/

    • guss said

      ok listen i can give u some thing to solve your problem ,i want u to find dua al istikkara first u pray 2 rikats for it then u read the dua then u ask allah to remove the evil and solve your problem ,and u do that just before u sleep then allah will give u his advice in the dream and after that dream your problem will be soved instantly with allas power,remember this is a miracle for solving problems and u will no every thing from allah from that dream and why all this happenig and u might see even the wich who is doing that to u ,but then u remember u never talk about what allah show u only to mother or someone u can trust do it, every day and if u dont see a dream from alla u dont give up u keep repeating it and he will show u .,.i never lost when i do istikkara there is no shaik who will teach u that because they talk most of them and dont no because they dont apply do it

      • qalam111 said

        Asalamu Alaikum Wa rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh brother,
        Can I please have the duah to read after doing the 2 rakahs?For the istikharah to be cured.
        Thank you.

  2. Samir said

    Selam Brother

    My name is Samir I am 22 years old.
    I have been dealing with anxiety on and off since i was 16 years old, from the age of 13-16 i was a heavy marijuana/Ecstasy user but alhamdulillah my days of any sort of intoxicants and being a partying youth are long over ever since i was 16, i would never use anything harram again.
    One day when i was 16 as i was walking my usual route home from my friends house (I was under the influence) I had my first ever anxiety attack seemingly randomly. it was absolutely crippling and terrible, it was complete terror and confusion, a feeling of sureness that death was about to take me, in the freezing cold of a Canadian winter it started to rain and i was soaked and felt as vulnerable as i had ever felt in my life. I had had so many fights and bleeding hospital trips, people putting knives to my neck telling me that they would kill me and groups of people try to rob me before but alhamdulillah I was always fearless in the face of all that and showed fear only for Allah but that day i simply lost control of myself and felt the absolute worst terror of my life for no apparent reason.

    After that day i steadily developed a worse and worse anxiety problem, I grew Agoraphobic (fear of leaving the house) I couldn’t swallow any food and started to have really bad night terrors. I kept this hidden from my parents because i didn’t want to admit my cowardice to my father and mother but it just festered and eventually got to a point where i had to tell them out of desperation and fear as my problem was getting steadily worse and at that point i was seriously starting to question my sanity.

    My mom told me i had been attacked by a Jinn and that it was doing this to me and we started a slow process of rukyah and eventually i was better again and for a period of about a year i was fine again, back to my normal lively self (Minus the drugs of course) but then it started to happen again..this time with a big emphasis on not being able to eat and again i got better and then again it came back and again i got better and this process has been going back and forth up until this day.
    Right now im once again in bad shape Im extremely agoraphobic, though i have absolutely no fear of being outside OR groups whenever i go outside i have crippling anxiety attacks despite my lack of actual fear and its terribly hard to breathe i get super conscious of my breathing and i have a compulsive twitch in my throat i do as soon as it comes on. I also have really bad night terrors again i see wretched things in my imagination, morbid and disgusting Things i would never imagine on my own they just pop into my head out of nowhere and it makes me jump awake very violently and its always when Im just about to fall asleep.

    what I need to ask you brother Is: is This someone doing The evil eye or Black magic to me since it keeps coming and going or is it just the same Jinn that just wont leave me alone and keep coming and going? Please I need to deal with this I’ve had it with this stupid thing its ruining my life, I want to get married etc now but i cant. I wish it were as simple as taking my rifle and shooting something but its clearly not.

    • guss said

      read above u and apply the istikkara

  3. Dear Brother: JazakAllah for all the services you have provided till now, fi sabi illah….just a request, please do not remove these pages (ask a question) so that we can go through old posts and read your reply. it would really be beneficial for us.

    wa salaam.

    • junaidali said

      I agree with sister fatima. Please keep these pages for references.

      It was so much help knowing that you could get precise answers on situations and problems. In absence of these…. But then Allah says, help only comes from Allah. brothers and sisters of this site, Jazakallah for all the help!!.

  4. Mohd Aslam said

    Asssalamulakum for your kind help to all the brother and sisters who were in trouble..Even myself also got lots of Benefit with dealing few situations of my life..You people have guided with situation wise amals to practice and get benefit out of that.. Hats off to your glorious service.. Its humble request from our all readers not to remove the existing pages where we can refer that question and answer for our benefits. May ALLAW (SWT) reward in this life and here after abduntantly.. Once again Jazak ALLAH for the support and guidance…..

  5. dauda said

    peace be upon you. perharps, my sister was ill to the extend that she may not be able to walk with her two legs for the period of eight months. we need a solution to this problem base on islamic remedies. thank you. may Allah guide. anticipating your answer.

  6. Syed said

    Dear Brother,

    It is sad to know that you have closed down this section for genuine reasons. Believe me, this website was a ray of hope for people who are suffering with problems which cannot be explained to others. I pray and hope that this site will be operational again.


  7. Asia said

    Asalamu aleikum brother i was away on visit to family members for sometime i just return to discover that ask question section is closed, thanks alot for your services so far, you and your team has help me alot in solving my problems may Allah let your lives be free of problem,may Allah reward you and your team, i will miss this section but am happy to inform you that i notice defeat of the enemies day by day,and there is progress in my life and that of my family

    thanks again brother, thanks

    • dastanhussain0 said

      assalamalaikum any magic problem black magic saffli magic risstty na hona riziq ki tange olad ka na hona ho kar mar jana rabata kary

  8. RUQYAH TOUR said

    Selam alaykum ,
    Our ruqyah team will be on a “ruqyah tour” in Switzerland (Neuchatel,Fribourg la chaux de fond ect..) 9,10 & 11 of july 2012.
    For treatment or training please contact Yahya +41 78 30 16 067 for appointment.
    Jazakallah khair

  9. said

    selamu alykum
    i am in pakistan may name Ali zafar plz contect 03334394001 ruqyah according to the quran and sunnah

  10. said

    ruqyahh is too nessary for evry man and women 03314810069

    • guss said

      apply the istikkara like i said its on one of my replyes above

      • said

        Wasalam ok jazakallah I will try inshallah
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  11. Khanum said

    Assalm u allikum Mufti Sahib,
    I need to know that the Practise of ending a Cancer patients life by giving them Morphine for 7 days is that permissible in Islam?
    Specially when the patient is not in Coma! Rather the insurance company doesn’t want to continue with their treatment.

    • Walikumussalaam! Please post such questions to or Since, this is Ramdhan, they would be some delay.


      • vt said

        try oxygen therapy with hydrogen peroxide drs wherever u are ozone therapy, intravenous vitamin c and raw vegetable diet

  12. netneo9 said

    Please try vitamin C megadoses therapy just google it inshallah the patiance will be cure allah hafiz

  13. guss said


  14. guss said

    i have to say muslim people who want protection from allah they have to make special husun for that from the teaching of the prophit . u apply this every day when u wake up 1. u read surat almulk its the protector in the hadith and at the end of surat almulk u say allhamdulilahh 2 .u read ayaat alnasir the verses of war its also from hadith but i have to find a way to down load for u 3.there is a dua for scaring the enemy especially witches it called dua qada alhaja special one i also have to show u how to apply and down load ,4.dua anas ibnu malik i also have to douw load,,all this will take u to apply every morning about15 to 20 min ,,and there are other duas used as weapons for protection i will discuss later thank u

  15. guss said

    u can email me

  16. guss said

    and remember no respect no reply

  17. mohammed o said

    salam mualaykum….there is a serious problem i have..there is this dream i often have that i’m been chased by a snake but when i say in the name of ALLAH i wil just find myself escaping from it,sometimes i do fall from a high place especially a tower,i do dream about being among witches but they could not harm me,sometime i eat in dreams and when i wake up i found out that i’m full,there was even a time i saw a demon in my dream then tried calling upon Allah but my mouth was sealed,i’ve fail alot

  18. Temour said

    also i forgot to add he has 35 years experience and moderators dont delete this message that will be ignorant because i am sharing something that can help others .
    I found this man after the fraud healers took my money so again anyone email me.

  19. cardeejah said

    salam my fellow brothers and sisters,i need u to advice me on this;i got into a relationship for to years the boy wanted to marry me but my parents refused initially because they wanted me to marry my cousin,so the boys relative gave him his daugther to marry but the boy stil kept contact with me his wedding is taking place in 3weeks december 15th but we stil talk and have our normal relationship and now my parents hv reaslised that my marriage with my cousin ws nt going to work out well because he ws rude to them so yesterday my parents gave me the permission to marry the boy or who ever i want to marry.the agreement we had earlier before nw with the boy ws for him to marry me in a year or 2years after he marrys this girl im so confused should i hold onn or just move onn and wait for the right person? i told him of the latest development from my parents but he never said anything pls help me out.

  20. Ian said

    So me and my buddy were hanging out in my room and started talking about ghost n shit then we told each other some stories about what we have expierenced then he started talking then preaching and hypnotized me and had me in a zone and about a 30 min into it he’s stops and said I will have one drop of blood from my nose he put his finger to his nose and one drop of blood I looked at the blood and I felt something like outside of me then jump in what was it can u help me ?

  21. Az said

    I have been a victim of this for last almost 11 years….I am possessed with a Jinn and I was v handsome before 10-11 years and this jinn is destroying my looks n face .in start it was v easy to put this Jinn away from me by reciting and just praying salat 5 times a day but i was not consistent in doing amal.. then one day i did istakhara to know what it is? and i was sleeping and my eyes opened and i saw it was a SHADOW coming out of my body and then started walking on the wall and went outside…i felt so strong n healthy that time but next day i started feeling again the same burden n weight on my body…this jin started getting stronger n stronger with the passage of time…what should i do now? my life is in deep trouble…plz pray for me n let me know if any better idea u can give me for strong jinns

    • nashreen said

      Dear Brother, Assalamou alaikoum. when i read your story, i have to say it was the same as mine. I too saw a shadow, and it changed into something else, a creature, which disappeared near my left ear. i think of that even today, after more than 8 years. i dreamed first of naked little boys with wings,in a garden, then one of them came to me and looked into my eyes, his eyes were changing in colour and and was terrified and woke up to see a dark shadow on me, my life has always been a trial, and this life is a trial. when i see this creature, i did research and came to the conclusion that it was satan. if there is satan, there is Allah, for sure. like you, i did not pray regularly, but then i went in search for truth, for i was not happy with the followers of the muslim community. and years later, i found out, that islam is the truth though most of the comments and thoughts on islam on the internet are not necessarily the truth. and now, i am happy with my religion, and my Allah, and i urge you to read the Quran, everyday, you will find the truth, and that is why you saw that shadow, for most people will not see that. you have been chosen by Allah to see that. continue in that path, and you will see things, and sense many things. and you will know for sure, that this life is but a diversion, amusement, for the disbelievers. pray each day, morning and night, and ask for forgiveness, for we will return to him. and He is the great Helper, the Almighty, the All powerful, the All wise, …

  22. FIRJ said


  23. mohammed said

    I really appreciate your services and may allah grant you his rewards Ameen my elder brother has a female jinn possesions for last 18 years i consulted so many raqis but she did not remove and she told that she is a muslim and she doesn’t want to leave my brother and one of raqi told us that leave her she will not harm my brother she is so arrogant we don’t know what to do. Please for god sake advise me what to do.

    • aliyyakhan said

      Salam i would suggest anyone who is suffering from jinn blackmagic or ayn to pray the 5 fard prayers regularly recite the prescribed adhkars morning and evening read the ayats of ruqiya at 3 times daily mostly during late evening or morning give charity to orphans needy and try to do the extra nawafil prayers at night. Serious istikfar should be made also only Allah alone can solve your issues and it is he you should invoke. Try to keep away from those who claim they can help and then give talisman and ask mothers name. This is shirk and will only make matters worse. Read your 3 and 4th kalimat daily especialy the 4th at least a thousand times. Remember they are only jinn created by Allah they dont have the right to be feared only Allah reserves that right the shayateen or otherwise are only as strong as your imman is weak there are many ayats and surahs in quran that will help and plenty of dua. It takes time but victory is with the mumin use Allah (awj) beautiful names and do plenty of dhikr! Jazak allah khairan.


  25. mohammad said

    mohammad said
    February 25, 2013 at 2:10 am

    i cant think Wallahy i woke up and my first words where alhamduliah i teared and when i got up i just snaped at my parents and started saying alhamdullah for what my sister habeing atherithid otr alhamdullah my parents devorced ot alhamdullah for what be caue my fianv broke m up eith me in the worst way possible or id it that fact i hear bvoices in my heaf and cant feal goof ehren i hesr Qursn i td likr im blovkrf tyo dslrr my fsiyth id beinh g plsyrd by s mondter plese someone snyone all i cant is to worship wprk and livr s dimplr livr,,, buyt i vsny ivr brcsmr thid dtstgrn help snthong well do all doors are dhut i psyrf prsyed snf prsyed dhooo sdeswee

  26. mohammad said

    im dead inside i want to feel my “Rub” thats it a salve in need of his Creator

  27. mahmudou said

    hello for every body am proud to be muslim iwould like to know dua to catch thiefs alway they damage my property please ineed protction for that thank very much

  28. temour said

    I have a complete package that will solve all your sihr problems in sha allah plz contact me you wont regret

  29. temour said

    I am sorry for the mistake on the last sentence its “15 DAYS” NOT YEARS

  30. When some one searches for his essential thing, therefore he/she wants to be
    available that in detail, so that thing is maintained over here.

  31. Ratna Nayyar daughter fighting,& beat us help me.. said

    i know brother, you had soo many letter comes to you, i read all your letter,you are so busy person..i am hindu religion i do completly worship any form in hundu……but no one help me out,what a do ? i visit Nazamudiin dargh,Ajmer sharin dargah, and i start duwa in muslim way,i also seeing bad dream in night this all stop but my daughter life is hell what a do please brother hepl out
    i am 37 years old mother,my daughter,get fits that’s call epilepcy,we r did so many treament,everything but ….now she change her fits style now when she fell fits she fell sleepy only,but big problems start she is fighting evryone very badly..she is beat us also plz plz plz plz

    • Zeiba said


  32. Corazon said

    whoah this blog is wonderful i really like studying
    your articles. Stay up the great work! You realize, lots of individuals are hunting round for
    this information, you could help them greatly.

  33. I think the admin of this site is in fact working hard in favor of
    his website, since here every material is
    quality based information.

  34. Junaidali said

    Help help @&@@ urgent Islamic exorcism
    @@@@ I Did Amal to
    * urgent help needed!!!!!!++++++ brothers I need help ( ya allah maddad)

    brothers, you have provided me help in time of my need earlier in last year. There was some relief, however the magic is still there, everyone of us has demonic posession, After several months of thinking I decided to do

    “AMAL TO STOP MAGICIANS” where you have put “CAUTION” several times.

    I did the amal 11 nights.

    first night after amal : I slept ok, however i felt like my whole body is num. couldnt feel anyting. I woke up in the morning, my left hand small finger had lot of pain, ( it was still, I still CANNOT move this finGfer, early examination show that I have developed arthritus over night. but after 8am, I felt like a whole lot of wieght has been lifted from my body I was as light as a feather.

    second night, after amal , i went to sleep. however this time, my whole left side was num, my left hand small finger was in pain. but i woke up while the hand was still num. but lot of pain all day, this day my body felt heavy weigh again,
    third night after amal : again pain on some places. numness. and I am afraid that the attacks are going to on on.
    I contrinued the amal.
    on 10th night I was doing the amal i saw the magician in a flash ( while I was doing amal, i closed my eeys i saw his face, and i saw that his eyes are bulging out. like he was hangingn strangled. then I ssaw that my hand is on his throat , i coudlnt squeeze, but he was scared , his eyes were popping out with anger and pain. he was scared to death.
    I stopped teh amal on 11th day. now
    I do not know what to do next. please guide me, I know you read your site , plz help!!!! jaza kallah khair, for few days I felt the relief but then again the heaviness is back and all signs of posessions are there on all of us.
    Please adsk your sheikh,

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    • Assalaamualikum Brother! Mashallah, your amal was strong enough to scare the sahir its a very good sign, if you continue this amal by the will of Allah the sahir may either end up in hospital or in the grave.

      Fighting sahir is not always a good option for normal muslims, instead the best thing to do would be to practice this course for next six months daily…
      1. Body protection amals
      2. House protection amals.
      3. Personal Wazifa -The wazifa- Ya Shaafi Ya Kaafi Ya Baaqi, La HawLa WaLaa KhuWaTa ElLaaBilLaa, should be recited abundantly day and night as much as possible without any limits.

      Refer the link

      Whenever you feel being attacked do amal 5a for 3 successive days

      Don’t worry too much, if you follow these instructions, by Allah’s grace nothing can hurt you and this should suffice.


      • junaidali said


        Brothers you have no idea, what a relief I got reading your reply. May allah increase your blessings in this world and hereafter.

        For the past 5 years, All of us ( 2 kids, me and wife ) suffering from demonic possessions, sleepless nights and unexplained social behavior. We only get few hours of sleep every night. The magician renews the sihir every month before the new moon. ( those days we get very anxious and get no sleep at all ). I am putting my house on sale ( since he knows my address ). My wife is ready to leave me, since she is tired of all this, and does not support me at all. She fought every day before I started the amal. We have drifted apart.

        If you recall back in March 2012, you helped me a lot with many amals and guidence, including eyes in the wall ( which disappeared after I applied ya qaharu water on them ).

        I have been strictly practicing my relgion and leaving no gaps for the jinns to sway me away. Alhamdulillah.

        The magician is stubborn he does not give up ( for the past 5 years he has been continously applying sahar on us like clock work, he never misses.

        After giving several months of thoughts I decided to do the “AMAL TO STOP THE EVIL MAGICIAN”,

        I decided to do the amal with the the following arguments in mind.

        1. He is a magician ( kafir ) he is after my family, I have the right to protect my family and myself.
        2. The punishment of a magician in islam is death. ( even though its not me to decide, however that is the majortiy consensus, if he gets punsihed my Allah with my amal then it is good
        3. Like me how many other people/musllims would also be suffering from this magician.
        4. At this point I do not care if I die trying to get rid of the evils, I will die a martyr fighting Aulia-e- Taghoot ( freinds of shaitan). ( either he give up or I will die trying to remove all the sehar ).

        I know I am a normal muslim, I may not have the spritual strength or the skills to fight the magician, but I cannot just sit and suffer, while he attacks me and my family and enjoys.

        I asked help from Allah all the time. Please help me!

        Jazakallah khair

      • Assalaamualikum Brother,
        Inshaallaah, if possible rather than actually selling your house try to lease/rent a new home (or whatever is best for you) and see how things work out for you there
        and also try to convince your family that you will not face similar issues there. However, from what we know sahirs usually have some helper jinns/shayateen who keep a track of the location of the victims. Therefore, before movement spray recited water mixture over all your belongings and every one might have a bath with the recited water before moving to the house and apply recited perfume over themselves.
        In your new house, you and your entire family should only practice the three basic amals i.e
        1. Body protection amals
        2. House protection amals.
        3. Personal Wazifa -The wazifa- Ya Shaafi Ya Kaafi Ya Baaqi, La HawLa WaLaa KhuWaTa ElLaaBilLaa, should be recited abundantly day and night as much as possible without any limits.
        Note: Do not do any amals to counter the sahir in the new house, as it will again establish a link and bring you in his radar. If you intend to do the amal against the sahir, do it only in your old home..

        While doing this amal “AMAL to stop and halt the evil magicians, jinn or enemies from their evil ” you can reduce the counts of “Basic Self Strengthening and Protection Amal (before amal)”
        and add Ya Qahaaru – 103x after 2.4(a) and continue doing this amal until you succeed or get a sign from Allaah.
        And don’t forget that you and your family should make full use of the recited items resulting from this amal. Most important of all you and your family should practice daily
        1. Body protection amals
        2. House protection amals.
        3. Personal Wazifa -The wazifa- Ya Shaafi Ya Kaafi Ya Baaqi, La HawLa WaLaa KhuWaTa ElLaaBilLaa, should be recited abundantly day and night as much as possible without any limits.

        Brother, also try to get second opinions from other helpful sites and forums, it will help you to take the best decision.
        Don’t forget to cry, beg and shed tears before Allah and ask him to fix all your issues at the instant of a blink, never ever give up crying and begging before Him its will work wonders.


      • junaidali said

        Salamo alikum brother

        ( sorry for the delayed response, I was away on vacation and was not in the right mind.
        there are so many things, I want to share with everyone. Please read and help me make good decision.


        few more observations while I was doing the “stop the magician amal”

        1. On the first day, my older son came to my room in the middle of the night, took my comforter off me in a jerk of his hand ( he is only 11, the comforter was pretty heavy ) and told me that “you messed up” this is the first night after the amal.
        2. For the 11 days of amal, I saw dreams that my status has been raised, first dream, I was given a white shirt. etc. etc.


        After the Amal:

        After I completed 11 day amal, our planned vacation time was close, so I decided to put everything on hold and go on vacation. My family went first, I was planning to join them a week later. During this time, my reactions were severe, I was making faces without my control, I star having short temper, I felt there were many jinns inside me, more than I had before.

        Any how I went on vacation to join my family, on the airport, the second I saw my wife I started yelling and cursing at her for some very small thing, she did the same, we created a scene on the airport, lot of strangers gathered, after 15 minutes of yelling and threating of getting and giving divorce, we sat in the car and left. From that on, we fought every day, we drifted apart. She wants a divorce from me. on the airport, I did see an an old woman, she gave me a very meaning ful smile, like she knew what had happened there. We fought on my dad’s house, and then in her mom’s house, a lot of more people got involved.
        We were close of getting a divorce, I did try to explain that It wasnt me, but she wouldnt listen. I explained to her mother, she kinda believed me, but then
        the reality was she would believe her daughter.

        Few months back I had made a ruqya appointment with Abou MOhammad ( london based
        raqi, genuinely raqi), I was planning to visit him during my vacation. I explained to my wife that I am under the influence, I have made the appointment, please come with me, she unwillingly decided to come.

        My the raqi’s place, we all went through ruqya, there was no jinns in my sons, and then I laid down for quran reading on me. I started screaming, the jinns started talking, there were 30 of them, during reading quran, they said they are hindu, they are sent by the magician, they are here to bother all of us. During the quran reading, I felt light, a huge burder was lifted from my head, however there was still 1 left, I asked the raqi, why wouldnt he leave, He said he only read quran, if they leave or stay that is the will of allah. Which I agree.

        After we came back to US, we had another fight my wife and I, she wanted to get a divorce, I wanted to give her a divorce, then I kinda didnt. I appologized to her, we are back to square one. Now my current condition I am restless, I go see m;y wife every 6 minutes. I need to see where she is. My other condition is that I am double minded about the amal “stop the magician”. When I am home, I do not want to start the amal. When I am outside the house I want to start the amal. I have also received few signs from Allah that I should start the amal and allah is with me. A part of me is scared to the consequences. but then hear on the friday khutba, then your eman is not perfect if you do not love Allah and prophet more than your wife and kids.

        these days I am getting dreams that there are group of men after me, I am running, I have strong legs I am able to run away. Last night I saw a dream, where I see lightening and a black horseman is coming down from sky. I tell myself to hold my breath, so he could pass by, I could hear the horse walking by me.

        Yes, I did see many sites. some of them were full of shirk, some of them had material copied from your site. Actually I saw many sites who had material copy pasted from your sites. I did see few amals, I also did one, but the amal was not comprehensive, it only said surah taha ayat 68,69 (100) and then read Surah mohammad (10) , didnt say anything about the pre an after nor talk about the niyat. The amals you have posted are comprehensive. I have tried many.


        Plus I am at a point that I cannot back out of this and live a normal life. Maybe I am delusional, but when I read Surah muhammad, I felt like Allah is talking to me. A voice is making me afraid that I will loose my kids and wife. Whenever I am outside the house, I wanted to start the amal. however when I enter the house, I think to delay it.
        brother please advise!!!

        During this time, I made a urgent appointment with a shiek in london ( Abou mohammad, well known raqi).

        As you had suggested that I should look on other sites, before I make any decision, I pondered and looked,

      • junaidali said

        Third day of results:
        My wife is not leaving, However I have great mistrust of her. Not sure how long we will stay as a family. She keep saying that “don’t know how long will this continue. We are coming to an end”.

    • Junaidali said

      Salaam brother,
      I would request for dua, I will inshallah be starting on Amal to stop magician this coming Thursday
      . I will include “ya qaharu” to the original Amal. I will post in dua section jazakallah

      • Assalaamualikum,
        We would like to give you one precious advice since you are dealing with very powerful sihir. In the book “Shamail E Kubra” Volume 2 by Shaykh Mufti Irshaad Qasmi, there are two hadith that are quoted below..
        1. Nabi SAW said that the white colored rooster that has a crown on its head is his friend and the friend of his (Nabi SAW’s) friend and the enemy of his (Nabi SAW’s) enemy. Nabi SAW said that such a rooster protects the house of its master and nine other houses around it.
        2. Rasolullaah SAW said that whosoever has a white rooster will be protected from (1) Satan (2) Witchcraft (3) snakes, scorpions..etc (4) kaahin.
        Are advice for you is to domesticate three or atleast one white rooster that have a crown on its head in your home as per the above advices of our Prophet SAW, inshaallah, you and your entire family will benefit from it.

      • junaidali said

        Once again jazakallah brother,
        Brother, my marriage is hanging with a thin thread, the only thing that is keeping it is my Allah.
        I was going to start the amal this Thursday, however due to some unseen reason, I decided not to. Now whenever I think of or talk about starting the amal, I get no sleep at night, my fingers and my hands feel lot of pain and lately I can hardly hold things from my left hand. I think he is trying to stop me from the amal. The other day I did 300X Astaghfar with full kalima, I couldnt sleep that night. and lot of pain in my hands. In the past few days I also got thoughts that I should stop every thing and leave everything to allah and only do Astagfar, for few days I also did that.
        No doubt he is a very powerful Sahir, in his own words, “no one can touch me” ,however I did grab his neck during those 11 days of amal with the will of allah.

        About the rooster, I can look for a white crown rooster. but in U.S. its hard to keep a rooster in the house. At this time, brother I have no friend, my martial life is at stake. However I am confident that Allah is with me, that is all I need, I need someone I could talk to, your replies are big help. My wife doesnt want to listen to anything about this.

        I will try to inshallah
        looking for the rooster, meanwhile what other advice you can give. more is good, at this point I have no other purpose in life than this. inshallah this will earn me my forvegiveness. This sahir is hurting tons of people. I know I may loose my wife and kids, but then I could loose them some other way too. Please guide me brother how can i prepare myself before I could start. but then I dont feel like starting any amal when I am home. ” iza jaa nasrullah he wal fath”

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother,
        have two questions.

        1. When we start an amal, our namaz gets disturbed. I have noticed it , when ever I start an amal all faraz namaz get distrubed ( there is no peace of mind, and i keep forgetting namaz ) during faraz namaz.
        2. The amal I did , the intention and the dua, I felt that

        the evildoers don’t give up their mischief curse them, humiliate them, disgrace them and make them great losers and O Allah, punish them, punish them, punish them and shake them up completely and establish truth and justice. “”

        the above was the niyat, but it went back on me. I was humiliated, shaken, disgraced and I was at a great loss. how did that happen, how was he able to send it right back? please reply, How was he able to send my dua back at me? I had prayed to allah
        Please brother clarify, this is running in my mind

      • Walikumussalaam ! The war with the Jinns/sihir is more of a “physiological war” and the jinn and sahir will try their best to break you down physiologically and mentally, so such thoughts are bound to occur. That’s why we always recommend the victims to recite daily wazifa day in and day out for spiritual strength. In your case, we recommend you to add Darood E Tunajjina 70x daily for the next 3 months along with other daily recitals, to strengthen you spiritually.
        Also try your best to get hold of a white rooster with a crown as recommended earlier, that will be one of the best defence for you against the evil as per the advice of Prophet SAW. Remember Allah says:”..loose not your heart, nor fall into despair, for you will succeed if you are a true believer”(Quran 3:139)

      • junaidali said

        SalamoAlikum brother,
        Jazakallah once again for the advice and clarifying my questions. I will start darood tanjeena inshallah,
        About the rooster, first its hard to find that type of rooster in NY, even if i find it my wife and also my neighbors will not let the rooster in the house. I wish i could. I will see if I could
        I will keep you posted of the progress. Brother your help is a big relief. Right now no one wants to talk to me, In the past two months I saw the real picture of me and what is my stand here in this world. I realized that I am alone in this world, it takes one bad day ( of your life ) for the whole world to be your enemy, including your close ones which you would trust your life with.

        One good thing which happened in the past two months was, that all the talks I had with that sahir start coming to my mind and I started begging for forgiveness from allah, now i realize why all this happened to me and not to some other people who visited the sahir.Now I know why me and my family effected the most. I am repenting. Please pray for me that Allah may forgive me for my such akbar sins. I call this a good thing because I am still alive and I can beg forgiveness.

        During night time, when I go to bed, I close my eyes I see two color mud/black color snake, who could make loud rattling sounds.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother,
        one more question I forogot to ask,
        since I have been getting these flash backs of what I have done/said with the sahir, Today it came to my mind that I should do ayat kareema, but later I read your reply you have suggested that I should recite darood tanjina. Please advise.

      • Walikumussalaam! What we have learnt from our elders is that darood is one such wazifa that is always accepted by Allah and its the best medicine for sinners like us. Read the article of Darood Tunnajjina from our site, you may also include ayate kareema as per your convenience.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother,
        I read the section on darud -e-Tanjeena, There is an error. I thought I should point that out to you so you can correct it
        the transliration

        The word maulana is controversial. However I see that you have that in your transliration. The image you have for darood-e-tanjeena does not have this “maulana” in arabic. Please make the appropriate correction.

        I will inshallah starting it tonight.

      • junaidali said

        Brother quick question. There is a lunar eclips in North America on Tuesday April 15th from around 3AM to 4AM. Do I need to take any further precuations other than regular azkaar ?
        Jazakallah in advance.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother,
        jazakallah, for all the advice.
        I have completed a little over 3 months of Darood tanjeena, I thought I should share the below

        1. daily amal 200X lailaha illah wahda hu….
        2. daily amal 200X subanallah wabi hamdi hi…..
        3. daily amal 300X astaghfarullah astaghfarullah astagfarullah with kalima.
        4. surah bakarah ( 33% )

        70X darood tanjeena.
        1000X allah’s name “allah”

        wanted to tell some experiences.

        1. I am sleeping very well. in the past three months. I have slept all through the nights. I had few sleepless nights. but 95% full night sleep.
        2. I do see the magician in dreams many times, he is stronger than ever. also pushed me in my dream ( I was reading aozo billah minashaitan nirajeem) and i woke up.
        3. When I read name of allah 1000X after 400 count I start burping very loud, almost inhumanly loud. ( my guess is the jinns exit my stomach when they hear name of allah, this could be the reaons that I then have good night sleep ).
        4. We continue to get bad headaches, still posessed, I could feel the presence on my body.

        In the last week I started having issues at work, my brain would freeze and woudl not think, so I started doing the surah kausar amal, things calmed down, I am continously doing that.

        please advise.

      • walikumussalaam! We feel you have made very good progress mashaallaah, please continue what you have been doing. Instead on darood tanjeena now use this new darood

        1. THis is our personal darood and we don’t yet have the arabic script, so you need to read and correct your pronunciation or get it clarified from local scholars before using it.
        2. Ponder and completely understand the meaning of every word in this darood before using it, you will get to know the secret and power of this darood.
        3. In addition to reading it 70x times daily, recite it 7x after every salaat and before going to bed.
        4. After recitation of 70x times blow over yourself and into water and non-alcoholic perfume and use it as per the instructions of this blog. Make sure you bath atleast once every week or more with the recited items. Don’t forget to spray the holy water regularly all over your house and at the entrance and near windows.
        This dua should be sufficient for every situation and for every need, when ever you are facing difficulties with full faith and trust in Allah recite it 7x times and blow over yourself and inshallah, you will never be disappointed.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam, jazakallah again.

        I wanted to share some experiences i have been reading salatul ajaib for the past two weeks.

        First I read the translation, I then researched each and every verse of quran used. Its been derived from different hadees, combined together that what makes is powerful.

        Some observations.
        1. Many times when-ever I make the intention to do isha namaz and the amal, I go to the bathroom for wuzu, my heart get scared, I get inhuman burps. ( I think the jinns runs out. ).
        2. I am sleeping very well. deep sleep. ( in the last 6 years, this is the first continous period that I am sleeping well. I am sleeping so well that sometimes I dont even wakeup for fajar.
        3. All other daily amals which I do, they have gotten stronger, while doing suban allah wabi hamdi subhanallah al azeem 200X. My chest tightens up, my breathing becomes difficult.
        4. During namaz whenever I am reading surah fatiha, I get inhuman burps. This happens when I imagine that my voice is travelling to my belly, right away I would burp.
        5. I took a bath with the recited water, yesterday, I felt light for a while, but as my wet body dried out, the effects came back.

        jazakallah, may allah bestow continous blessings/rewards to you and your group.

        question: A part of me wants to do the “stop the magician amal again”, and continue it until I die or the magician. May Allah suban allah give me taufeeq to be a brave soldier.

        Questions: Should I continue doing this amal in ramazan as well?

      • Assalaamualikum ! Mashallaah Brother, these are great signs. Our suggestion would be to continue this count of reciting Salaatul Ajaaib 70x for a couple of more months including Ramdhan and towards the last 10 days in Ramdhan do abundant duas to completely stop and halt the sihir on you and your family and to give you complete freedom from sihir and jinns.
        Keep us posted about your progress !

      • junaidali said

        Need advice.
        continuing reading salat-e-ajaib.
        before ramazan started ( few days before the new moon, this is the time the magician renew its magic )
        I saw a dream where the magician and I are fighting and I scratched his face with my fingers.
        Then i saw him laying on the floor and I am standing up.
        I strongly believe he was trying to renew the magic, but failed to do so before ramazan.

        during ramazan i continued the amal. missed 2 days.
        Usually i do the amal . first i do 2 rakat namaz nafal and then I start the prayer on the mat.
        I sit in a room facing qibla, The wall is infront of me. yesterday I saw an eye, it looked like a human eye in the wall.
        I was a little scared, but I continued the amal. Then I told myself that I have seen many eyes in the wall. ( back in 2012 if recall different room there are 6 eyes ).
        The eye is like someone has drawn the eye with a lead pencil.
        yes. I feel much lighter. The constant headeaches are far less. The movement in the head is almost gone.
        everyday mashallah I am feeling better.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother,
        I know were busy with ramzan, please do reply thx

        few questions:

        1.There is a big eye ( at least 2 times the size of the human eye ) in the room where I do my namaz, pray and do
        all amals. what is it and what should I do about it ? Whenever I look at the eye I get goosbumbs and needle pricks on my back and my legs.

        2. My overall condition has improved and continously improving mashallah. I am thankful to Allah and grateful to all
        of you.

        3. During the amal or during dua, my possession symptoms gets worse, when I am asking for allah to remove all jinns and break all the magic.
        My eyes roll up, my face twists and I make animal noise, very powerful reaciton. Does it mean its getting worse or better?

      • Assalaamualikum Brother, Mashaallah, the visions that you had on defeating the sahir is a very good sign indeed. We strongly recommend that you continue doing the Salaatul Ajaaib 70x daily amal for life and you will continue to see its benefits biiznillah.
        For the Eye have not tried the YA Qahaaru amal you did last time ? If not do the same amal and use the recited water to rub over it. After the Ya Qahaaru amal and after blowing over recited items, you should also blow over your right hand and imagine a knife created from the Ya Qahaaru Amal and holding this imaginary knife in your right hand, keep stabbing the eye while reciting YA Qahaaru continuously. Repeat this for couple of days until the eye disappears.

        Your Symptoms : My eyes roll up, my face twists and I make animal noise, very powerful reaciton.
        These indicate that there are still jinns residing inside your body and it seems to be very strange looking at the list of amals you are doing. We strongly recommend that you follow this 30 days program to clear your body from all jinss residing inside your body. You will need to use recited water and recited crystalline salt for this purpose and follow the instructions mentioned on and don’t forget to bath with the recited itmes as per your convenience.

      • junaidali said

        Salam brother
        I was on vacation. for a week and a half (without kids and wife ) went to see my dad. When I came back my wife, with all the seriousness ask me for a divorce. her reason that
        she had loved someone before she got married (15 years ago )and cannot suppress the love she has for him. She wanted divorce right away. like 1 , 2, 3.
        She said that after the turmoil we went through in December and January ( the whole story already reported earlier ), her heart is not in the marriage or me anymore. We have
        two kids, however she had no regard of that either. She was desperate to get a divorce right away. I went into a shock and then later in a trauma., where I begged her not to leave.
        while she insisted to get a divorce. After few days of begging and other friends intervention she kinda of came back to her senses. She said that made up teh story so I would have no
        choice other than to give divorce right away. Thank God I didnt. I gave her ruqya to listen to, she cried a lot when she listen to surah rehman. She also felt movement in her stomach.

        Now currently I am all broken. I dont know what to do. I thought things have improved, i didnt know that somehting else is brewing in the background.
        instead of attacking me, he attacked my wife, the foundation of the house.

        but this time around at night, I saw someone else face. a dark face with big moustache and beard with one left side tooth missing. He keep
        appearing in front of my face all night long. It wasnt the original magician. I don’t know this new guy.
        I know I may be giving too much details. The foundation of my house is shaken. I cannot even share this with anyone. dont know what to say or ask from anyone.
        Now I hate her, the more I think about her the more I hate her. Thoughts come to my mind and heart that she is a liar and a cheater.
        Please advise.

      • junaidali said

        My wife hates me, she doesnt want to even see my face. She tells me that she has been talking to someone from her past before marriage. She said
        everything for me to get upset and divorce her right away. Thanks to Allah that I didnt. She is still living with me.
        but cannot stand me in the same room, she said that eventually its going to be over, I should prepare myself for it.
        She is giving me all the arguments to divorce her.

        my son was attacked at Asr time yesterday, he started weezing and complained about stomach ache. He screamed for many hours. I then put quran on ipod and put
        the earphone on his stomach, he fell asleep in 5 minutes. ( i personally think that something went to his stomach ).
        I am out of words, and looking for help and prayers.

      • Assalaamualikum Brother ! We are sharing with you a very very powerful amal, this is taken from the famous book ‘Al Qawl Al Badee’ by Imam Sakhawi RA. This amal is for fulfilment of any legitimate need and as per the book this amal should not be taught to people lacking understanding as they may use it to commit sin. You need to do this with full focus, dedication and conviction that your need will be fulfilled after the amal biiznillaah..
        Hazrath Ibna Abbas RA narrates from Rasululaaah SAW that whoever wants to ask any need from Allah then he should go to such a place where no one can see him and make a complete (proper )Wadhu. He should then perform 4 units (nafil salaatul Hajaat salaat) salaat. In the first rakhat, he should recite Surah Fatiha once followed with Surah Iqlaas 10 times. In the second rakhat, he should recite Surah Fatiha once followed with Surah Iqlaas 20 times. In the third rakha, he should recite Surah Iqlaas 30 times after surah Fatiha and in the forth rakhat he should recite Surah Iqlaas 40 times after Surah Fatiha and upon completion (after salaam) he should recite Surah Iqlaas 50 times, then Darood 70 times and 70 times Lahawla wal quwata illabilaah. He should then ask his needs and Allah will accept it.
        Some additional tips:
        1. Since you need to do this amal without any one seeing you, the best recommended time to be done during salaatul tahajjud after mid night.
        2. Instead of Darood and Lahawla wal quwata illabilaah 70 times, recite Salaatul Ajaaib 70 times as it contains both and other blessed words.
        3. Before this amal and in dua’s, make intentions that Allah solves all your problems sihir, jinns, enemies, love of your wife and good relationship, happy and peaceful life..etc
        4. During dua after the amal beg and cry before Allah and shed tears and express your helplessness and weakness before him.
        5. After the dua remember to blow over water, non alcoholic perfume and rose water, and use them to spray all over your home and give it to your wife and children.
        6. This highly recommended to repeat this amal for 3 successive nights.
        Share the results with us after a week. Wassalaams.

      • junaidali said

        brother what an amazing effect!!! unbelievable. alhamdulillah
        I did 3 day of this nafal salat as you prescribed.

        Some thoughts did come to my mind, that why I am doing this salat for love of another human. I should do this salat to gain friendship of allah
        and forget about this world. but I discarded those thoughts, and started my salat half hearted.

        First day:
        I did the salat, not much focussed. I did the DUA.

        Next Day result: There was no change,

        Second day:
        I did the salat, very focussed, did surah ikhlaas with bismillah and begged and wept for a long time at tahajad.
        in the afternoon the whole game changed!!. All doubts disappeared from my heart. My heart filled with love for my wife
        she also called me and told me she is not leaving me and explained me the real reason. which was not what previously stated.
        WOW!! the deception of Shaitan was revealed. We were on the brink of a divorce! everything changed overnight!!

        Third day:
        I did the salat, focussed, couldnt weep as much as I did on second day but did weep and begged.

        yet to see the follow up results: ( today is third day )

        Note: I also asked several sheiks ( which me and my brother know personally ) to do dua for us.
        One of my wife’s shiek also spoke to her and did dua.
        Alhamdulillah things are back to normal. jazakallah khair brother!!!! may allah raise your ranks in jannah.

        My younger son once again show symptoms of posessions. He is waking up weezing and coughing everynight.

      • junaidali said

        Third day of results:
        My wife is not leaving for now, However I have great mistrust of her. Not sure how long we will stay as a family. She keep saying that “don’t know how long will this continue. We are coming to an end”. Keep saying that I should start looking for a pious wife. I could still get a new wife.”

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brothers/sisters,
        Who ever is reading my story here for the past many years.
        On 20th October I woke up at 3am. something woke me up. my wife was on texting. I fought her, she called police, Now she wants divorce. she says if I don’t give her she will file charges. It was all pre- planned. My family is broken. There is no way back. Now I have to cut her loose, Its almost a year that I did “amal to stop magician” I started in November of 2013. Its almost November of 2014. It took one year. I am leaving it to the will of Allah, may Allah forgive me and keep me steadfast on the right path. Magic also work with the will of Allah.
        Sister Asia , thanks for recommending Saalt tasbi. It is helping me for the past three days. My kids are depressed and they cry a lot . I also started doing Ayat kareema. ( until I get tired ). Tomorrow her family will be here, in front of them she is claiming innocence. Don’t know why I am writing this. Who ever is reading this please do dua to make it easy for my kids and me. As far as I know she been in an affair since December of last year , ( after November amal ), some old flame before marriage, over the past year they have been planning on how to get out of this marriage. When I said no in August of this year when she politely asked me to divorce her. She came with a new plan. Now don’t know what to do with this magician? should I do the amal again once I have no one? kill him before I remarry? or leave him alone and move on with life. Please give me suggestion.
        I want to remarry soon, or else I will fall into a never ending depression. someone with som/salat educated house wife.
        May Allah forgive me soon.

      • Juanidali said

        Very interesting twist of the story. Recently found out my wife had contacted the magician few years ago, she was trying to get a job , which she did. For the past few years she had been controlling me / she was bringing taweez to slave me. The magician also convinced her that she got married due to magic that mother in law did the magic. She was suppose to marry the person she always dreamt of . Now she and the magician plotted to get a divorce from me , the only that was possible was to create a scene make me out burst get way too angry so I could divorce her. So October 20th incident was created. I had this thing in me but this thing couldn’t get me to say 3 times divorce. Now she is desperate to get a divorce (the other guy is waiting for her ) now I don’t want to give her divorce. The magician is sending jinx to whoever comes in the way, or try to convince her not to get divorce. When she fights she curse like a low life woman her eyes twists. Her voice change and then curses who ever comes in the way. I have left the house very stranly my symptoms. Start disappearing ,my head is light there is hardly any pressure. Now she wants to marry someone else most probably the guy from her college before marriage.
        I am lost and confused, I told all my story to her brother , he spoke to a sheik, who said that she has strayed away too far. She paid the magician to get a divorce , or the magician lured her into this. I know for sure that she wants divorce and wanted to blame it on me. Allah saved me from this disgrace, she sent me court summons for divorce. Now I am confused, whether to give her divorce or no , whether to wait ? Right now I am waiting giving my self 2months of thinking time , meanwhile this naqshbandi sheik would do dua for us so she could come back to her senses and chain the magician. Now I am so confused, don’t know what to think or do . I started doing istkhara but no results, it I do see her in front of my eyes dressed wedding dress (during my wedding ). Now I am confused hurt angry and lots of depressed. Any suggestions . I don’t know what to do, may Allah help me. Not sure how much is magic and how much is reality.
        Brother/sisters help me jazakallah.

      • junaidali said

        Islamicexorcism brother, need help!!

        My wife is calling the magician to do magic on everyone I know, she is under total control of the magician. She is trying to force me to divorce her. Her eyes are twisted. I have already left the house.
        but she keep on insisting to find out my address. She has already sent me the summons, Everyone who is trying to help reconcile moves away from me. At this point don’t know what should I do? think of her as a patient and try to help her. I am not sure if that is a good idea.
        We been married 15 years. Not sure what to do, I do not want to leave her with magicians. I want to stand and fight this. I need help!!! May Allah bring back my wife.
        any help is appreciated.

      • junaidali said

        Islamic exorcism brother!
        any help for my wife so the spell breaks and she could open and see the truth?

      • Assalaamualaikum! Brother you already have the list of amals, you could do any amal that works best for you with appropriate intentions and try to make best use of the recited items. If you cannot give the recited items to you wife, imagine her in your mind and blow 3x after the amals and dua’s.

      • junaidali said


        Need help with the following.

        Change of location:
        1. I left my house and living in a different house.
        2. I have no interaction with my wife.
        3. I only go for 30 minutes in my old house.

        1. Since I have left my house I have felt better.
        2. My pressure on the head is far less and its like weakening.
        3. During amal in my old house I would sleep fall asleep ( during amal ). in this new house I do not feel sleepy at all.
        4. I have been reading quran started with chapter 1 and continuing… during recitation I see worse reactions. I growled like a lion, my tongue stuck out, my body also shook like I was in a blender. especially when the word of shaitan in recited and verses about shaytan is recited.

        All the above reactions, I never felt like this in the old house.

        1. Should I start amal in the new house?
        2. Do you think it would be more effective in the new house.

    • junaidali said

      Islamic exorcism brother:
      There is a lot of history of my adventures on this website. Finally discovered many truths, I want to share that with everyone. I also want specific advice.
      1. My wife had been controlling me over the past 14 years with jado and other tactics. When I introduce her to this magician, she covertly hired him to do
      magic on me , she had been feeding me magic all these years. No wonder whatever I did, didnt work. While I was fighting this magic, she started having extra marital relations
      with all different men, ( she is not a one man woman ). When I did the “halt the magician amal”, “truth will prevail, and falsehood will be unrooted” amal
      All truth came out, I started seeing everything completely, ( after a year ). No one beleives me. I want to divorce her, but no one will beleive me. I dont want to look like a crazy person for divorcing her
      for no reason.
      How can I unroot the truth about her and get the footage. What amal is suggested? She ruined me. Her brother tells me that the magician twisted her mind to do wrong,
      not sure how much truth there is in it.
      brother please advise. what amal I should do and what intentions should I keep so I can get the evidence to show and to get rid of her.

      • Assalaamualikum Brother…

        Please do this amal daily till your problem is sorted out….
        AMAL of Surah Dhua
        a. Auzubillaah hi Mi-nash ShYataan Ir-rajeem BisMillaah Ir-Rah-maan Ir-Ra-heem -1x
        b. La Elaaha illal laahu Mohammadur Rasool-ul-laah Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam,‘Astaghfirullaaha Wa ‘Atubu E-liy – 10x
        c. Subhaanal-laahi Walhamdu-Lillaahi, wa laa ilaa-ha ill-lal-laahu wallahu Akbar – 10x
        d. Darood E Ibraheem – 3x
        e. Surah Dhua – 1x [Surah Dhua has 9 “kaaf” ﻙ while reciting pause on each Kaaf, take a deep breath and holding your breath keep reciting Ya Kareem 9 times imagining your need and begging Allah for his help and after 9th Ya Kareem release the breath ]
        f. Darood E Ibraheem – 3x

        Understand the blessing of Surah Dhua from the below links..


      • junaidali said

        Salaam all,
        I am back, I started my stop the magician amal last night. thought I should share my experience. I am doing it against all my enemies and magicians.
        day 1 : I kept a butter knife and a print out of name of allah on a white paper. I focused on the name of allah and continued my amal.
        At count of 75 of main amal, I see there was some movement ( looked like it eye in the name of allah ) , I picked up the butter knife, the movement stopped. This happened several times.,
        I also felt heat on my back, I felt the jinn tied to me was burning, then for a flash of a second I see that the magician was in flames as well. BUT HE WAS CALM HE WAS NOT GETTING BURNED. I completed the amal, went to bed, then woke up in 20 minutes and was up all night, then was up all night.
        thought I should share this.
        I plan to continue this insha allah until a solution comes out.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother Islamic exorcism need advice!
        I have been doing the amal stop the magician now its 13th day.
        one day before the amal: I saw the magician dressed in army uniform ( giving me a signal that he is ready for war)
        day1: I saw the magician he was lit in fire, fire was all around him. His eyes were closed and he was calm.
        There was no sign during any of the reamining days.
        today 2 of my ittar were missing. ( my wife stole those i know for certain, she may have stolen those to give it to magician.) I am not sure what will the magician do with attar
        with my recited blow?

        Plz give me your precious advice.
        I am planning to continue this amal until Allah’s help comes in for me insha allah.

      • Walikumussalaam Brother. We are busy with some personal commitments, we will inshallah drop you a detailed email, the email you have mentioned in the comments by end of this month.

        Till then we would recommend daily do this without fail:

        1. Every morning, evening and before going to bed recite- Auzubillaahi minash shaytaan irrajeem 66x and blow over your self.
        2. Recite Ya Qahaaru day in and day out, every time, keep you tongue busy with it.
        Keep updating us on your status, we will inshaallah do dua for you.

      • junaidali said

        Salaam brother! Jazakallah khair!

        I have completed 250,000 times tasbee yunas, ( from Arpil to December, When I started this tasbee I saw the magician the first night i started this amal, he lowered his head.
        I also started listening to zikar “Allah” , this had devestating effects on the jinn my shoulders started going heavy for many days and I almost fell on the floor.
        so I started playing zikar allah continously on my phone, all my heaviness disappeared. many months. I think allah has forgiven me. It is time to defeat my enemies inshallah

        1. I have stopped eating goat meat. (during amal I used to fall asleep, also my wife prepare the meat, this is how she has been feeding magic to me)
        2. I have stopped drinking milk ( observation: Whenever I drank milk, my head would go heavy, also felt like during arguments something hot flows in my blood)
        since I stopped drinking milk I had no rage issue.
        3. I have shortened my frequency of intimate relations with my wife.

        started amal on 1st rabbi awal.
        1. First day : already wrote earlier.

        Other misc observations:
        1. During amal,I forget the first ayat of the main amal. after being silence for a few minutes it came back ( this happened few times).
        2. During main amal or even doing pre-req of amal, something in my somtach pounds my stomach, and shakes my body like I am sitting on a running camel. When I touch my stomach with my finger it stpps, this happens like everyday.
        3. When doing the amal standing up ( when i am sleepy sitting down) on three separate occasions I see a flash of light on next to the wall I was standing to.

        I feel like the war is on, I cannot stop this amal until one of us falls. I know I have tons of other marital issues, but I believe once this magician is out of picture I will be able to deal with them with more strength.
        Your dua and advice will be greatly appreciated. I know

      • junaidali said

        here is another update.
        I am continuously doing the stop magician amal without skipping any day.
        On the last 2 days of end of rabbi-awwal month on 27 & 28th December ( end of moon cycle).
        After maghrib my body started getting tired. I was sleepy. My body was too tired to start amal
        However I did manage to start the amal, but I would fall asleep in 2 minutes. whether sitting down or standing up. It was almost
        impossible to do the amal. I barely fisnished but i was 90% asleep, I dont remember what dua I did, even if I did any dua.
        my counter showed more counts than I actually did.

        On Rabbi-sani ( new moon) same condition occurred, on the first day.

        1. I also noticed that I burp a lot, especially during amal.
        2. I also do loud and noisy farting which happens after I finished the amal.
        3. I also felt pain in my calves, I applied recited olive oil, it disappeared.

        I am waiting for your reply. Jazakallah khair.

      • junaidali said

        more updates,
        during amal in my flashes, I saw big huge fire burning, but I didn’t see magician or any of my enemies.
        I also saw fresh red blood, I saw my son sitting next to the blood, I was wondering if it was his, but was not sure.

      • junaidali said

        salaam brother Islamicexorcism.,
        I am waiting for your reply in my email. I can understand that you are busy, however do reply when you can.

      • Asalaamualikum Brother. The tips that we are mentioning below may look trivial but alhamdulillah they are treasures and gems based on experiences of several spiritualists, if done the right way you will begin seeing results right away inshallah.
        1. When ever you sit for any dua or amal or wazifa, imagine that you are a Khalifa appointed by Allah and He has bestowed upon you….the power of Kun, and what you are doing or saying or reciting, they are immediately happing just like Kun Fayakoon.
        2. When ever you are doing wazifa, hold on to your emotions, as emotions are related to heart, dua’s, wazifa or amals done from heart are never rejected in the court of ALlah. This means that if you are doing amal of love, grap on the emotions of love, if done against sihir or jinn or enemies hold on to emotions of anger, say, for example, after every 10 recitation of wazifa, take a small pause and express your anger by breaking small sticks or hitting the stick against the floor/stone or biting a teeter (used by babies for biting and developing teeth) directing this anger against the evil.
        3. Exercise the practice of giving spiritual gifts 3 to 5 times or atleast once every day- Surah Fatiha 1x with Bismillah, Ayatul Kursi 1x, Surah Iqlass 3x, Tasbih Yunus AS 41x, Darood Ibraheem 1x, after Reciting say “O ALlah forgive my mistakes and accept my recitation out of your mercy and present it as a gift to Our Prophet SAw, all messengers, all angles, all your beloved servants epically Khalifae Rashedeen, Ahle Bait, Sahaba, Ashaba Badar and Ashaba Kahaf and all the Ummahs of all your messangers. Ameen”. This particular amal will not only fill your book of deeds with virtues but you will also develop a bond and connection with the chosen servants of Allah and their dua’s will help you a lot and you will inshallah see success in your dua’s, amal’s or wazifa.
        Also, during any specific amal, if you think that your sins are distracting your focus, its preferred that before the amal, offer salaatul tasbih and cry your heart out before Allah for forgiveness and then begin the amal. And remember no one is going to fight your battle for you, we come alone and go alone, so belive that only ALlah is your Wali and Hafeez and don’t give up.

      • junaidali said

        salaam brother,
        jazakallah khair for the previous advise and tips.

        I added your advice to my daily zikar.

        When I did no. 3 of tips above.
        First day: I felt strong effect of this dua, I felt like my stomach is empty and I felt hunger pains. At night I had peaceful sleep.
        second day: I felt movement all over my body,when doing the dua no. 3. My head feels lighter.

        I also added breaking sticks during my amal. results are below
        First day: I saw the magician right away. his face was all black, but he was wearing white clothes, I was like surprised to see him in total white clothes. His face was total dark. When I attacked him he disappeared.
        I also saw the helper of magician. I poked the stick in his eye, his eye started bleeding heavily.
        second day: I didnt see the magician however I did see the helper, he had a bandage on his eye.
        third day and onwards: I am not seeing the magician, I break sticks during amal. Does that mean I am loosing focus?

        question is :
        I only saw magician and the helper of the magician in my flashes. I didn’t see any other enemy. does that mean that these are my only enemies? the others are
        either puppets of magician to become my enemies, or they are not effected by this amal/dua?
        My observation is any amal I do it works for few days and then it does not have the same effect, what could be the reason?

        In either case, I am continuing this amal. I am not worried about consquences, as Allah will do best.
        I want to tell myself that I did whatever I could in fighting back.
        will post more with any unexpected experience. do dua for me. thx

      • junaidali said

        Thought I should provide updates.
        I am continuing the amal daily without fail.

        1. I am doing 313 count of that Ayat combination.
        2. I am doing surah kausar amal after every namaz.
        3. I am sending spiritual gift 5 times a day after every namaz.
        4. I am breaking small sticks.

        In my flashes during amal:
        1. I saw a woman on a throne chair. she looked like a devil, she had horns on her head. When I looked at her
        she turned her face away so I couldn’t see her. However I did see her body and she looked like a younger version of my wife.
        I am assuming that she has gained some ranks with the devils.
        2. A few times I also saw like a galaxy of star or star dust,( a group of stars far away).

        1. I am still having focus issues, and deep sleep on (moonless dark nights). Salat tasbeh, not able to perform every night.
        2. However I am not going to give up.

      • junaidali said

        salaam brother,
        Adding more,

        I am continuing the amal, In addition to do the amal after isha, I also sometimes do the amal at Tahajjad as well.
        Question 1: is it ok to do it like that, like once after isha and one at tahajad.
        question 2: I sometimes do the amal 313 and sometimes 111 times.
        any other tip would be greatly appreciated.
        jazakallah khair

      • junaidali said

        salaam brother,
        1. I am continuing my amal without taking any day off, but there was no progress, but not giving up.
        Then I heard somewhere that masjid is a spiritual powerhouse.

        2 For the past two weeks, I have started doing amal in the masjid starting from maghrib to issha. I started seeing
        progress, my head lighter and progressively becoming light. There is still pressure however it is much lighter than before.
        still on strict diet : no milk, no beef no goat meat. Looks like there maybe taweez of the magician planted so all amals I do go useless.
        Also there is no sleep related issues

      • Maryam said

        Hi brother this is sister M we use to have similar problem but alhamdulilahi I have made progress, thanks to this website there is a particular Dua that I am using from this website that is very effective when u respond to this I will tel u d dua, I also leave in North America

      • junaidali said

        plz do share the dua

  35. nima said

    I im 23 years of age. I don’t hv a close relationship with my parents I was raised by my elder sis who’s husband take care of me he is practically my father. Until he started abusing me sexually dis has been going onn 4 a while I im nt proud of it but at the same time I have to do it he pays my fees and ol people around me trust him nd if I report it wil spoil my sisters marriage nd i don’t have any where to go to i im presently going to hv an extra year in school nd i can’t afford to get him angry bcos he wil withdraw from paying my fees my parents are not doing well financially even if they did dey will not believe me
    What do I do?

  36. muslima said

    i sleepwalk a lot. Sometimes as i start reading ayath al kursi, i sometimes fall asleep. Or just become sleepy. Lots of people adviced me to play audio ruqya. Or it will be dangerous. If it is a good way, can you please give me a link of a ruqya. Salaam

    • dastan said

      salam any probelm to concet me

  37. Samual said

    You’re so awesome! I do not think I’ve truly read through a single
    thing like that before. So wonderful to find somebody
    with some original thoughts on this subject.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is one thing that is needed on the web, someone with some originality!

  38. dastan said

    A.O.A any problem jinnat magic black magic so tell me

  39. Temour said

    Below are instructions on your ritual you will need to follow it strictly

    You will put sadaqah ( charity) in the mosque with “intention” that its for the follow ritual, the more sadaqah you give the better

    You will do Ghusul ( Taking shower)

    You will sit down in a place where its clean and you will not be disturbed

    You will raise your hands chest level and Read

    Surah Fatiha 1X
    Durood E Ibrahimi 1X

    Then Ask Allah for Forgiveness, Guidance, Best in this world and Hereafter, and ask him to bless All his Prophets, Angels, Saints and Righteous People, and then thank him for all he has given you

    Durood E Ibrahimi 1X
    Surah Fatihah 1X

    Then say Ameen 1X

    This dua you will make daily during the ritual and even after the ritual as it has great benefits!!!!!

    After you have made the dua you sit down in a place where its clean and where you will not be disturbed.

    You will picture your self sitting in Masjid Al Nawbi in Saudi Arabia right where the Golden Gates here is a picture which you can keep in front of you while you do the ritual

    You will listen to the following audio

    You will listen to the audio minimum 3-4 maximum 5 times per day until your cured

    Also when you listen to the audio you need to ” Hold the intention” that all the Blackmagic, Jin ( everything that effecting you/ family etc) is removing, the” intention” is the powerhouse behind the ritual so make sure you do it with full devotion

    For anyone that has health problems you will follow the same procedure above but instead of read the prayers above you listen to this audio audio minimum 3-4 maximum 5 times per day until your cured

  40. Asia London said

    Asia London to Islamic exorcism

    Salamaleikun. This is Asia London, I hope you still remember me. I am the one you helped with enemies some years ago. The person that said this is an Allah choosing website. May the Lord continue to reward you. I want to ask a question on the salaatul ajaaib you gave to brother Junaidali to replace salaatu tunajjian. I do recite salaatu tunajjian and it works great. 1. Will salaatu ajaaib give the same benefits or more, and does it cure/prevent majic/evil? 2. Can my kids also recite it, like maybe 21 or less times, and can it be recited during the day? 3. When I feel my husband or any other members of the family that will not agree to say this salaat is being possessed, how do I use the salaatu ajaaib for the situation. The enemies are not completely gone but amals in this website continue to serve as a remedy ,may our lord bless you, aminj

    • Walikumussalaam Sister ! It will not be logical to draw comparison between Salaatul Tunijja from which numerous people since ages have benefited with Salaatul Ajaaib which is our personal salaaat. Having said this, as per our sheikh Salaatul Ajaaib is 100% powerful and has numerous benefits and all kinds of needs can be fulfilled by practicing it biiznillaah.
      We request you to ponder over its words and understand the hidden meanings it contains and I’am sure you will never neglect it.
      We request you to make it a practice of reciting it 70x daily any time and you will never be disappointed. Yes, you could use it for any purpose even for sickness or sihir. Your kids can also recite it any number of times 1x, 3x, 7x or 11x morning and evenings.


      • Asia London said

        Thanks for your response and advice. I am so happy you responded, may Allah reward you

      • Asia London said

        Asalamaleikum brother,
        Thank you for sharing salaatu ajaaib with us may Allah bless you more, I started reciting it 3 days ago and as I was reciting it today I was made to understand what has long been happening to me when am doing the Amal to stop and halt evil jinn or enemies. When am doing the Amal to stop and halt the symptom of poccessions and attack will disappear in us and the house but few days into the Amal I do see one of my enemies in my dream who will appear friendly and we shall both talk friendly, once this happen as soon as the following day I will start noticing changes in d Amal, symptoms of processions will start coming back and they will start disturbing us again, I do stop the Amal after this, this is what have long been happening but I never understand the meaning of this dream but with salaatu ajaaib I understand today that they were appearing in my dream to ask for my forgiveness without which they can not send there jinn to harm us again as it will be halt and once they talk to me friendly and I responded friendly I have implied forgiveness and is all they need to be able to send there jinnn and attack us with no consequence in their part, i also notice that during the Amal to stop and halt sometimes during the day something will disturb my mind continuously that I should forgive one of the enemies and once I agree even though I don’t mean it I can’t take it back is all they need, other amals works too and I notice the weakness of the enemies but they keep trying so I still want to do the Amal to stop and halt. My question
        1 since I know the trick of the enemies with the Amal to stop and halt what can I do.
        I will share my wonderful experiences with other amals on this site later, is how I discover this site and my experiences doing the amals that made me believe is the lord chosen website, may our lord reward you and you team

      • Assalaamualikum Sister! Alhamdulillah since you are experiencing its benefits please continue the count of 70x for another six months and inshallaah, your will continue to receive its benefits.
        Forgiveness and mercy are essential characteristics of believers and when it comes to neighbors and relatives, islam encourages to maintain strong relationships, even if there are your enemies. You are very well aware of your situation and it’s your call to make. If you are confused, continue reciting Salaatul Ajaaib 70x daily and leave the rest to Allah, He is sufficient for his slaves against every enemy.

      • Asia London said

        Asalamaleikun brother,
        Ramadan Mubarak, thanks for responding may Allah reward you, I appreciate your advice and that is what I will do, salaatu ajaaib is indeed powerful sometimes during recitation at about midway to the end of the count I do notice that the printed sheet which am reciting it from do become brighter also notice other things which I will share later, may our mighty lord reward you and your team

      • Asia London said

        To Islamicexorcism
        Asalamaleikum brother, thanks again for salatu ajaaib, may. Allah our lord reward you,I was sick recently and after reciting ajaaib for 2 days I felt better. I have done the last dua you gave brother Junaidali for 3days on d first I dreamt of a man setting himself ablaze saying is over, noting much on 2nd and 3rd, the enemies are many and even though they are becoming weak they are not giving up but alhamdulilahi
        Question. 1Can u give me a dua for my son who want to playing professional soccer so that no body can stop him he used to be good but this section he has not really perform well because the enemies are doing everything possible to stop him including doing majic to him on his game day, he is jumping from one injury to another e t c
        2 dua or Amal for spiritual strength so that enemies , evils, and shiri will stop disturbing me during my dua because during some amals when am about to blow in water I do feel things strucking my back their goal is to make the Amal weak so it will not have much effect on their jinn in me.
        I have a suggestion for brother Junaidali as we seams to have similar problem I think he need to do salatu tesbi to seek Allah for forgiveness after which he should continue the amals u gave him, he should try not to return to any major sin, can be performing salatu tesbi once every week, also include astagafirlilahir in his zikr, am doing the same thing, thanks

  41. Temour said

    One Thing to remember is when you remove any Blackmagic/ Jin it needs to be undone and destroyed from two places
    1) The Knots/ Talisman thats associated to your black magic/JIn
    2) Then the Blackmagic/Jin thats on your end

    The procedure for removal takes 4 days
    1) Find any Poor person / Family ( locally or Backhome) and Give them some Sadaqah( Charity) Food, Clothing etc.

    2) Wake up at for Tahajjud ( Its the last 2nd or third of the night before dawn)

    1st day: Listen to Surah Muzamil With ” Intention” to “undo” the the knots/Talisman
    2nd Day: Listen to Surah Muzamil With ” Intention” to “undo” it from your end
    3rd day: Listen to Surah Muzamil With ” Intention” to cut the Blackmagic/ Sihr from both places
    4th day: Listen to Surah Muzamil With ” Intention” to Cleanse, Heal and Balance your whole entire body

    Make sure that you have paid all your zakat on wealth and possessions which reaches the nisab and prayers, and fast in the past, and that there is no outstanding zakat/ Prayers and fasts, you should make sure this is cleared.

    And Also try to read/ listen to Quran on a daily basis

  42. roohani work said

    AOA Brothers and Sisters,
    If Anyone has any problems
    Please email me at with Subject: Blackmagic
    I provide isme azam reading free of charge.

  43. roohani work said


    Brothers and Sisters

    If anyone has any type of blackmagic, sihr, jin or any problem please….. tell me this is my email adress

  44. not available said

    Brothers and Sisters I have a method to remove all problems not just sihr or jin with SADAQAH, ALLAH talks about SADAQAH in the QURAN and its also discussed in HADITH as well so whatever im going to tell you is AUTHENTIC, You can try any method you like but this method can be supported By Quran and Hadith and as I Said it has been TRIED AND TESTED and im opinion powerful than any METHOD you can find on this website

    Give some sadaqah to poor people
    Right after you give the SADAQAH, make DUA to ALLAH ask him to send the rewards of the SADAQAH as a gift to all his PROPHETS, SAHABAS, AWLIYAS and all his RIGTEOUS PEOPLE and to make this SADAQAH as a means to remove all your problems,
    Once you do this In sha Allah you will start feeling better right away

    This is the method of making dua


    Make the dua as shown above

    Ameen 1X

  45. n/a said

    This message is to the islamic exoriscm administration.
    I posted too many comments on your forum and would like them deleted.
    Can you please email me with the email details so i can talk to you in private

    Jazak Allah

  46. Harris said

    With the grace of God, i was able to find solutions to cancer, diabetes,
    cholestrol, high blood pressure and other physical illnesses.
    Some friends and people I knew had these problems and i went on a
    Journey to distant places on earth to find healing for physical and spiritual

    Along this journey i met healers, shamans, diviners, yogis, sadhus,
    saints, holy shrines, holy places. I even met some who did not eat or drink,
    lived on mountains for several years. Praying to get in to holy communion
    with God. Later when they came down from mountains, they had to hide
    themselves from people, who would seek and hound them for favors.
    To the ones that was said, ” Go, your work is done”. Different miracles would
    happen in those people lives. Ranging from physical illnesses being finished,
    family or marital problems being dissolved, money and financial doors
    opening, court cases being resolved, spiritual and mental problems being
    washed off and the list goes on and on.

    Also some others i met were able to finish off the attacks that were
    happening on innocent people from the black magicians. Some did
    the healing free and some charged a fee. Amongst this particular type
    of healers a lot are fakes but some i met are real hard working honest
    healers who put in the required time, energy and effort and were God

    So whether you have physical illnesses or victim of black magic spells,
    Email or call me.

    Harris Saleh
    Tel: 405.259.7101

    Before going on this international journey to find healing from physical
    illnesses and spiritual attacks, i did a cross Canada 8 months long walk
    from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. We used to walk 5 to 8 hours
    everyday. The walk was for a good cause. It was a “Multi faith walk
    against violence”.

    Just type in Google “harris saleh multi faith walk against violence”.
    You will see the different newspaper articles and pictures.Our story came
    on tv, radio, newspaper and wentninternational through Associated Press
    and even picked up by CNN.

  47. Alam said

    Last night I saw a dream about dargah of Ajmer Sharif n in that dream some other people trying to destroy and with me some people is going to fight for that then my eye’s are open

  48. Disha said

    Your site is just amazing.
    My problem is I wished something to jinn and told it to fulfill my wish by giving promise of allah, now I don’t want that wish to be fulfilled. I really need your help sir.

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