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Make a Dua request (Experience the Power of Dua)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever. Many of us underestimate the power and tremendous virtues associated with Dua, the purpose of this short article is to reignite within each one of us the virtues and benefits of Dua. Dua in fact has been the sunnah of all Prophets (May peace and mercy of Allah SWT be upon them all) and all saints of Allah, this itself is sufficient to highlight the Power and blessings contained in a Dua. We should not underestimate the power of Dua as there is nothing more dear to Allah than turning to him sincerely in Dua as mentioned by our Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) that: “There is nothing dearer to Allah than Dua” (Tirmizi, Narrated by Abu Hurayrah), furthermore  Ḥākim RA reports in a sound transmission, “Supplication is the weapon of the believer, the pillar of religion, and a light of the Heavens and the earth.”

Virtues of making Dua
1. Prophet (SA) said: “Supplication/dua is worship.” Then he (SA) recited the verse: “And your Lord says, ‘Call upon Me; I will respond to you.’ Indeed, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell contemptible.” (40:60)” [Jami’ At-Tirmidhi, Book 44, Number 3247, Narrated by An-Nu’man ibn Bashir (RA)]
2. Prophet (SA) said: “Nothing can avert the decree of Allah except supplication/dua, and nothing increases life except virtuous deeds.” (Tirmidhi, Narrated by Salman Al-Farisi)
3. Prophet (SA) said, “Any Muslim who makes a supplication/dua containing nothing which is sinful or which involves breaking ties of relationship will be given for it by Allah one of three things: He will give him swift answer, or store it up for him in the next world, or turn away from him an equivalent amount of evil.” (Tirmidhi, Narrated by AbuSa’id al-Khudri)
4. The Prophet (SA) said, “Precautions are of no avail against the decree of Allah, but the supplication benefits in the case of a calamity that strikes or is about to strike. And when a calamity descends the supplication intercepts it and holds it at bay until the Day of Resurrection.” (Al-Bazar, At-Tabrani, and Al-Hakim, Narrated by Aishah RA)

Virtues of making dua for others
1.Prophet (SA) said: “The swiftest supplication to be answered is the supplication of someone for another person who is not present.”[Imam Bukhari’s Al-Adab al-Mufrad]
2.Prophet (SA) said: “The supplication of a Muslim man for his absent brother is answered. At his head there is a guardian angel. Whenever he asks Allah to give his brother good, the angel says, ‘Amen, and may you have the same.” [Imam Bukhari’s Al-Adab al-Mufrad]
3.The Prophet (SA) said: “The dua of a Muslim for his brother (in Islam) in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says, ‘Aameen. And may you also be blessed with the same.'” [Sahih Muslim]
4.The Prophet[SA] said: “Whosoever seeks forgiveness for believing men and believing women, Allah will write for him a good deed for each believing man and believing woman.” [Tabrani]

Etiquettes of Making dua
Based on our personal experiences we are sharing certain ways of doing dua, though which one can make their dua makbool and acceptable in the sight of Allah..
1.Ensure your food and clothes are from lawful income.
2.The greatest key for a successful dua is humbleness before Allah SWT, one should keep in mind and consider himself as a helpless beggar before the Holy King, and make dua is such a way that he is crying and begging before Allah, one should at all times during the dua try to convince and draw Allah’s mercy and attention by crying and begging before him while speaking every word in his dua.
3.We are sharing a general format and way of making dua, everyone knows that dua can be done at anytime, however, one should make it a practice of doing this after every salaat..
a.Make wadhu and sit facing the Qibla.
b.Now imagine that Allah is watching you and He is listening to every word that you say, and consider your self a helpless beggar and fill your mind with thoughts that you have no hope and no help except from Allah and its only and only Allah who can save you and better your condition and fulfill your need.
c.Raise your hands to the level of your chest, keep a little gap between your palms.
d.Recite- Surah Fatiha -1x , Surah Iqlaas-3x
e.Recite- Allahu Akbaru Kabeera, walhamdulillahi Kaseera, wa Subhan’Allahi bukrataw wa aseela, La Elaaha illal laahu Mohammadur Rasool-ul-laah Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam [Allah is the Greatest above everything else, and All Praise is for Allah abundantly, and Glory be to Allah in the morning and evening. There is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Prophet Mohammad is the messenger of Allah(May Allah’s Peace be upon him)] -3x (The benefit of this dua is that it will InshaAallah open up the doors of the heaven and it also contains darood which is essential is acceptance of any dua)
f.Recite- Ya Arhamar Raahemeen (O The Most Merciful of the Merciful) continuously for 2 to 3 mins, every word should be uttered considering your self as a beggar, begging and crying before Allah.
g.Make your dua- “Ya Arhamr Raahemeen, you have commanded us to do dua, and I have act upon your command. O Allah, I have no help no support but You, you are my only Lord my Only Savior so accept my dua and fulfill my needs though Your immense Mercy and Kindness. O Allah, MR XXX son of Mr XXX from City/country has requested for dua, our Prophet SA said dua for his brother in his absence will be accepted, I therefore, make dua on the behalf MR XXX son of Mr XXX from City/country ….make dua…… ” – 3x or 7x
h.Recite- Allahu Akbaru Kabeera, walhamdulillahi Katheera, wa Subhan’Allahi bukratan wa aseela, La Elaaha illal laahu Mohammadur Rasool-ul-laah Sallallaahu `Alayhi wa Sallam -3x
i.Recite – Ameen. Wal hamdulilaahi Rabbil Aalameen.
j.Wipe the hands over your face, and blow 3x over yourself.

Guidelines for using this Forum

1.This forum is to only for making a dua request, so please don’t ask any questions here, your questions will be delete.
2.While making a dua request please provide the following details – Your Name, Your Fathers Name, City/country and Your problem. While making dua we would be using words like “O Allah, MR XXX son of Mr XXX from City/country has requested for dua….”

Brother Omar and Sister Salma have volunteered to actively participate and make dua for others on the forum. We encourage every person to make dua for others, inshaallah by doing this his dua will be accepted by Allah.


1,243 Responses to “Make a Dua request (Experience the Power of Dua)”

  1. Fahmida Moola said

    Slmzs,pls make dua for my two sons,Rishaad and Nadim, Rishaad started work,pls make dua that he prospers and marries a good Muslim girl from a humble family,and that no one creates problems for him at work. Pls make dua that Nadim gets accepted at university to study architecture,and prospers and also marry a good Muslim girl from a humble home,In Shaa Allah,ameen,jzk.

  2. Nazward atta said

    My daughter Fatimah Imran left home and is staying with our family friends family . Please make duaa for her to come back home I am currently in Pakistan so is she . My father name is atta Mohammed and my daughters father name is imran . Jazakallah

  3. tausif ahmed said

    i am mechanical engineering facing several hurdles in life since childhood.till now i dnt even getta success, ma marriage is proposed on next month insh Allah.just make dua inorder to remove all hurdles in ma life and ask Allah for forgivness of my sin.wanna get success in this dunia as well in din. jazak Allah

  4. Shabana Shaikh said

    Assalamualaikum. My name is Shabana. My father’s name is Mohammed. He is no more. My son’s name is Moinuddin. I’m sick since last 4 years. My husband is not staying with me. I stay with my brother. My son is doing job but due to my illness he couldn’t concentrate nd some of the family matters, he is in great debts. As we have family property but when we try to sell it there are always some or the the other obstructions. So please make dua that our problems be resolved. Property sells at good price nd sons debts be cleared completely soon. And I recover from my illness. Aameen Ya Rabbul Aalameen. Jazakallah Wa khairan.

  5. Emran Ahmed Choudhury said

    Respected Brothers/Sisters of Islam. Please Make Dua For Me to Almighty Allah that im very sick and also im suffering financial problem thts why i need a job.pls kindy dao to Allah about above issue pls. Allah Hafiz.

  6. MP.MD ALTAF said


  7. musausma said

    Request for prayers to secure another after being sacked all staff of Federal government agency in the name of Privatisation.

  8. musausma said

    Assalam Alaikum: My prayer request is for my wife who is Turkey Hospital for treatment. Prayers for Allah to heal and return her safely to Nigeria. MashaAllah

  9. Neneh kamara said

    Asalamualikum, my name is Neneh and my father’s name is Dauda. I’m making a request for my job, I’m on administrative leave for three days and they’re deciding whether to let me go, meaning I’m on the Virg of getting fired. Please pray for me to keep my job, I’m pregnant and I need the job and insurance.

  10. kahkashan said

    my name is kahkashan and my father name mohd.aslam quraishi and am from india , city -patna. .

    I am suffering from psoriasis and severe hair fall please dua for my health. .

    Allah hafiz. .

  11. aman ahmed said

    asalam.o.alaiqum .
    my husband is divorcing me on pressure of his parents. And law threatning me and my family. kindly pray to save my marriage and protection from the evil

  12. khalid said

    Aslaam alaikum, my name is Khalid Majid son of Abdul Majid. I am sending two Palestine orphans for Umra in January Inshallah pls make dua for me that Allah gives me success in whatever I do and that I am able to send poor people those who cannot afford it to go for umra and orphans in the future again. Please make dua for me with all of your hearts. Jazakallah and may Allah bless you all for your duas……Amin

  13. Jamila Yusuf said

    As Salaamo Alaikum. For the love for Allah SWT, I am making a dua request to everyone to make dua for me that my husband must come back to me and the effect of black magic done to separate us is destroyed permanently. Please please everyone a humble request to make dua for me so that I get united with my husband again. Jazaakallah Khair

  14. zahida said

    pls dua to for Khurram shehzad rana . he is ill and having brain operatuin in near ten days

  15. maryam said

    Assalam Alaikum brother please make dua for my brother marlon son of the late Antonio , who needs help to be out from the jail which was set up by a group because he is just new in that place. I know Allah loves him so much so Allah cut this kind of group .now he realized his bad deeds and ask forgiveness.He want to convert muslim like me .He wants to be like Bilal the first man who call for sallah and testify that ALLAH SWT is only one that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the messenger .My brother wants to preach the words given by Allah,Please pray for my brother for a new life outside the jail and do service to God.I know it will help other people who are involved in drugs to renew their life again and returned back to Allah Swt.

  16. Emran Choudhury said

    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers/Sisters In Islam. I am Emran Choudhury From Bangladesh. I Request Each & Everyone’s to Make Urgent Dua to Almighty Allah Due to I Have Major Financial Problems & I Really Need A Job ASAP. I & My Family Struggling With Money & Food. I Beg Each & Everyone’s to Make Dua to Almighty Allah For Me & My Family. Jazak Allah Khair: Emran Choudhury

  17. rukayat said

    I am Rukayat abass I am making a prayer request for my elder brother ibrahim the son of nurudeen from ajase ipo,pls kindly help me pray 2Allah to free him from the boundage he is now cos he knows nothing about d allegation made against him.

  18. radhia said

    Asalaam Aleikum!
    I need a powerful dua, ive been working tooth& nail to see dat we get some where with ma family(husband& kids) even Subhana Wa Ta Allah knows. But what hurts me ma husband seems to be like he doesnt need anything to do with me. all he says im a bad person that i talk ill of him. I pray Allah is the best knower

  19. aisha said

    salam alaikom brother I am so despirate my sister in islam helping me to cure my feeling which they told me im a victim of black magic by one of a person who knows me well, its always coming this every feb. 1 till april end every year. now I feel some thing biting me in diffirent parts of my body after I felt something crwling in al my body parts except my private parts. at the end of the day I feel all my body swelling and unbearable pain. I felt like something eating my flesh and it hurts me so much that im almost died 1 day I woke up with 1 small like circle crabs in the floor of my room following day I saw like cockroach very dark black near in my room of my working place now I felt a lot of like worm moving in diffirent parts of my body even in my underarm and anus they are trying to get in and also in my head and I can feel sometimes they want to enter in my eyes and nose but if suddenly I touch or scratch nothing I got pls do help me I search in internet in other website they ask me to pray and olive oil from Palestine but I cant get coz im not Arabic and I don’t know even to recite the quran I can read in English but I cant understand in Arabic sounds. if could help me brother may allah will bless u more thank u im waiting for ur responce

    • Muhammad Taha Patel said

      asalaamu alaykum. make sure that you are obedient to Allah Azza wa Jal and his commandments. You can try fasting on Mondays and Thursdays. Also, you can try listening to ruqya sharia by Ahmed al Ajmy on Youtube. Remember that the CURE is with ALLAH Azza wa Jal. In my opinion, you must be as patient as possible. Make lots of dua for Allah to cure you and stay away from all haraam. And May Allah cure you, and give you ease, and reward you for your hardship. Ameen.

  20. Lawal said

    Salam, Help me make dua that Allah make my PhD easy for me and finish within shortest possible time with a good job.

  21. Jayson said

    Hello, I am not Islamic nor have I ever studied Islam.
    I have been ill for a long time with unexplained illness, and am at my wits end (as are my doctors). I was bathing and asked that I receive divine guidance to help me understand and overcome my problems. I repeatedly heard in my head, a phrase I have never heard before “ayat e Kareema”…..the phrase sounded strange to me but something told me it was important and not my imagination. I did an online search when I got out, and saw that it was Islamic…….and found this site.
    I believe that I am under the oppression of evil and ask a dua to rid me of any evil oppression and destroy and banish the effects of black magic and demons from my spirit, my body, my home and my life, and to banish any ill health or negative influence on my health.

    My name is Jayson of James, and I live in Australia.
    Thank you

  22. analyn said

    asalam alaikom , thank you very much for following my problem, when u told me to recite surra naas in 40 days i firget for 1- 2 days coz i left to my place to find someone who can help me cure coz i cant bear anymore that time till now i was not able to continue. i used to listen quran in you tube ruqya every night and morning when i open my eyes in the morning , this week i little pain in my bone but very less, something moving and crawling beneath my skin was little by little dis appear. my depression become less my foot some times pain sometimes nothing inshallah it will gone forever may Allah will rewards you all for your good deeds Subhanallah Subhanallah

  23. Lawal said

    I want a prayer for knowledge and understanding. Am a PhD student and it is difficult for me. I want Allah to make it easy for me and to finish withing the shortest possible time without delay.

  24. Lawal said

    My Name is Lawal and my father’s name is Abdul (Abdul Salam) from Nigeria. I want a prayer for knowledge and understanding. Am a PhD student and it is difficult for me. I want Allah to make it easy for me and to finish withing the shortest possible time without delay.

  25. Nadina said

    Salaam aleykum. Please make a dua for my son.
    This coming Sunday on August 7,early morning my son and us(parents) are going to talk on the skype with a girl and her family. She is from our country. For my son is the first time seeing and talking to her .He is 30 years old. If she likes my son Inshallah , than we are setting the engagement later. Please make a dua because my son has some anxiety, depression, he is so messy and hurried . He has very good heart , loves the family , works and goes to mosque. He really wants to be married and us as his family too ,but we are worried because he has these things above. Please help him, us , make dua or something else so Inshallah his problems will reduce and leave little by little from him, so she can like and love him . Thank you so much ! Allah bless you and your family.

    • ahmed said

      I am sharing a amal for rizq. To get maximum benefit,share this your friends

  26. Fatima osman said

    Salaam brothes and sister my name is Fatima Osman from Grand Rapids mi in the u.s please pray for me as I am trying to get married to the man that I dearly love . He wants wait til I’m completely finish with school ; but I can’t wait any longer as I want to have a family and have my own children. All of my friends are getting married . Pray that he askes for my hand in marriage and that we get married as soon as possible . Pray that God protects our marriage and that my family agree to let me marry him. I will also pray for each and everyone of you may Allah accept all of our prayers.

  27. Azeem said

    aasalamalikum brothers n sisters my name is mohammed azeemuddin please pray for me to get job as soon as possible ..n secondly i want to marry girl whom i love .so please make dua that dad agrees for marriage and allow me to marry as soon as possible . INSHAALLAH

    may Allah accept all our prayers.

  28. Aiham said

    La illaha illa Allah may Allah guide her to her path and light up her way and forgive us for all what we done wrong and flip them to good deeds ameen…Mohamed rasull Allah

  29. Anum said

    Asalaoalikum. May Allah bless you and grant you a place in Jannah for giving us deep insights about islam.
    I really want you to make a dua. The thing is I really want to get married to a man who also loves me but due to my past mistakes (relationships and stuff when he didnt even exist in my life) he gets really upset and angry. This is creating hinderances in our relationship and i dont want that to happen as I am planning to marry him. He just gets really angry and blames me and says hurtful things. Even in his anger he says he is going to cheat on me and all which he has not done as yet. I am trying to do everything in my power to make things alright for us but I cant change my past. I tried attempting suicide many times and I got mentally depressed as I just cant live without him. So I really think I should turn to Allah for help. I really want you to make a really sincere dua to keep us both happy together and that he should totally forget about past things and accept me wholly for who I am.

  30. zb said

    dont worry at all just be patient have some SABR .
    IF U MAKE MISTAKE ASK ALLAH S FORGIVENESS .if u truly luv a person from heart jst make dua inshallah ALLAH will make ur marriage very easy ,,,dat u cnt imagine also ..
    dont worry tc remember me in dua s .

  31. jannath-a-fardous said

    dear all

    I am requesting due for all to make for me. me and my husband have been separated last 6 months as I found out his family done magic on him. I love him so much and have been crying my eyes out. I am in so much pain and heartbroken without him as I love him so much.

    please make dua for him to come back to me pls


  32. Muslim in Need said

    It is said that Allah has created all things in pairs therefore a soulmate is created for every one. Please make sincere Dua I will be united with my soulmate asap😩😩😩, I miss and wish to find my soul mate 😩😩😩

  33. Shuaib said

    I need your prayers to restore my unpaid salary for the past 12 months.I also need your prayer against hypertension and failing health.

  34. Mohd said

    i need your prayer that my wife and i get back to together , as we have very good connection and love each other dearly but due a bad event by wife is held at her parents and we are not allowed to meet nor talk .

    Please pray for me

  35. maria said

    please do pray for me , my parents and my brother we are all going through disastrous condition especially in education and do pray for us to get our smiles back…

  36. bilal9849 said

    Hi my name is Bilal.
    Please help me I am in heavy debts and jobless I have two daughters please help me I used to listen to surah ruqyah. Please provide me with some mp3 surahs to become rich and overcome my debts please provide me some mp3. Surah to listen every time

  37. Zar said

    My husband has just been put into prison two days ago and he is sentenced for 2 years.

    Pray for him to be released very quickly


  38. Ash said

    Get in touch with

  39. Ibrahim Mustapha said

    Sallam Alaikum brothers and Sisters, I work in a financial institution where envy, slander ,jealous and back bitting is prominent in a bid to gain favoritism from your superiors however as a Muslim that I am, I shy away from such and Alhamdulilahi I have no regrets, recently my boss nominated me among others (4) as one to be promoted however only one person would be promoted. Please I request for dua that Allah SWT grants me the grace to be the the successful one and also make it easy for me .Amin

  40. A said

    Pray surah al kausar give some charity to poor and needy

  41. Syed Anwar Ahmed said

    It is a useful website for general public and those who suffers in the unseen difficulties. I request you to pray for me and my sister Shahnaz and my sons Imran and Usama to be obedient and successful.

  42. Zeba Akbar said

    I want to request to make Dua for my husband Nayeem Dabase(Mother name Nasim Bano) my husband is alcoholic and also womanizer, he don’t pray nor fast nor he knows anything about Deen….I am having tough time, since its a love marriage I cant talk to my parents or my sister about it…I am suffering everyday…I am in deep pain….really cant explain what I m going through.
    Request all brother and sister to pray for my husband that he leave all haram things and become pious. good muslim and a very loving, honest and faithful husband

  43. Zahra shantel said

    Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakta

    Please assist in my problems, I’ve reverted to Islam some 15 years ago. I don’t know what more to do. I’ve been informed on many occasions that my life is banish. They can’t tell me who has done it to me. All they say is that my life is blocked and I can feel it no matter what I do there’s always problems surrounding me. Everything has fallen apart in my life i find it very difficult to cope on a daily basis. It’s like I’m drowning with no way out.
    Jazak Allah khair

    Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakta

  44. A said


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