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Share your experiences and success stories

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. We humbly request all are readers to share their personal experiences and success stories of spiritual healing on this page for the benefit all our readers. As muslims we should try our best to help others in anyway we can, its mentioned in the hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Omar RA that our Holy Prophet SAW said, “’One who helps someone in his need, Allah helps him in his work, and one who removes any worry or trouble of any Muslim, Allah, in return, removes anyone of his worries on the Day of Judgment’. (Abu Daud).

Inshaallah sharing your experiences will benefits the victim / readers/ users in the following way:
1.It will educate Muslims about the dangers, cure and reality of magic, demons / jinn , evil eye..etc
2.It will encourage Muslims to perform ‘self exorcism’, rather than becoming prey of hidden ‘magicians’ and ‘fortune-tellers’.
3.It will encourage Muslims to perform ‘exorcism’ on the family, relatives and society if need arises rather than depending on others for treatment.
4.It will help in reviving the forgotten sunnah of ‘Ruqyah’ among our community.

We humbly request our readers not to post any questions on this page, but rather share their advices and experiences to help and support others. And remember not to post any real names and address on this page.
Islamic Exorcism Team.

137 Responses to “Share your experiences and success stories”

  1. naji abdullaah perry said

    ok brothers and sisters and all that care about the creator allah and what he has created. first please fear your creator the way he should be feared. put no god with allah. only put your trust in him. really really trust in him. beleive me if you do your life will change. i have been able to help people by giving them ruquahs. everybody needs to be aware how to get the evil jinn out of the body. you should see how its done. i never thought i would be giving ruquahs in my life. i know a lot of people say it’s not real. please. you have got to see it done. to see a person in front of you in a calm state and when you start reading the quran over them and then while reading the quran they start to fill pain move thought their bobdy and then the jinn starts to take over the body and speaking to you. beleive me the words they speak to you are not going to be nice because it wants to to stop. my last ruquah which i have done for this one man for 3 days finally broke though. i was able to get the name of the jinn and why he was in the body of the person. i ask what religion was he. he did not anwser that question but i got him to vowe to leave him.(remember this jinn is what our creator made. not us allah made it)so i told him he has to leave this man or i will burn him. the jinn agreed to leave and i gave him a sahada and told him to go to medina where he will be safe. again i told him if he comes back that i will burn him. then i said go and i left him. the man sat up and looked at me and said he felt the jinn just leave. wow. i never in my life thought i could do this. yet only by the will of allah did this happen.
    thank you islamic exorcism for all of your help.

    • Inquisitive brother said

      Asalaamu Alaykum,

      You said that you told the jinn that you would burn him, how would you do that? How would you burn the jinn? What would you read exactly?

      • naji abdulllaah perry said

        Asalaamu Alaykum,Inquisitive Brother.
        Thank you for asking the questions and i will tell you the answers based on my personal experience and knowedge from this web site. While doing a ruquah to a client here in the united states, I got the name of the jinn and what it was doing in the body. After telling it to leave, it started to tell me that it’s deep in him and it’s not going out. Then i sprayed it will blessed water(this water has the words of the Holy Quran over it which they can’t stand)it started to try to block the water from being sprayed by covering the client’s face. It was burning it. It wanted me to stop spraying it. You must really look into this more by going to a ruquah or going to the internet at and bring up exorcisms. There are some islamic exorcisms there too. Now i have this on audio tape of the client telling me he wanted to scream really loud when i was spraying him. This blessed water was burnig it. Remember they are not like us. You can’t see them but they can see you. You must and i repeat you must learn more about them. You can also get this book called The Jinn and Human Sickness based on the quran and sunnah by Dr.Abdu’l-Mundhir Khaleel ibn Ibraaeem Ameem published by Darussalam. This book is load with how to handle jinn and witchcraft and evil eyes and etc.It also give you the verses in the quran to use to get the jinn out of the body and to punish them etc. You can kill a jinn with the power of the holy quran. This web site has alot of anwsers for you about the jinn and how to protect yourself and house. I hope i have answered you questions. We must really learn more about this subject as much as possible. You will find that there are different levels of jinn and more powerful ones. They will follow you and wait until the time is right to jump into your body and bring you pain and suffering. Look, am not making this up. All this is based on the quran and sunnah. Ask this web site more about the field of jinn and how they operate and you will learn so much. Maybe one day you can help another brother or sister with this topic. Please try to open you heart and mind and learn more about this topic. And please don’t say Bismillah and i don’t want to talk about it when a brother or sister ask about jinn. We must know this subject as muslims.

    • Just for info said

      Asak ! Brother which dua’s n verses are powerful against the strongest jinns in ur exper. How you tried dua e isme illahi and hamd e illah from this site, they look very powerful? thanks and salaams.

      • Naji Abdullaah Perry said

        Walikumsalam brother. Thank you for the information. Let me say first of all Allah guides us all and we should remember him always. If we ask, we should ask of Allah first and trust in him. We should do good,forbid evil and worship our Allah are creator. By the will of Allah i have been able to help people. To ansswer your question on the powerful jinn, i have not really run across one. It’s really hard to tell. When i recite verses from the holy quran over the person and going through my ruquah, the jinn will want to get away from the person. I do not reveal my client’s names and locations in the world only if they want me to in order to help someone. It’s up to them to do that. But what i can tell you, one of my ruquahs the jinn went out of the person and went to the father downs stairs and held him down where he could not get up. The father was sleeping in the livingroom this night. The way i found out about this is the next day when i was about to leave the house with the client, he told me that the jinn went to his father and held him down. Now, this could be a more powerful jinn. I don’t know. now, i just received word from the client that it’s back. I have done about 8 ruquahs and this one seem to be getting quiet interesting.
        Now, when i found out that this happened i contacted this web site to get info how to handle house cleansing and protection. They gave it to me. It was an amal for house protection which i did. It took alot of work but they said after i did it, the house was free of activity. I told them that it will last for 3 days and they should continue to spray the blessed water in the rooms until this problem stops. They have told me that they use cell phone to call each other in house. I asked why they did that. They said sometimes they would hear someone call them and when they went to see who called them they were not there. They told me that this jinn would come in the house in a form a black image of a person. They said they could not see the face and this jinn would come to them in a dream. I don’t know if this jinn is very powerful. I guess i’m going to find out. We are trying to set up a date for me to back out there to handle it. Now here’s the problem. If i give you things to do to keep the jinn away, you have got to do it. They understand that now. Just ask in this web site and they will help you with thing to do to help you and your family and friends. Please if you can get get this book: The Jinn and human sickness remedies in the light of the quran and sunnah. by Dr. Abu’l-Mundhir Khaleel ibn Ibraaheem Ameen by book publisher Darussalalm. I think if you go online you can get it. Just do a engine search. it should come up.I hope i have anwsered your question and related info. By the way, in this book it will give you loads of info how to get the jinn out of the body and punish the jinn. Each person i do a ruquah with i give this book. It is very helpful. Every muslim and non-muslim should have this book in their home library. There are other books but this is the one i use. It’s over 370 pages long.
        Once again thank you.

  2. Anon said

    All Praise is due to Almighty Allah alone. There is no god but Allahand Muhammad is His messenger (S.A.W). Peace and blessings upon His beloved messenger Muhammad (S.A.W). May Almighty Allah keep us all safe and increase our imaan InshAllah, Ameen.

    Asalaamu Alaykum.

    I want to begin by thanking you for creating this website. For 5 and half years, I have suffered from black magic, Jinns and what I know to be hamzaat. All simply because I chose to marry who I wanted to. I was basically conned by someone who told me that they had a Jinn who was a holy Jinn and could remove my problems. This person would remove my problems and then a few months later start them up again using her Jinn. All for money. The Jinn was not holy but a slave of this person. So please be careful of people who promise such things or ask you for money, as they tend to make your problem worse. It was almost as though I was in a prison, not able to do anything. Lost my job, couldnt work, ill all the time, and some nights I would go to sleep scared that I would be dead by the morning. I visited so many Pirs and other people who claimed to be able to relieve the problem. No real joy. Cutting a very long story short the following has helped my problem to a certain degree:

    1) Recited water which I drink, rub onto my body, and spray around my house (except for bathroom). By recited water I mean, various ayahs of the Quran as well as durood shareef.

    2) Almond oil (recited on), as directed by my local molvi. I found this effective in the sense as it doesn’t evaporate like water so has a longer lasting effect, and prevented the Jinns from penetrating my brain (which was their goal).

    3) Reciting the last 3 Quls into your hands (as though your making a dua) blowing on your hands and then rubbing them all over you body – repeat this 3 times. This is what the prophet of Allah (S.A.W) used to do.

    4) Reading the Quran and playing a recitation the Surah Bakra. In fact I leave it on all night and this makes it hard for the Jinn as it hurts them and hence they wont stay in your house for long.
    It doesn’t have to be loud, just enough for you to hear clear recitation.

    5) I also try to read Ayatul Kursi in all four corners of my house and throw the water in all four corners of my house, especialy when you return home and before you go to bed.

    6) The most important of all the points I discovered was that you really have to believe that all power is from Allah alone and no other. No taweez or anythin else will work if you do not believe in Almighty Allah, and it is due to Allah and the duas I made to Him, crying and begging Him for his mercy and help, that the black magic talisman which was made for me was found and thrown in a flowing river. Allah be praised. Allah can do anything and it is precisely this that what you must accept and believe in your heart and mind. He will listen to you, it is upto you that you beg Him for His help and His mercy. You must also have patience and know that Almighty Allah hears all your duas. But Allah knows things we can not even comprehend. Beg Him as much as you can in your duas. Remember this.

    I am not fully cured but I am better by 60% and the attacks which i was having day and night has decreased drastically. InshAllah I will be fully cured soon. We must all try harder to put our trust in Allah and fear Him.


    • Ali said

      Mashallah Brother, It is good to hear that atleast some of us are getting better day by day. I have a question if you can indulge me, which qurani aayas you recite on water and almond oil?

    • Marisa said

      Good evening, could you please email me that audio that you played every night? My email adres Marisaf99 at gmail dot com. Thank you very much.

      • replay said

        You can download it from this website in the downloads section from the main page

  3. khalid majid said

    Aslaam alaikum,
    Since 1994 I have been unable to get any job at all even though I have three degrees. I have been to 75 shiekhs all around the world and no one in the world has been successful in helping me.Is there any amal I can read so that I can get a job?

    • Walikumussalaam Brother, please don’t post question on this post, this is not meant for questions but for sharing your experiences. Jazakallaah.

    • laib said

      dua in tahajjud

  4. omar said

    Salamun kawlam mir rabi rahim!

    hi, flowers and believer and those yet become servant of Allah.

    read my problem. i had a problem with myself and my mother with skinproblem

    then there is me. ” it a little embarrassing”

    i recently have Abscess (still having it). really mean disease for men. it hurt a lot. the abscess has settled right in the beginning of my butt cheek. it is still 5 centimetre height and 5 centimetre weight. i had 2 surgery. it was painful surgery. The doctor had to cut it open to make all the bacteria and pus (dead neutrophils). luckily i was on time. if I have gone a week later then i was in shock and would have fever. it would have made me weak so my resistance to pus would have me killed. Praise allah that it didn’t happened because i was on time.

    now i have still have Wound Care daily (twice a day). which is Very painful, (i has been going for 8 days now). the hole is still 5 à 6 centimetre deep. and there is still a little bit of pus. it hurts a lot when the nurse stick a bar of 10 centimetre to see how deep the opening is. she must test it she can do it because it’s standard procedure. she told me today it still deep and you are healing slow. so you will have wound care at least 3 months.

    is there an amal to cure this present disease?

    during waiting for him patiently. then somehow it reminds me that he has ruqyah section so i after and before salaat i listen to the audio files that he provided


    this amal is now only for my mother. because fasubanallah. i just was listening to all your audio mp3 and almost all the surah, ESPECIALLY “Ruqyah for Treating Sickness and Evil Eye” i was listening to it everyday in the 5 times a day like the salat times and before going to sleep. Allah has increased my regeneration to heal the wound. the doctor were surprisingly stunt how it even can heal so fast. it should took at least 2 months and a half to heal the wound. the docter says that you will be healed in less than a month, and told me that i’m lucky. Praise Allah!

    brother and sister, do not have doubt, Allah said: “quran has healing for those who believe. ” it doesn’t meean ooh i’m now a muslim i will work immediatly. if you think like that , ‘im deeply sorry you are wrong. Allah is testing you at that present moment.
    it has been told: ” THose who has patience the rewards shall be greatly.
    so i was patient for more than 8 days. i’m greatfull to allah that he excel my regeneration ability for this sickness. Allah oe akbar fa yu hibbu Hibadikum. al hamdoulilah, ya rabbi ala meen.

    • Asha said

      Pray yasalaamu in wudhu when u can

  5. ravinder singh negi said

    Aslaam alaikum,

    I want to begin by thanking you for creating this website . i was suffering from anal fistula , which was created by churail and some other magic . i was really in very trouble and my life becomes almost becomes worst . one day , i saw this web site , and i post my problem , i get response with in 24 hrs , after that i was advised to perform some prayers and listing of Ruqyah for Treating Sickness and Evil Eye mp3 .
    my doctor were surpised to see that anal fistula cured .now i living like a normal human being . i m very much thankful to creater of this web site and the persons , who advised me . i pray allha helps you all , and gives you more and more wisdom to treat the needy like me . for you i always pray from bottom of my heart and from my sole that , your one reply changed my life otherwise i was in great difficulty from last more than one year . now i suggest every needy person to contact this web sight instead of going to fake peoples . i am very much thankful to you and creator of site , islamic exorcism for all of your help.

    • abdulrehman said

      my frind ,what did u do it ,can u give full detaile,.thank u

  6. Just to add said

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    I just wanted to share my experience about something not mentioned here that may help people suffering from black magic.
    I have suffered black magic for a long time now. Having tried many things which have helped of course, I was advised to have a procedure known as “Cupping”.

    This procedure is ancient but is also a sunnah. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W)also had it done, as did the Sahaba (R.A) and there are a number of hadiths about cupping and it’s benefits. It is recommended not only for people suffering from black magic but also for people with ailments and for those in generally good health.

    My own personal experience has been that immediately having the first part of the procedure, I could not believe what I was seeing. Very thick disgusting gooey stuff which was a very dark red colour (and lots of it). Around 10 cups of it came out from just my head alone. The dark red colour was confirmation of the black magic and it was in that disgusting posionous stuff that jinns had been nesting inside of me. Immediately after the procedure I felt instantly better. A mental clarity and a positive frame of mind which I have not had for years. At first I thought maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part and that maybe my mind is playing tricks on me that I have my own mind back, but others I spoke to who also have had the same experience. The procedure isn’t at all dangerous (if done by a professional of course)and would benefit people especially who are victims of black magic. I would truly recommend it to anyone who is suffering.

    Maybe the people running this website might be able to add to the benefits of cupping.

    In addition to this, the scientific community is taking notice of this and at present this procedure is being examined in further detail.

    • K said

      Waalaikum Assalam,

      Can you pls tell me if the cupping procedure is painful?
      How does one go about finding professional cuppers?
      I’d heard of this remedy but never knew it could help with jinns.

      • Nauman said

        Please publish the procedure of Cupping. It will be of great help to me and other Musliams

      • Just to add said


        No the cupping procedure is not painful. And I promise you that within minutes of the procedure ending, you will feel fantastic. I dont know where u are based but there are a number of clinics in the UK. I’ve had it done quite regularly.

  7. Appreciative Friend said

    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    I just want to say that creating this service and this website you should be given the nobel peace prize. And I say this without any exaggeration. Personally I have had problems regarding jinn and black magic for years and visited people all over the country and abroad, and not gained much but with the advice given yourselves and the information on this website- Alhamdullilah – I have found some relief. If it is Allah’s will then I hope to be cured.

    I cannot thank you enough for your time and efforts. I particulalry like how you respond to people’s issues in detail. This is a rarity, as often when one goes to seek help from people, those offering the service often tend to be rude and can’t even be bothered to speak to you. I would like to suggest that maybe you could include books like “The sword against magic” for example and any others in your downloads section. As the knowledge of how to deal with and prevent the evil of black magic needs to be spread

    May Almighty Allah reward all of the people involved in this website for your works with great rewards both in this world and the next – Ameen

    • Walikumussalaam: Jazakallah for your thoughts on our site. Can you please share with us which amal’s and dua’s were beneficial to you and which procedures, items, instructions benefited you the most, inshallaah this will help our readers. Wassalaam

    • Zainab said

      Assalam walaikum
      So how mny sessions did u do in total

  8. Shafqat said


    I am a very new visitor of this site. I am one of the victims. I haven’t got a success story as of now. However, I can confirm that the symptoms and sicknesses mentioned on this site are among the most authentic ones. I have never come across any healer or a website that is so much descriptive. May Allah bless the creator and administrator of this website. This is a Jihad against Shitan.

    I have come across Aamils from Sudan, Somalia, Pakista, Bangladesh and India for my treatment. However, the way the whole process of Sihr and Jinn posession is described on this site is one of the most authentic ones.

    I have posted my request for suggestions and I am hopeful by complete faith in Allah that from here I will get some positive results.

    Please continue this Jihad against Shitan, it will help many sufferers who doesn’t know where to go and what to do.

    Jazak Allah Khair

  9. Timi said

    Asalaam alaykum,

    I’d like to update you on my situation. I started the amal you gave me yesterday, but as I mentioned before I had completed the Ya Lateef amal as described on your website (I completed saying Ya Lateef 16641 times). One of the issues I was trying to resolve had a deadline of April 20, and I said the Ya Lateef amal a day before. Today, I was informed that I have been given more time to resolve the issue, a new deadline of June, alhamdulillah! Insha Allah I hope the issue will be fully resolved before June.

    Thank you for this website and the service you provide to Muslims round the globe, may Allah continue to reward you abundantly for your work, ameen.


  10. M said


    Your website has been a blessing from Allah (SWT) for me. In retrospect, I wouldn’t categorize my experience as a problem per say but as a test from Allah (SWT), which He made easier for me through this website. The test I went through was related to my upcoming wedding because my fiance’ needed a visa and we had a specific deadline since his leave was about to start. With very little time left, it was something that had started to worry me, my family and my husband-to-be immensely. It was then that Almighty showed me the way and I came across the ‘Ya Lateefu’ wazeefa/amal on your website. Few days of the amal (313x) brought me mental peace but as days were closing in, I realized that may be I need to put in more effort and started the 16641x amal last night after Isha. Alhamdulillah, today we received the news that his passport came back with the visa stamped on it.

    I’m grateful to Allah (SWT) for showing us the path through which we could attain the fulfillment of our prayers and I would like to express my gratitude towards the admin of this website for coming up with such a noble initiative. May Allah (SWT) bless you for your kind initiative. Jazak Allah.

    • el tom said

      dear brother
      i have many problems could be categorised as amal etc. also have problems in marriage which is not going well because of financial problems caused by have lost my job because there is a religious persecution of muslims in my new country and i have to begin a new at a time that i have many dependants including ophrans whom am directly responsible for.i strongly believe in the power of the quran but need your direction.Allah bless you

  11. MUHAMMAD ATIF said


  12. Khalid Majid said

    Aslaam alaikum
    Does anybody know how I can get in touch with brother Naji Abdullah Perry?

    • Walikumussalaam ! This is his email ******* wassalaam

      • Khalid Majid said


  13. Uthman said


    I was suffering from sihr and through the guidance of Allah came across this website. My symptoms included pains in various parts of the body especially the head and back. Due to the sihr my financial situation changed for the worst. One minute Alhamdulillah it seemed as though money was flowing into my household and the next we were struggling to buy essentials. We would see certain ‘things’ around the house. They would disturb us in our sleep etc etc

    I began the Amal on this website and Alhamdulillah by the time I got to day 11 of the Amal everything had improved. We continued to use the recited items, recite the personal wazifa, recite surah waqia, recite manzil, recite many morning and evening du’as for protection.

    Unfortunately as evil as these people are who turn to sihr through greed, jealousy, envy and hatred, sihr was renewed and the symptoms began again but this time not so intense as we were using recited items etc. We knew who it was performing this sihr through dreams indicating the perpetrator and later having CCTV footage confirming this.

    Over the last 6 months we have continued to use recited items as well as repeating amals several times. Alhamdulillah by the grace of almighty Allah all our symptoms have either improved or disappeared altogether.

    Brothers/sisters do not give up and put all your trust in Allah. There is no one who can help you in this situation but Allah alone. See this as a test from Allah and turn to him.

    May Allah reward all the brothers and their families for putting this website together and helping this ummah turn to Allah and ask him for help. These brothers have stopped many Muslims like myself and my family turning to evil ‘sheikhs’ who make our situation worse due to greed.

    Brothers may Allah reward you with jannah!!!! May he give you the ability to continue with your work. You will be remembered in my du’as

  14. munwar sulthana said

    assalam alaikum ihave used the ayath no62 of surah Naml for my daughter,s education by the grace of almighty she has been able to complete it easily ,which was once impossible for her. a mother thank theAlmighty Allahthala and you for guiding in using this wasaifwhic turned an impossible one into a possible one for which i was very,worried. once again i thank u jazak allah khair

  15. lucky said

    i m frm a small town and also from a big affleunt christian the time i was 20yrs, 4 of my uncles{paternal} passed away one after the other in a row,not even one of them got to celebrate their 40th family was devastated with only my father alive.we were told my family was under a black magic spell. At some point of my life i decided to ask God for help and turned to islam.i really didnt know how to perform rugyah or any thing to protect my family from further harm so with faith i started to read the holy quran.then one day suddenly my father got very ill for weeks and weeks tuurned to months.all hopes and help seemed very weak. I started to learn to perform salat and read the holy quran everyday in secret. After 4 months of suffering my father lost his conciousness and had completely stopped breathing. We rushed him to the nearest hospital. I recited surah al fatiha all the way. At the hospital the doctors declared him half dead and was admitted to ICU immediatly.after 5 days my father was discharged from the hospital,Al hamdulillah!.. I have already accpeted islam as my religion.and i live today praising Allah taala and hoping my family will also be guided to the straight path, insha Allah.

    • dev said

      Reading this made me cry. I too have turned to islam in secret. I hve lost the love of my life and pray every single day he returns. Though it is impossible he will return to me Allah swt is the only one who can turn this around. This was a lovely account of belief, faith and hope in dear Allah, may i also be able to strengthen my iman and have the same faith in Allah swt. Allah hu akbar

      • Muhammad said

        You may will get better return in future. may Allah help you.

  16. Mr.S said

    In the name of Allah, The light of the heavens and earth

    I had experience with sheitans when I was in my early twenties but I allways tought it was only Imaginary
    later when I got older and more pure in my soul I understood that my experiences were real

    My syster got attacked by a sheytan or several but she didn’t belive me, two other muslim priests told us that
    somebody had done blackmagic on our family for a long time, and a muslim exorcist confirmed our suspisions

    I have wordshipped Allah for a time now, and It has happened that shaytan has attacked me in my sleep, and also
    other kinds of demons. I have also been attacked while I was awake, and have had experience of demons or sheytans
    trying to take control of my physical body. I am pretty strong spiritually so I have allways been able to withstand the
    attacks of jinns and demons, but I have found some things useful when it happens:

    * When asleep have Al Bakara playing in the house, or have Al Bakara play directly in my ear when sleeping (this protects from nightly attacks and bad dreams)
    * Use olive oil on hair, chest, abdomen and forehead
    * Wake up and pray, or repeat several times Allahu Ekbar, Subhallah or La ilaha illAllaah – wahdahu laa shareeka lahu – lahul-mulku wa lahul-hamdu – wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in qadeer (if attacked during day or asleep)
    * Do salat reguraly

    In conclusion it is important to remember never to fear sheytans or jinns or anything for that matter, allways rely on Allah
    and trust that Allah will help you and protect you.


  17. NKK said

    Aslm story is a long one and i hv alwaiz talked about it several times on this website. In summary, iv been under intense oppression from the kuffars. They had placed false charges against me so they can talk me to court and hv me put in jail.This all started because i bailed out someone from jail who happened to run away eventually. in that case i got in trouble even if i paid over 10,000 dollars to the bail bonds guys to hv ma name cleared because thats what i had signed in aggreement in case that person fails to appear in court. The fact that we were both muslims, they took it at us in a bad way and decided to place charges on me, withhold ma papers and put me under alot of stress. i had to turn to Allah for help, and through ya website, i found u to help me with amals which i hv done consistently for four months. I hv used surat kauthar, ya lateefu amal,ya fattahu amal, Surat Naml ayat 62 amal, surat qamar ayat 10 amal, dua for enemies,tasbih yunus, dua e ismi ellahi and may ruqyahs which were prescribed by u.
    Alhamudullihah, i have succeded in running away from the kuffar and being close to my family again. Allah answered my duas and i had to flee from the enemies of Allah with all their power and guns and money, they coukldnt stop me as i passed via them infroint of their faces. They couldnt spot me even if they used sneefer dogs on me, still Allah made it vain. i passed them and took a plane , all this infront of their eyes and returned to ma family. How Allah blinded them with all the cameras, guns, sneefer dogs,..Allah knws best!!
    it was a tough journey which took time and planning but even if they plot and plan, Allah too plans and Allah is the best of those that plan(chpt 8:30) Thnx very much for the amals u gave me, ma life was in danger and they are there thinking they await to jail me, yet Allah gave success already. Shame upon them coz Allah is with those who trust in HIM. I had alot of trust in whatever u told me to do and even the nighmares vanished by the will of Allah. May Allah bless u alwaiz and forever.

    • Alhamdulilaah ! That’s a very good news! Brother we are happy for you, convey our salaams and regards to your family. Take care. Wassalaam

  18. Mohd Aslam said

    Asak, Going through your website and understanding what all the Benefits we can take it and helps others.

    Yesterday one of my colleague who is Non Muslim wants me to drop at his place and on the way he was tellings that his daughter was not sleeping properly and crying every day.

    Then suddendly though of doing self protection amals to help her if any evil eye was their.

    Started with Aubizillah hi minash shaityan errajim, followed with 11 times ( Durad Shareef, Sura Falak, Sura Ekhlaas, Sura Nass, Ya Shafi Ya Kafi Ya Baqi lu hula wala khuwata illa billa hil Ali il-Azeem and Durad Shareef ) then left the house with asking ALLAH (SWT) to help her.

    Today afternoon i have message my colleague to know the status and he was not responded due to busy, then i have called him after while and he said his daughter is slept after i left the home.

    This would not have been possbile with out the mercy of ALLAH (SWT).

    This sawoob also goes to you all the Brothers and Sister who has develop this website and helping all the ummah.

    Insha Allah will reward with Peace in this life and after this life.

  19. brother yousaf said

    Sallam all


    Throught this might help with u guys. I truelly feel for everyone on this site and would like to congratulate and say JazakAllah to the persons who put this site up,

    Black magic is rife nowadays. And with popular culture promoting Magical Films, and Magic, Tv series.. its truely a sign of end of days to get involved and lure everyone into the Black Arts.

    Magic is real.. and after expereincing the bad end myself i have gained alittle experince with Exorcists in this feild. I do not do cure on peoples but will reccomend the following.

    As this Website already says.. First Try and Pray yourself.. Use Duas as Protections.. then go and do the work or the cleaning on yourself Ie AMal.. and whats very important is Incorporating the Ginger and Limes as they say here.

    What else u can benefit from greatly is Drinking Yemeni Sidr Tree Honey.. it will Cleanse blood and is mentioned in Quran as a Shifa From ALLah.. Also Use 7 of its leaves grind and add to your amal water ,

    u can also blow your Amal on the SiDR Tree Leaf Powder and Wash with it.. Outside the Bathroom in a tub.. and the Dirty water at end can be Disposed of in a river.. or under a tree .. ocean etc.. I wouldnt reccomend washing with holy water in Bathroom. Its Disrespectful to ALlah Blessed Names and WOrds which have been read over the water.

    The SIdr Tree or Lote Tree leaves are Antiseptic, Anti Fungal and A general Cleanser of Blood. Its a Blessing from God many Raqis add it to the water.

    The other thing i would say is if u can get hold of Ginger Grass, Lemon grass add this to the water u spray around house. It Will STing the jinns even more.

    Another formulation is using following herbs equal amounts and boiling them and straining them then adding the holy Amal Water and then washing for a number of days at least 13 days or untill releif comes every morning outside the bath.. Ie Kitchen in a round large tub so water collects and u throw out the water or dispose of it in a clean place. This will Cleanse the body of any Jinx or Sahir inshala and sting and burn the jinns who are nesting inside to get out . It may be repeated untill the cleaning is done.

    first soap and wash body then at last wash use herbs water with Holy Amal water and head to toe wash collect water and dispose in clean place.

    Use any of following cleanising and Stinging Herbs of Gods Blessings

    Bay leaves
    Black Pepper
    Blessed Thistle
    Cayenne Pepper
    John the Conqueror
    Marshmallow leaves
    White Rose Petals
    Wood Betony
    Wahoo Bark

    Inshala i Pray u all find releif, also incorporate rock salt into amals as has been said here. But remember although we use certian items etc.. The Cure and Releif is From Allah. We must remember Allah has given us these things through expereince and Knowledge we do not commit shirk in beleiving these items are helping us No its Allah and his blessed name on the water which is mised with these hot herbs to sting and hurt the nesting jinns..


  20. Mojgan said

    I have been a victim of black magic and the steps have help me so much. I have pure believe in the amals.

    Thank you

    Allah bless you

    • Asak, could you please provide more details about your case and what amals did you practice and how they benefited you.

  21. Mojgan said

    Asalamwalikam brother, this is the step that I have been reciting – Ya Shaafi Ya Kaafi Ya Baaqi, La HawLa WaLaa KhuWaTa ElLaaBilLaa Hil ‘Ali Yil Azeem. I have been a victim of black back over a year. A peer evil magician has been putting very evil spells on me. After reciting this amal I feel pain relieved.

    Thank you for this many help and guidance.

    Mojgan Noori

  22. mariam said

    90% Success Mashala

    Sallam All and IslamicExorcism

    Just wanted to thank u all for this Website, I was a stealth viewer not commenting just reading and applying but i have to write down my success story.

    Been afficlicted with magic since 2 years around about. Symptoms were cant sleep, panick attack, pains, crawling under skin, angry quick, fights, depression, crying for no reason, wanted to die, evil thoughts, and Dirty Behaviour. It was all building up.

    I followed the courses provided the ya Mumeetu amal and after i started the vinger and salt massage i got some nasty reactions but kept on bathing and massageing,

    I also fasted every monday and thursday and started my Tahujjat salah before amals 12 rakat said as 2 each time as well as salatul Tawba 2 rakats before the tahajut amals.

    I kept wudu as much as i could and renewed when doubts, whenever possible i kept away from dirty environment and kept clothes clean. I bathed everyday morning, and at tahujjad before amals, and changed clothes frequently to remain nice and clean. I cleaned house everyday from top to bottom throwing out trash and old buildups we dont need, spraying in every nock and cranny and played surah baqra everyday.

    After Fajr and Magrib i did the 3 quls 3 x and ayutal kursi 3 x and made a Hisar on body at bedtime i read 3 quls 3 ayutal kursi and 2 last ayats surah baqra and slept.

    Its important to read all salahs prayers and after each pray i read ayatul kursi x 3

    i also do zikrs of my Sheikh or Pir along side what was described on this website.

    Current situation is after 2 weeks.. feel 90% okay with alittle crawling, needles.. and the thing trying to get into me at times i can feel but it cant because im building this barrier around me by zikhr and drinking holy water.

    I also reccomend senna.. i drank lots and vommited out lots of stuff which was in my stomach.

    Also i mixed lote tree sidr leaves with my holy water when drinking and bathing,

    Its important to keep reading Protection Amals.. and remember to stay clean… body wise clothes wise alltime.. Inside and out.

    Thank u soo much may god bless u and Give u a high rank

    sister mariam

    • Walikumussalaam Sister! Jazakallah for sharing your experience. Sister, we humbly request you to participate in this forum and if possible share your experiences with people who ask questions on this topic of sihir and jinns and most importantly make dua’s for those who make a dua request on this site. Our ummah really need dua’s from pious people.

      • mariam said

        Sallam Islamic Exorcism and All Brothers and Sisters

        I am a humble slave not worthy of the word “Pious” however i shall inshala pray for everyone who needs releif and we should all pray for the Ummah, Let us not forget Allah has Created everything and has Power over everything. As mentioned before the Amals will work well on their own however if one follows the Reccomendations from this website such as praying all the prayers, and doing the body protections wazifas, and also extra prayers such as tahajut and fasts HE-She will get quicker results by the Grace of God as u are Spiritualy makeing yourself Cleaner and Brighter. And the More light u let in with all the Zihr and Prayers then inshala more likely u are to get better faster. God is the one to heal he heals in a flash or when he wills. I am humbly greatful he is cureing me at the rate he is its not because of me its truely a reflection of how merciful our Lord Is. Keep this in mind when doing AMAls ‘Our Lord is Merciful” and Before anything and any Surah in the Quran comes the words Bismillahherakhmaneraheem, which proves before Anything Your Lord is Merciful and Most Kind. ANd these Two names of God out of All his Names are mentioned throughout the Quran. Please forum members dont loose faith, things usually get worse before they get better. Dont ever get Tired etc of fighting, u get tired and the enemy wins. Think u are doing Battle for the sake of Allah with the EVil affecting u. I see some people saying our Amals are not working, please check that u are doing the 5 prayers along side with keeping wudu, bathing everyday, keeping clean clothes, and trying to refrain from sinning and keeping a low quite profile doing Zikhrs. Purify Yourself inside and Out. Follow the Steps prescribed in this website and also do extra things like Darood, Sadaka, Charity, Help a Disabled person,, Old person. Tahajut, Salatul Tasbih,. etc.. this will all build a Barrier of LIght around u. And although when i started i was in alot of trouble physically and mentaly and was declared unstable by hospitals and was humiliated. I ask for u to trust in Allah and Follow what this Website says and Cure YOURSELF through Ruqya and what is prescribed here Inshala.

        Any Questions i will be humble to Respond to.

        Sister Mariam

      • abdulrehman said

        brother , my wife seating in bath with rukiya water ,sidr leave,rock salt,safron,rose water,for 3o minute,after 20 minute she is very weak and blod puls gose very fast,is this becouse of jinn or hot water ?we start two dayes ago but after we bothe feel better.
        thank you

    • Wia said

      Salam sister. I have been a victim of sihir for long time. I would like to learn from you from your experience how you manage to overcome this evil force. At this point of time I am writing to you I am not feeling well. I went to see few religious people for treatment but seriously I do not actually feel the effectiveness. Most of the time I am alone at home and I feel scared and do not dare to enter the bathroom to bath and end up waiting for my other family members to come back home from work and school which is late evening aroung 5 to 6pm. I really need someone to talk and guide me. Please help.

  23. mariam said

    Sallam Again

    Ive been doing Research on the Lote Tree and this is why i incorporated the Tree Leaves and honey in my cure for Black magic which was done upon me.

    Why so many Exorcists and Raqis Reccomend and are using it and would like to share my information to the benefit of other brothers and sisters In regards to its affects on Black Magic, Jinns and Sickness.


    Considered to be one of the most expensive honey in the world the tree which is comes from is mentioned in the Holy Quran as The Lote Tree or Sidratul Muntaha:

    “And those on the right hand, what of those on the right hand? Among thornless Lote trees” (Surah Waqia V.27-28)

    Near Sidratul Muntaha, a Lote Tree of the utmost boundary over the seventh heaven beyond none can pass. Near it is the paradise of abode. When that covered the Lote tree which did cover it. The sight (Of Prophet Muhammad (s) turned not aside (right or left), nor it transgressed beyond the limit (Ordained for it). (Surah Najm V.14-17)

    To be Mentioned in the Quran it shows that the Sidr tree is blessing from ALLah. The honey which comes from the Tree is SIdr Honey which has blood cleansing properties aswell as many cures against sicknesses.

    Read here research :

    FOr SICKNESS ! Part 2

    WebMD Health News

    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    Sept. 22, 2008 — If you start poking around into the history of honey, you’ll find the stuff is revered in many early cultures.

    Honey is mentioned in the Bible, it was used to preserve corpses by the ancient Egyptians, was considered sacred during the time of Buddha, and the prophet Muhammad espoused its potential healing properties.

    But it’s only been in recent times that science has been able to prove and explain the benefits that honey holds.

    Now a new study from researchers at the University of Ottawa shows honey to be effective in killing bacteria that cause chronic sinusitis.

    Honey Kills Bacteria

    Chronic sinusitis affects millions of people every year.

    In chronic sinusitis, the mucous membranes in the sinus cavities become inflamed, causing headaches, stuffy nose, and difficulty breathing.

    Though it can be caused by allergies, chronic sinusitis can also be caused by bacteria that colonize in the nose and sinuses.

    That’s where honey may help.

    Researchers, led by Tala Alandejani, MD, at the University of Ottawa, tested two honeys, manuka and sidr.

    Manuka honey comes from the manuka bush, also known as the tea tree bush, in New Zealand.

    Sidr honey comes from the sidr tree in Yemen, an ancient and sacred tree mentioned in spiritual texts. It’s one of the world’s most expensive honeys.

    Researchers singled out three particularly nasty bacteria: two strains of staph bacteria, MSSA (methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus) and MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), and one called Pseudomonas aeriginosa (PA).

    The two types of honey were effective in killing the bacteria. Even bacteria growing in a biofilm, a thin, slimy layer formed by bacteria that affords resistance to antibiotics, were susceptible to honey.

    The researchers also found that the two types of honey worked significantly better than an antibiotic against MSSA and MRSA, according to past research.

    Here’s the breakdown of results:

    · Sidr honey was 63% effective in killing MSSA.

    · Sidr honey was 73% effective in killing MRSA.

    · Sidr honey was 91% effective in killing PA.

    · Manuka honey was 82% effective in killing MSSA.

    · Manuka honey was 63% effective in killing MRSA.

    · Manuka honey was 91% effective in killing PA.

    Scientists hope the results can help lead to a new treatment for people with chronic sinusitis.

    One note of caution: Infants one year or younger should never be given honey because it could become toxic in their underformed intestinal tract, causing illness or even death.

    The study is being presented at the 2008 American Academy of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery annual meeting in Chicago.

    Further reading @

    Part 3 Black Magic Jinns

    Many Raqis are using Grounded Sidr Leaves as a powder added to the holy water which they read quran over. Jinns can cause convulsions and Effect Neurotransmitters in the Brain Causing Aggressive Behaviour and Convulsions and Fainting, Sceintific Drs from

    Department of Biology (Zoology), Faculty of Girls Education, Scientific Department, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia did a study on SIDR Leaves and Patients with a non known cause of Fits, Convulsions and Brain defects. Its Affects show that it stopped all convulsions fits etc..

    Quote from Abstract “Abstract

    In this study, anti-convulsant effect of Sidrleaf extract was examined by using pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) model on male albino rat by evaluating the changes in norepinephrine (NE), dopamine (DA) and serotonin (5-HT) contents in different brain regions (cerebellum, brainstem, striatum, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus and hippocampus). The administration of subconvulsive dose of PTZ (40 mg/kg i.p.) every other day for 9 days caused a significant decrease in monoamine content in different brain areas, this is may be due to the increase in nitric oxide levels, although antagonized the GABAA receptors which led to neurotransmitter release so the content is decreased. Administration of PTZ after treatment with Sidr (50 mg/kg i.p.) leaf extract for 3 weeks as a protective group and administration of Sidrleaf extract for 3 weeks after treatment of PTZ as a therapeutic group caused significant increase in NE, DA, and 5-HT contents in all tested brain regions at most of the time intervals studied. This may be due to the presence of peptide and cyclopeptide alkaloids in the extract which inhibit neurotransmitter activity which led to the inhibition of neurotransmitter release. From these results, we can say that the Sidrleaf extract has neuroprotective and therapeutic roles against pentylenetetrazol convulsant effect.

    u can read the full article at

    This clearly shows us why Raqis and this website reccomends the USE of the Sidr tree leaves. I personaly also take its blessed honey and use the leaves in my holy water and use it for washing my body as well.

    God Bless u All

    Keep your Swords Up Against Evil

    Sister Mariam

    • Brother in ISLAM said

      Masha ALLAH Very Good Info. Jazak ALLAH khair Sister.

      Insha ALLAH…

      ALLAH knows best and keep us away from all Evils.

      Ameen Su-Ameen….

  24. mariam said

    Sallam Sisters and Brothers

    Expereince with Bathing!

    I would just like to add some information for my Brothers and Sisters in General in the Fight against Black Magic and Jinns. As this Website states its very important to do the Baths. I Did my Baths Outside the Bathroom with no One in the house i sat in a huge Tub and poured the water over my self and then collected the water and poured it on some Grass outside whilst reciting Bismillah.

    I noticed a feeling of imense freshness and like im getting lighter and lighter with each bath. The head heaviness etc and generally Groggyness seems to be lifting with each Glorious Holy Bath water.

    Another very IMPORTANT note i would like to add is when u wake up in the Morning its a very Good idea to take a full Soap Bath. The reason is that as we sleep we turn and toss in our beds majority of us dont kno what we are doing in our sleep or whats being done to us! We drewl saliva from our mouths, tears, and not to mention we may excise Gential Liquids even small amounts, including urine which may be seen or not. We may release gas etc which may or may not dirty our bodies.

    What im saying is after so many hours asleep especially that we are infected with this Dilema of Black Magic and Jinns its a very good Idea to wake up and take a bath and put on clean clothes.

    The Shaitaans want u to be lazy, dirty, smelly, and weak in spirit so its easier for them to direct their attacks and plans.

    Through my expereince on some days i didnt wake up and bath and continued my day praying etc i realised that i was still being attacked on a medium level. But the days i woke up and first Bathed and wore clean clothes etc… the Attacks on those days decreased.

    At least whilst we are doing treatments try and stay fresh and clean, including your home so the Angels feel welcome on u and in your homes and environment u are in. Filth invites filth.

    Thank u Allah Shafeekum Inshala.

    • Bauka said

      salamalikum sister. will you provide your mail address if it possible. how can i chat with you online chat. i have many things to ask. and also the things that mentioned on this site not available here in mongolia to buy. and i live far away in the province. it would be very appericieted. please help me .help!!!?? i am so helpless

  25. Brother Yousaf said

    Cupping And Black Magic/Sickness

    Dear All,

    I have been affected with Black Magic for some time and i am doing amals on this website as well as Cupping. With Magic your body systems are changed by the JInns etc which work on your Glands, Neurons, Organs causing Sickness and Things out of balance. What Hijama does is cure those Side effects, I did it and after the first session i noticed quite a difference in my mental Block, and general wellebing and would reccomend it to others who are suffereing from Sickness and Magic.

    I Cupping (hijama) is the best remedy recommended and used by the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam). The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)…” [Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371)]. He (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) also said that on the night of Israa (his ascension to the heavens) he (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) did not pass by an angel except that it said to him, “Oh Muhammad, order your Ummah (nation) with cupping (hijama).” [Saheeh Sunan Tirmidhee (3479)]. This shows the importance and greatness of this Sunnah.

    70% of diseases, pains and ailments are due to the blood being unable to reach certain parts of the body. Dry cupping (hijama) and dry massaging cupping (hijama) allow the blood to reach these places.

    Is cupping (hijama) a cure for every disease?

    Cupping (hijama) is a cure for every disease if performed in its correct time. The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Indeed in cupping (hijama) there is a cure.” [Saheeh Muslim (5706)]. The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease.” [Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3861)].

    There are specific points on the body where the cups are applied for each ailment. Please see our ‘Where To Cup’ page for further details.

    Is cupping (hijama) from the Sunnah?

    Above are just some of the authentic narrations which show that cupping (hijama) is from the Sunnah of the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam). Please see our ‘Authentic Narrations’ page for more authentic narrations about cupping (hijama).

    The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Whoever revives a Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practise it, s/he will have the same reward of those who practise it without their reward diminishing…” [Sunan ibn Maajah (209)].

    With the True Intention in Ones Heart that The Prophet Called Hijama for all Disease and Trust in Allah will Inshala bring Recovery to us.

    Further reading and Hijama Practitioners are in this link


    • Some extra info said

      I also recommend cupping, especially if you have nesting jinn in your body or have been a victim of black magic for a long time. As it will remove the asr (effects of black magic placed within one’s blood stream).

      Remember to recite the following everyday so no jinn can return to nest in your body:

      Bismillah Herakh Maani-Raheem
      La ilaaha ilalalaa hu – Wah dahu, Laa shareekala hu.
      Lahul Mulku, wala hul hamdu, wahuwa, alaa kulli shay in qadeer (100 TIMES A DAY).

      The above info is mentioned on this website and also mentioned in a book written by a famous exorcist in his book called “The Sword against black magic and magicians”.

      I make dua for all my brothers and sisters who are victims of black magic and jinn – May Almighty Allah cure you all completely – Ameen

  26. badhardeen said

    assalamu alaikkum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu

  27. Helpful advice said


    Asalaamu Alaykum,

    I would like to share some of my experiences with people here. Having been a victim of black magic for many years, I found myself at a loss and always in pain, dazed, lethargic with it being near impossible to read salaat and so extremely hard to do any amals properly. I couldnt believe how much self control and mental clarity I regained by doing a simple amal. Even my family and people I know couldnt believe how much better I have started looking, after so many years of looking drained. I picked it up from this website of course with other great treasures on here, and it’s as follows:

    Durood Ibrahim x3
    Ayatul Kursi x3
    last 3 Quls (3 times each)
    Ya Shaafi, Ya Kaafi, Ya Baaqi, La Hawla Wala Quwwata illa billa hil Aliyil Azeem x 11
    Durood Ibrahim x3

    After reading the above, blow on your chest 3 times and then over both hands sweeping from head to toe.

    The above as mentioned by the guys running this website, is amazingly powerful and protects one from Jinn, socerers and other things, by the Grace of Almighty Allah.

    I cant stress enough how much the above amal has helped me and restored my health.

    I suggest that anyone affected try this and do it after every namaaz and you will see a huge difference in such a short period of time. Jinns do try to attack me, but it has no effect on me, by the will of Almighty Allah

    Remember me in your duas

    • sousou said

      slm, i am also suffering from sihr and jinn for longer than 5years.. thank you for your advice to try out this amal. i started today. i hope it works for me too

  28. AH said


    To all my brothers and sisters in Islam. I make dua to Allah swt that he gives us all the sabr to face the tests he puts us all through. And that he fixes all, the problems for those with sick parents, financial problems and for those who are going through a divorce, not being able to find a spouse and for all those effected by magic and sehr.

    For all the people who need ruqya (effected by magic and sehr) I can suggest to contact This is a brother who is based in the UK, I have been to him myself and he is great Mashallah. May Allah swt give him barakah. Ameen.

    For all those who are wanting a wazifa… I have 1 that works every time, no matter what the problem is… Mashallah. Pray tahajud…
    This is the best wazifa. try it, and experience it yourself. And do try to shed a tear or two…

    Juzakallah Khair.

  29. Mariya said

    Salam everyone.
    I’m 15 years old and I have 2 very frightening experiences I’ve had with Jinns that I can remember.

    The first one happened when I was about to go to bed. I saw that my jacket was placed on the stairs in a way that it looked like a scary long face so I went and arranged it properly. Then I went into my bed and just waited to go to sleep. All the lights were on and then I closed my eyes… The moment I did that and opened my eyes again, all the lights switched off and the stuff on the desk beside me turned into neon green monsters with fangs. I started to panic and looked towards the stairs. It was pitch dark and I started crying. Suddenly, I saw a creature dressed in black with a white long head that looked exactly like the face that my jacket had taken the form of. The creature ran up to me and strangled me, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack because I was so scared. My eyes were open but I couldn’t open them at the same time. Then I finally was freed and I woke up.

    The second time I was sleeping deeply and was about to wake up when everything suddenly became black and a bluish face that looked like a deformed version of the screaming banshee appeared in the dark. I laughed to myself and said “The Devil is so ugly”. Just when I said that, I felt a tug on my hair and froze. My eyes were open but they were closed at the same time and I was still in my room. I felt scared as something was pulling my head back and I started calling for my mom. I could hear her walking downstairs and my sister was moving around in her bed. All this was happening in real life too. The problem was, nobody heard my calls. The thing yanked my head back more and I screamed out for my mom louder and more desperately while I couldn’t move. Suddenly, I felt my soul move up & down in my chest and I tried to scream but my eyes rolled and I tried reaching out for help like a robot, my hands dropped slowly and I felt like I was dying. My soul had gone up and nearly out of my mouth and my calls for help died out. Then the hair- yanker let go, my soul came back and I forced myself to wake up.

    I hope nobody ever experiences this because it is very painful and scary. And the strange thing is that this has happened to me whenever I tried to be brave against Shaytan. It’s like he sends creatures to show me that I am not stronger than him, if you understand what I mean. Anyways, just needed to get it off my chest. Salamz!

    • uzma said

      walaikumasalam. sister mariya. plz open the information n amals given at the left side and start doing amal 5a n 5b for 11 days. do it at tahajud time inshaaAllah Allah will weaken the shaitan n destroy it…best of luck 🙂

  30. Hussain said

    Assalamu alaikum to all my brothers and sisters in Islam
    I really had a very tough period for almost ten years, in which I was terribly frieghtened, tensed, and to an extent I could not control my own self. Things changed from disastrous to worst, But I didnt leave my hope on Allah. always I believed that he will show me the way. And that help came through your site. Thank you brother for this womderful site, May allah bless with his full blessings, Now I started to hear Ruqya and other methods mentioned in your site. Alhamdulillah, It has a positive effect. May Allah bless your good work

  31. uzma said

    Asalam o alaikum ma brothers and sisters:
    i have been married for last 6 years almost and been a victim of magic. in the beginning i dint feel anythng but as teh time passed n i was worried abt conceiving babies, i came to know that smbdy did smthing so that i dnt live happily wth ma husbnd n i dnt cnceive too. went to so many people who did so many things, gave me amulets, recited water n loadsssssssssssssss of things to recite.nt even a single persn told me that theer was no magic. everybdy cnfrmed it through whteva hisaab thing they did. anywz, i contacted smbdy through TV channl n they were like a group of some ppl who used to advise to bring a HE-goat n they would recite smthng on it for like 3 hours n will slughter it. at the same time, they would tell u that there is no guarantee that the magic will be back n they will then give the meat as sadqa. i had many doubts abt this whole thing n was v upset coz the magic wasnt going away n i used to feel a v strong hatred for me husbnd. i also used to tell him to send me back to ma parents, now n then, though ours was a luv marij. i used to see cats, dogs, lizards n even some other things like jinss in form of smoke, in ma dreams. i used to see snakes, black n once i saw multi colors snakes n even their multi colored eggs sticking to me as i was a magnet. i started reciting sura bakara daily, almost 2 years back. in the beggining i was quite regular in that n then i wasnt but practically never stopped reciting it all together. 2 mnths back when i was told abt that He-goat thing n i had many doubts abt that, i started ding salat ul istakhara daily n salat ul hajat too. i prayed a lot. kept on searching online too. one day, i came across ur website n after reading it thoroughly i copied the material n amals given here n got the print out. started reading it again n then noted the things point wise that i decided to do. what i selected was amal 5a and 5b..(amal 3) though its mentioned that if 5adznt wrk u shud cntinue it wth one amal from 5b but i started doing both at the same time n selected tahajud time for that. i was v regular in applying oil n vinegar n eating black pepper. gave all this to ma husbnd too. alhumdullilah the v first mnth i started feeling change wthin few days. mashaaAllah. this is ma 3rd mnth of doing that. in the beggining i did it for 11 days as instructed first 2 mnths…now i am nt doing it at tahajud time as the doc gave me some medicine n that makes me dizzy so i get up for fajar but not for tahajud..:(…inshaaAllah when ma body will get used to the medicine, i ll try ma best to do it again at tahajud. these days i am doing it after isha…both 5a n 5b n take ma wrds, they r soooooooooo magical. u ll feel wonderful inshaaAllah. i started listening to ruqya as well…i play all the ruqyas, almost daily n especially the fire ruqya n sura bakara. i bought a small MP3 player n when i go to bed, i listen to ruqya n sleep like that wth the head phones. i also started doing “sura fatiha amal” as teh docs tld that me n ma husbnd both r havng sm prob that is hindering the conception. we both take honey wth black seeds in it n we drink zam zam too, i blow sura fatiha on that..what i have now decided is that i ll cntinue doing these amals like for more than 11 days. when ma days will start, i ll stop doing it and when i ll start ma prayers, i ll start the amals too. in addition to that i do 5 spiritual guidelines amals too, keep maslf clean, do zikar n aastaghfaar n keep reciting darood shareef. i do ya lateefu amal for luv between husband n wife n alhumdulliah i feel so gud abt him n am as happy as i waswhen i got married. alhumdullilah. these amals have shown me the importance n barakah of tahajud. am soooooo thankful to the admin n other ppl who r involved in making this website. may Allah fill ur lives with loads n loads of barakah n make everythng easy for u ppl. i also want to add that i mix a ll indain costus powder in the olive oil n vinegar mixture that i apply on ma body. i hope inshaaAllah, i ll soon be blessed wth the baby too. plz brothers n sisters n esp the admin n their sheikh, i have a request that u all pray for me that i get blessed with a healthy baby inshaaAllah..:). if u have any suggestion/amal that u did or u recommended to somebdy n Allah blessed them wth kids, kindly share wth me. jazakAllah.

    • uzma said

      one thing more. i saw two eggs broken outside ma bedroom window 4 days back. since then i am feeling a lil weired n ma husbnd is also like in a bad mood. i dnt know y but i have a v strong feeling that i should again switch back to tahajud time for amal 5a n 5b because i just dnt feel that good doing it after isha coz i knwo that tahajud is the BEST time for that. keep me in ur prayers all brothers n sisters. jazakAllah.

  32. samina shah said

    Pls can someone help me I have two sisters who suffer frm black magic been to so many people for,treatment been conned pls help

  33. samina shah said

    Salaam sister uzma I can not see any amals on this page please could you list them for me may Allah reward you

    • reply said

      Sister Samina-copy and paste the following link into a new web browser, it lists some amals on there:

    • uzma said

      asalam o alaikum. i am extremely sorry sister that i dint chk teh website in last minth., reply has already sent u the link. also, download the book “jinn and the human sickness” and recite the ruqyas given in that. recite manzil after fajar n maghrib, daily read one para / part from quran. be careful about ur cleanlinessafter every 3 days, play sura bakara in ur home. in sha Allah u ll feel perfect.

    • uzma said

      asalam o alaikum. i am extremely sorry sister that i dint chk teh website in last ointh., reply has already sent u the link. also, download the book “jinn and the human sickness” and recite the ruqyas given in that. recite manzil after fajar n maghrib, daily read one para / part from quran. be careful about ur cleanlinessafter every 3 days, play sura bakara in ur home. in sha Allah u ll feel perfect.

      • saher said

        aoa…plz sis guid me as well as i am in a big trouble..i dont knw whether there is a magic, evil eye on me or jxt a sickness.. i have been in severe depression for the last 1 year nd now have been dignose with arthrits as i am jxt 24. i got severe pain in my knees nd back all the time by which i can not continue my studies….i m soo hopeles plzzz help.

      • uzma said

        asalam o alaikum. i am emailing u a book. hmmm…there is no option for uploading teh book. its a book of masnoon azkaar/supplication for morning n evening and also the supplications for evil eye, magic n sickness. i am sending u the link. plz download from there. are u from pakistan?
        also..plz recite sura fatiha 41 times after isha n blow on water, kalonji..(black seeds), olive oil and honey n take these thinsg everyday. sister dnt worry.
        here is the link

      • uzma said

        here is another link. the first one asked for the payment the 2nd is free…

        dua on page 12 are for safety, on page 17 it is for the enemies, on page 22 its for evil eye, page 23 for magic, page 25 for sickness..plz sister do a lottttt of astaghfaar and play sura bakara in ur house n listen to it. let me know if u need any other guidance.

      • saher said

        thank u soo much for ur reply sister may ALLAH swt reward u for this…il surely let u knw abt my situation nd plz do remembe me in ur prayers i seriously need them. jazaka ALLAH khair.. and yes am frm pakistan

      • uzma said

        asalam o alaikum. so gud to know that u r from pakistan :). one thing that u shid do is cupping therapy. its a masnoon treatmnt method. get it done asap on sunnah days. i got it doen in september n it helped me a lot wth Allah s mercy. alhumdullilah. then i learnt the therapy myslf n do it on me n ma husbnd regularly alhumdullilah. its excellent for jadu. dnt contact anybdy like peer fakeer they ar eall fake. even i contacted those from dr shaista wahidi s program n they were total crap. just stick to masnoon azkar. these days i am feeling maslf a lil dstrbd n get angry on small things.sp i wont waste anytime n will start wth amal 5a n 5b tonight in sha Allah. keep giving charity, listen to sura bakara, recite it daily or in 2, 3 days whtever is possibl for u. blow on water n use that in cuking. recite last 3 kuls at nite n blow on ur hands n move teh hands all over ur body. dnt use any taweez, around ur neck or hanging in ur house. its all waste of time. recite manzil everyday or may get the ruqya from the book the jinn n human sickness. its easily avl online. recite Bismillah…(complete bismillah) before everything as it irritates the shaitaan. i am 100% sure that Allah will cure u v v soon in sha Allah. i am sure v soon u ll be writing ur success story here ..:). waiting for ur reply. jazakAllah.

  34. azher said

    Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatullahi barakaathtuhu,I have been under black magic for 30 years now.The magic was given via milk to my mother who at that time was pregnant with me.So essentially I came into this world with magic on me.My life was so painful and so full of despair that i cant describe.My mom was subjected to magic because she was a sunni.Father is shia.So shia sunni feelings resulted in my mother getting victimised.I say it with all openess and fairness.Anyways when my wife did magic on me I was awake that moment.I felt something enter my mouth and into my stomach.And I fell ill.Allah(s.w.t) showed me what a jinn is and what black magic can do.Today I am like a born again muslim.Today I start afresh.I am on my road to recovery.But I can’t thank Islamic exorcism website enough.It is such a phenomenal service in these dark times.Who knows I may become a Raqi.Who knows.May Allah give all the hidayah to read read the Holy Quran with meaning and understanding.May Allah give all you unseen faces behind this esteemed website ,an limitless exaltation in Islamic Spirituality.Jazakallah.

  35. mohammad said

    i cant think Wallahy i woke up and my first words where alhamduliah i teared and when i got up i just snaped at my parents and started saying alhamdullah for what my sister habeing atherithid otr alhamdullah my parents devorced ot alhamdullah for what be caue my fianv broke m up eith me in the worst way possible or id it that fact i hear bvoices in my heaf and cant feal goof ehren i hesr Qursn i td likr im blovkrf tyo dslrr my fsiyth id beinh g plsyrd by s mondter plese someone snyone all i cant is to worship wprk and livr s dimplr livr,,, buyt i vsny ivr brcsmr thid dtstgrn help snthong well do all doors are dhut i psyrf prsyed snf prsyed dhooo sdeswee

    • uzma said

      asalam o alaikum. brother ur email is not comprehandable. i cud make a little sense of what u wrote. i think u should start with ruqya if u cant recite anythng urslf. therz a ruqya section here. start wth that. have faith in Allah n plz dnt go to any magicians or fortune tellers or so called healers.

  36. Friendly advice said

    Like others, I have suffered a lot due to numerous spells and curses over nearly 8 years. There are many amals on this website which are fantastic and can make such a huge improvement to your conditions. I have benefitted from them and you can too. Thanks to Almighty Allah, the spells on me have now been broken, and I feel that I need to share some of the things that worked for me with other brothers and sisters. I suggest you look the amals up in the relevant sections of this website. They are explained pretty clearly so it would be pointless me going over them here. In addition to these, please try the following methods which will reduce the effects of black magic and give you a strong protection:

    1) A’ouzobillah hey minashataa nirajeem – bismillah herak maa nira heem (3 times)

    Durood Ibrahim x3
    Ayatul Kursi x3
    last 3 Quls (3 times each)
    Ya Shaafi, Ya Kaafi, Ya Baaqi, La Hawla Wala Quwwata illa billa hil Aliyil Azeem x 11
    Durood Ibrahim x3

    Then blow on your chest 3 times, and put your hands together as if you’re about to make a dua and blow as hard as you can 3 times on your hands.

    Sweep your hands all over your body, even behind and in your ears, and under your feet. (Remember not to speak to anyone from beginning to end of this method).

    This will create a powerful barrier around your body, so that no jinn, magician or other evil will be able to touch you. I got this info from this website and it’s amazing. Try to concentrate on the words when you read them. The more sincereity and concentration that more powerful it’s effects. You can do this for people who are unable to do this themselves like children, by blowing on their chests and sweeping your hands on their bodies in a similar fashion.

    This can be done after every salaat but must be done at least after Fajr and Maghrib, for this is when those jinn are at their strongest. You can increase the number of times that you read the above to increase the strength of the barrier around you. Just make sure that it is an odd number like 7, 11, 21, 33 etc. As Almighty Allah likes odd numbers. Just do it and watch how powerful it is.

    2) This amal is fantasic that I can’t even put into words.
    I used to have jinn enter my bedroom at a certain time every night. One particular night, I was sat reading the last 3 Quls, 33 times each. Then two jinns came through the walls ( I would hear them, as they made a certain noise) and suddenly in my minds eye, I saw a green light become a circle. They were pushed out of my house and I slept like a baby. And when I continued to read them (33 times each), I would develop an immense inner confidence, that can I can’t put into words. I wasn’t in the slightest scared about anything. I had such peace that for years I had forgotten even existed. Then blow on chest 3 times and your hands and sweep all over your body. You can also blow into water and drink it and throw in on the walls of your home (excluding the bathroom and toilet areas). Make sure that you follow this up with a dua. As all power is from Allah, and it is only with Almighty Allah’s permission that such things work. So keep your trust in Him alone. Dua’s have power that we all underestimate.

    3) Read Tahujjad – It’s affects are amazing. Try to shed a tear and beg Almighty Allah for His help and mercy. Be specific in what you’re asking.

    4) Try to build a relationship with Almighty Allah and, keep your trust in Him alone. No man or jinn can do anything, unless Almighty Allah allows it. All power is from Allah, you need to truly believe this, in both actions and your words, if you are to benefit.

    5) Avoid haram. As it is haram that prevents us achieving our goals and gives evil it’s strength. Be honest with yourself as to what haram you should remove from your life.

    6) Foods such as Ajwa dates or dates from Medina or even normal dates if the latter cant be found. 7 after fajr and 7 after Maghrib.
    German scientists have concluded that dates balance your hormones (which it is well known that are attacked by Jinn)
    *Limes – squeeze half a lime (or full) and drink it with water. Not for longer than 5 days in a row, and then leave it for 4/5 days and then start again
    *Olives or olive oil (a spoon is fine)
    *black pepper corns (chew them) especially when you feel dazed or lethargic. Go for 7 or more. An odd number is best.
    (You can recite various ayats on the food and this will increase it’s effects, but make sure you dont throw it in the bin!)

    7) Take a rock salt bath and submerge yourself in the water for as long as possible.
    Do this for 7 days in a row and then every 3 days. This remove negative energies
    place on your body by jinn.

    Please do look up the amals on this website as they can help break black magic. Be careful of fraudsters who ask you for large sums of money. Such people are not favoured by Allah and cannot help you.

    I pray that Almighty Allah cures all of you completely and protects you from evil humans and jinns who will pay for their crimes both in this world and the next.

    Remember me in your duas

  37. Nida said

    Aslam o Alikum Brother,
    I have got married 3 years ago in 1st year of marriage went very good.but during the middle of 2nd years, my husband suddendly became husband is living in canada and he applied for my immigration.but unfortunetly my immigration process went late and on the other side my husband changed and get worst even his all habit became changed.i have doubted he has relationship with some girl who is living with him in canada.before all these things happened my husband loved me a lot but his sister in law dont like me and she did not want to see us together.but I ignor the middle of 2011 she brought some kind of halwa to my husband didnt have any affair before eating he ate it during the one month his behaviour became changed with me.I also did not fait on black magic etc.and ignore after three year while I was waiting for my final immigration letter. he canceled my immigration.And my husband wanted divorce from me with out any reason,he just told me he was loving me but now he hated me thats why he dnt want to carry our relationship any more.I didnt want to spoil my home thats why I stopped to take his call any more but one day he said divorce me one time then i cut of my problem is that some alam told husband victom by black magic and even he left his parents.please help me.I want my husband back as soon as posible.please help me….waiting for your respone.Jaza Ka Allah

  38. Nida said

    Aslam o Alikum Brother,
    I have got married 3 years ago in 1st year of marriage went very good.but during the middle of 2nd years, my husband suddendly became husband is living in canada and he applied for my immigration.but unfortunetly my immigration process went late and on the other side my husband changed and get worst even his all habit became changed.i have doubted he has relationship with some girl who is living with him in canada.before all these things happened my husband loved me a lot but his sister in law dont like me and she did not want to see us together.but I ignor the middle of 2011 she sent some kind of halwa to my husband didnt have any affair before eating he ate it during the one month his behaviour became changed with me.I also did not fait on black magic etc.and ignore after three year while I was waiting for my final immigration letter. he canceled my immigration.And my husband wanted divorce from me with out any reason,he just told me he was loving me but now he hated me thats why he dnt want to carry our relationship any more.I didnt want to spoil my home thats why I stopped to take his call any more but one day he said divorce me one time then i cut of my problem is that some alam told husband victom by black magic but alam shib couldnt over come on husband left his parents also.please help me.I want my husband back as soon as posible.please help me.please reply me back on…waiting for your respone.Jaza Ka Allah

  39. Hello very nice site!! Man .. Excellent .. Wonderful .

    . I will bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally?
    I’m happy to find so many useful info right here in the publish, we need work out more techniques on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  40. maimoona Javaid said

    hello I need help! about two and half years I go I started collapsing. the doctors couldn’t figure it out. I went to a sheikh and he told me that there was a jinn around me. but three months a go we found out that my uncle been doing black magic. the sheikh came to my house and said that he been calling jinn but he didn’t know how to send them back. we kicked him out. I got possessed but then the sheikh cured me. but I started get possessed again. how do I get better and get rid of it completely. I am getting hijama done now and I read one of the post that she has been getting thick black blood. is this an indication of black magic because I get thick dark blood my hijama therapist just said it was dirty blood. what can I do to purify my house and myself please let me know as I really want to cure. I have been ill for two and half years, and I have the worst luck ever. I cant seem to get a job or do anything. can you please recommend which surahs I should read. surah Baqarah is played conitunously in a house for over a week now

    • Helpful advice said

      To prevent any jinn from entering your body and to be free from the effects of black magic recite the following after every salaah, with an emphasis on Fajr
      and Maghrib:

      (You might find it useful to know that I have personally used the 2 amals below and personally benefitted)

      Durood Ibrahim x3
      Ayatul Kursi x3
      last 3 Quls (3 times each)
      Ya Shaafi, Ya Kaafi, Ya Baaqi, La Hawla Wala Quwwata illa billa hil Aliyil Azeem x 11
      Durood Ibrahim x3

      (You can increase the number of times you read the above in order to increase the strength of the protection, but just be sure it’s a odd number, as Almighty Allah likes odd numbers).

      After reading the above, blow (as hard and as powerful as you can) on your chest 3 times and then over both hands sweeping from head to toe. Make sure you sweep your hands over every part of you body, including private areas and under your feet. And without speaking to anyone, blow into some water and drink it.

      (2)Bismillah Herakh Maani-ra-heem
      La ilaaha, ilalalaa hu – Wah dahu, Laa shareekala hu.
      Lahul Mulku, wala hul hamdu, wahuwa, alaa kulli shay in qadeer (100 TIMES A DAY).

      The above info is mentioned on this website and also mentioned in a book written by a famous exorcist in his book called “The Sword against black magic and magicians”. If after reading the above, any jinn tries to enter your body, it will be burned, so it wouldn’t even dare to try!

      I just want to add that I have personally benefitted from the above 2 amals. Although the above 2 amals may not necessarily break the magic spell, they will at least prevent any jinn from entering your body, hence protect you from further possession and harm.

      In order to break any magic spells there are many good amals in the relevent sections of this website:

      (Try copy and pasting the above into another webpage)

      Just as a point of note this particular amal is what I call the “atom bomb”. The last 3 Qul (last three ayats in the Quran). Read them 33 times each with Durood Ibrahim 3 times before and 3 times at the end. Again blow on your chest 3 times and on your hands (sweeping your hands over your entire body) and then blow hard on some water and sprinkle the water on your walls, except toilet and washrooms. I was amazed when I saw it’s effects.

      Hijama is good for removing nesting jinn, and i strongly recommend that you start reciting the above amals immediately after your treatment, as nesting jinn try to get back into the victims body with 48 hours of being removed via cupping.

      Also, avoid people who ask for large sums of money. They may sound religious and even look it. I’ve personally been scammed twice and these people never removed a thing. One of them was even doing black magic on me and then asking me for money every time i went back to her. They often play mind games. There are genuine people and they will not ask for much money and will use methods using the Quran and Sunnah.

      Most importantly, you need to have full belief in Almighty Allah, as it is only Allah that can cure you, nor man, jinn or anything else can. Believeing in something other than Allah is shirk and shirk is a major sin.

      • Helpful advice said

        To purify your house, you can:
        1) read Surah Bakrah (make sure the words can be heard) everyday for 40 days.

        2) Get a male family member to recite Azaan at Asr (3 times in a row) everyday. and then watch the jinn run for their lives.

        3) Recite the surahs in the Manzil book and then blow powerfully on water, olive oil, incense sticks, on some black pepper corns and blow on any person who is affected by magic or jinn (don’t speak to anyone until you’ve finished blowing). U can keep blowing on the same items every time you read Manzil and it’s effect will get even stronger.

        -Use the water to drink and throw on all the walls (except toilet and washroom areas). U can even wash with the water, just don’t spill it in the sink or toilet, but instead dispose of the water near a tree or where no one will walk over or where cats and dogs won’t go to the toilet near. I suggest the you sprinkle the water on every part of you home, including curtains be sheets, sofas etc. Also sprinkle a little bit of water on your bed before you go to bed as jinn sometimes try to come up from under the bed.

        -use the olive oil to put over your body, as this becomes a shield against jinn and consume a spoon a day yourself.

        – You can leave surah Bakrah on when you go to sleep

        4) Burn black pepper corns
        Using some charcoal burn black pepper corns in your home. There is a chemical
        in black pepper corns that burns jinn, so they will flee any area where pepper corns have been burned. I usually burn them just before Maghrib then again later on and then again before bed time. You can also eat them if you feel affected.

        5) Also keep your home clean and tidy. I suggest you have a proper clean out and look under your bed and any areas where you might sit for a while, like sofas,
        under your car seats etc.

        6) Read Tahujjad – Ask Almighty Allah for help. Be specific and ask for cure, and protection, for yourself, your family members and your home. Cry and ask with an honest and open heart, as Almighty Allah is the Most Merciful. He will indeed listen to you.

        7) Burn incense sticks you’ve recited over, as jinn don’t like them and some are even scared of them. I usually walk around the whole house with them prior to Maghrib and again at night, and then whenever I feel the need.

        8) There are many other things which can expel jinn, such as Indian Costus, Loban, Bakhoor etc. You could also recite over these if you can get hold of them.
        They are very strong.

        9) You can download Ruqyah from the downloads section on this website. Instructions are written under the various downloads.

        My prayers are with you and everyone affected by evil. Remember me in your duas, but above all trust in Almighty Allah and ask Him for help.

      • Helpful advice said

        Everyone – Please note:

        This website contains plenty of fantastic amals on it that can break black magic, remove blockages and evil jinns etc. but people still are posting questions when the answer is in front of them. Using the appropriate pages on this website, take a look at what u can do. This website was created for the purpose that people can cure themselves and their family members and avoid being conned by fake healers, but now we have people trying to use this site to promote their own services. To what end? Allah knows.

        My own personal experience has shown me that out of 10 healers 8 will be either fake or not upto the job. Don’t waste years looking for the answer that is right in front of you. I can tell u that this website contains amals that WILL WORK if done properly. I have previously written down a number of amals I have used myself above.

        For your own sake don’t just give out personal information to people over the net. U don’t know who they are or what methods they use. I fell victim to a magician who pretend to be a holy person and she destroyed my life. Alhamdulillah, I am better but only because of Allah the Almighty. You have a wealth of knowledge here, use it.

  41. binti mohammed said

    A Muslim Believer’s Attitude During Times of Difficulties and Calamities

    “…So, one may wonder how to distinguish whether a person is being simply tested by Allah Ta’ala or being punished for one’s sins…”As part of our Islamic faith, we believe that all matters are in the hands of Allah Ta’ala. However, for some of us our faith can get shaken during times of trials and hardships. It is during those times though that we should remind ourselves that a believer’s position and rank is raised in front of Allah Ta’ala and that such a hardship may very well be a sign of Allah’s love for the believer. This can help us in maintaining and even strengthening our faith.

    Great Rewards Associated with Great Calamities

    It was narrated from Anas ibn Malik that the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said:

    “Great reward comes with great trials. When Allah loves a people, He tests them, and whoever accepts it attains His pleasure, whereas whoever shows discontent with it incurs His wrath.” Narrated and classed as hasan by at-Tirmidhi (2396)In this hadith, we find that the prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) has provided a message of relief for those who endure difficulties with patience. He also associated greatness of difficulties and calamities with higher rewards. So, enduring through lighter problems and challenges has a smaller reward than enduring greater difficulties and challenges. Given that this life has its share of challenges and difficulties for all, Allah Ta’ala has provided an opportunity of high rewards for those who endure these challenges with patience rather than with complaints and ingratitude. And for those who show displeasure and discontent with Allah’s decree end up in a lose-lose situation because not only they have to live through their current suffering but also incur Allah’s wrath for their displeasure and discontent with His decree.

    We should also realize that our patience when facing difficulties raises our status in front of Allah, and may lead to the forgiveness of our sins. He says in the Quran:“…Only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning”Quran (Surah Az-Zumar:10)”The Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said:

    “Nothing befalls a believer, a (prick of a) thorn or more than that, but Allah will raise him one degree in status thereby, or erase a bad deed.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5641) and Muslim (2573).The Messenger (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam) said in a well known hadith the following:

    “How wonderful is the affair of the believer, for his affairs are all good, and this applies to no one but the believer. If something good happens to him, he is thankful for it and that is good for him. If something bad happens to him, he bears it with patience and that is good for him.”(Narrated by Muslim, 2999).We should also realize that when Allah puts His steadfast believers through trials and tribulations, that is a sign of His love for them. It was narrated that Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) said:“If Allah wills good for His slave, He hastens his punishment in this world, and if He wills bad for His slave, He withholds from him (the punishment for) his sin, until He requites him for it on the Day of Resurrection.” Narrated and classed as hasan by at-Tirmidhi (2396)Al-Hasan al-Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Do not resent the calamities that come and the disasters that occur, for perhaps in something that you dislike will be your salvation, and perhaps in something that you prefer will be your doom.”

    Al-Fadl ibn Sahl said: “There is a blessing in calamity that the wise man should not ignore, for it erases sins, gives one the opportunity to attain the reward for patience, dispels negligence, reminds one of blessings at the time of health, calls one to repent and encourages one to give charity.”Calamities and Problems – Trials or Punishment?

    We also know that some who face difficulties are punished for their sins. So, one may wonder how to distinguish whether a person is being simply tested by Allah Ta’ala or being punished for one’s sins. In this context, scholars have said that “(as Allah knows a person beforehand), the sign of calamity by way of punishment shows as signs of impatience and ingratitude in a person when a calamity befalls, and the sign of calamity by way of expiation and erasing of sins shows as contentment, acceptance, and patience in accepting the will of Allah Ta’ala until relief comes.”Furthermore, if the one who is affected shows displeasure and panic, then it cannot be thought that his calamity is an honor from Allah Ta’ala to raise him in status, because Allah Ta’ala, may He be glorified, knew that he would not be patient and accept it with contentment. So in this case it is most likely that it is a requital and punishment.

    Also, if the Muslim is a devoted worshipper, obedient and righteous, and there is nothing between him and Allah but true ‘uboodiyyah (servitude), gratitude, praise, repentance and submission to Him, may He be glorified, then it is most likely that this calamity is a kind of honor and raising in status, and people are the witnesses of Allah Ta’ala on earth. If they know him to be righteous, then they may give him the glad tidings of raised status before Allah Ta’ala if he is patient in bearing the calamity. (source:

    Regarding difficulties, in the following verse Allah compares the situation of the one who is steadfast in his faith and facing difficulties with those who are evil doers and are in a similar situation:

    “… if you are suffering (hardships) then surely, they (too) are suffering (hardships) as you are suffering, but you have a hope from Allah (for the reward) that for which they hope not; and Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise” Quran (Surah An-Nisa:104).So, a true believer can face his difficulties with a

    positive state of mind hoping for rewards from Allah Ta’ala and such an attitude can provide true relief and happiness. Besides, if Allah lifts this calamity from the believer and saves him from the torment, then that can double the reward and happiness. Allah Ta’ala says in the Quran:

    “… and give glad tidings to As-Sabirun (the patient).”Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.”They are those on whom are the Salawat (i.e. who are blessed and will be forgiven) from their Lord, and (they are those who) receive His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided ones.Quran (Surah Al-

  42. nu said

    jazakallahu for this great site

  43. AS IN EMAIL said

    i want your email adress so that i can discuss the matter clearly.plz help me brother…

    • Shazia said

      Can you please email me

  44. Shazia said

    My life is a complete mess am not getting any where please help me

    • uzma said

      aoa shazia. try the “ya lateefu” amal. its v v effective mashaaALLAH. TRY TO GIVE A lil details abt ur problem so that ppl gv u suggestions what to do.

  45. lex said

    Here is a great site that might be of interest to you all.Please visit and share your experience here

    • Mirza Anwar said

      You bad person! You should never come to this site again! We hate your post! Remove this right now!

  46. None said

    Salaam sister I need help. Could I please have ur email address. I am stressed out with my problem. I don’t know who to talk to it about.

    Jazak Allah kair

  47. SHAHID said


    Brother, I want use it for marriage purpose , Tell me any suitable ritual

  48. Mirza Anwar said

    How can I contact you, Br. Najii Abdullah? Please email me back as soon as possible. Thank you and Assalamu Alaikum.

  49. Lubna said

    If I have a query or a problem, who and where do I write to?

  50. Asc.thank u 4ur advice i ready to assist any who has black magic the he could revise himself with the holy gura ruqiya better than all medicine in this world.

  51. salmaan Ahmed said

    Asslamu calaykum jazaakumulaah qayr for all yuor help. iam 27 year old my father is magician and works with jinn and now forcing me to learn it. I realized that his paymaster is forcing him and me to learn it. I thank Allah protected me all the evil. Alhamdullillahi I really need your advice thanks . I don’t really need to shirk my god. I love my god who created me and protected me all the evil and kufr. thanks

  52. s said

    Don’t ever be complacent. . The person doing sihr to you could be the one who was supposed to protect you. Like your mum. .. my mum is so steeped in evil… she thinks she’s going to get away… but my lord sees and hears everything. Always be on your guard. .. my lord tests those he loves. .. so they tell me… I’m an orphan. .. my mother a witch. My father in her spell. . Be careful. Trust no one except the almighty.

  53. farhan said

    Assalam o alaikum

    brother now i am in in a huge debt and my married life also not good please guide me .

    • momin said

      waalykum as salaam. dear brother farhan, mail me zaidahmad361@gmail
      com. I will send u very simple,short and easy dua that u can read to get away from debt and problems in shaa Allah. I have experienced myself and it really helped me

  54. Nasir said

    i killed many jinns talk to them with the help of Allah i used Quranic Ruqa many times and find always successfull. i write my own blog in my experiences please read this.

    • Nasir said

  55. N said

    Salaam wel where do I start I became unwel abwt 6 years ago I only had 6 months left of my training but had to give it up I have spent the last few years in an out ov hospital iv had 3 failed operation I’m in severe pain around my kidneys I have pain like needles and burning in my whole body which is worse when praying to the point where it’s unbearable I’m on morphine for the pain but it makes no difference I’m tired and angry all the time I use to be very opitimistic but I’m jus tired Ov everything at the moment my docters are baffled and say there’s not much dey can do for me abwt 2 years ago I ended up in intensive care and my family say I came around after an imam prayed on me I never use to believe in black magic but I do now I found packets ov taweez in my room I believe only Allah swt can cure me I rely hope through this somebody can help me my body is getting tired of fighting the pain i have been to several ppl in bradford and Manchester to help me I have been told I have strong black magic done on me but iv had no luck to curing myself I hope all those in pain n illness get beta inshallah p.s sorry for the long info i wanted to give my experience

  56. abla okab said

    Alsalmu 3laikum ..
    i wanted to ask if i can use the amal for my father who has been sick for a year by attaxia . This disease has no cure. Can this amal be done in order to cure him ?? Please answer my question ASAP!

  57. abla okab said

    Also is there an arabic version for this website??

  58. PRivate said

    AOa Brothers and Sister I was a victim of serious Blackmagic for close to 23 years as far as I know, I spent money on healers, and Treatments with little and no results and Alhamduillah I found a solution using natural resources this has been tried and tested on my self as well as other people who had serious cases.

    1) Look for a large tree and stand close to it so your feet are touching it preferably on Tuesday or Thursday Evening


    3) Then 3 Times Durood Shareef Surah Falaq and Naas 3 times then 3 Times Durood Shareef with ” INTENTION” that all the negativity and evil is going inside the tree with the Help and Permission of Allah swt when you do this then In Sha Allah everything will go inside the tree and it will consume it

    You only need to do this once and it will work automatically

    • PRivate said

      also Alhamdulillah my whole body was clean after doing this and I believe it also helped me remove health problems as well

      • private said

        one more thing when you perform it on tuesday or thursday then do it after fajr and after maghrib then it will work automatically

  59. PRivate said

    AOa Brothers and Sister I am posting this method second time first post is above is is updates one I was a victim of serious Blackmagic for close to 23 years as far as I know, I spent money on healers, and Treatments with little and no results and Alhamduillah I found a solution using natural resources this has been tried and tested on my self as well as other people who had serious cases.

    You will perform this After Fajr Salah and Maghrib Salah preferably on Tuesday and Thursdays just for 1 day and it will In sha Allah work automatically

    1) Look for a large tree and stand close to i

    2) Recite Surah Falaq and Naas 11 times with ” INTENTION” that all the evil and negativity is going in to the tree,
    In sha Allah everything will go into the tree and it will eat it

    You only need to do this once and it will work automatically

  60. remove sihr in few minutes said


    Brother and Sister I found a way to remove any type of sihr or Magic jib within minutes here it is

    You will perform the following procedure for only 1 days(s) after Fajr and Maghrib 1 Time
    When you do this then In sha Allah within minutes the Blackmagic Sihr will break and be gone with the force of the river and the help of Allah swt

    This is a photograph of a powerful river after Fajr and Maghrib you will look at the photograph and perform the following recitation with ” INTENTION” that all your problems are being removed with the permission of Allah swt

    • remove sihr in few minutes said

      sorry i forgot to mention the Recitation its 7 times Durood Shareef Surah Falaq surah naas then Durood Shareef again

      • remove sihr in few minutes said

        its also STRONGLY recommended to give some sadaqah to poor people before performing this

    • remove sihr in few minutes said

      Dear brothers and sister I know it might be a problem to do the reading after fajr so in this case you can do it 1 hour before Maghreb salah and 1 hour after maghrib salah for 1 day only this will In sha Allah be suffice

  61. not available said

    Brothers and Sisters I have a method to remove all problems not just sihr or jin with SADAQAH, ALLAH talks about SADAQAH in the QURAN and its also discussed in HADITH as well so whatever im going to tell you is AUTHENTIC, You can try any method you like but this method can be supported By Quran and Hadith and as I Said it has been TRIED AND TESTED and im opinion powerful than any METHOD you can find on this website

    Give some sadaqah to poor people
    Right after you give the SADAQAH, make DUA to ALLAH ask him to send the rewards of the SADAQAH as a gift to all his PROPHETS, SAHABAS, AWLIYAS and all his RIGTEOUS PEOPLE and to make this SADAQAH as a means to remove all your problems,
    Once you do this In sha Allah you will start feeling better right away

    This is the method of making dua


    Make the dua as shown above

    Ameen 1X

  62. Ahmed Sadiq said

    Here is something I found.Its said to be effective against sihr and black magic

    Surah Saad v.41,Surah Muminoon 97-98,Surah Saffat 7..100 or 300 times

    Read the verses as a group.

  63. mhnb said

    As sallamu alaikum brother, i did yunus nabi zhikir. allhamdhulillah i got answer for my dua…
    allhamdhulillah for the admin and other peoples who took risk to create website…
    allhamdhulillahi ada dha hal qi hi

  64. Shams said

    ASAK,my name is shams I came to usa when I was 18yer old no drinking No gambling no bad habits working only remember my Allah always with me I work very hard then 2nd yer bought store and house then more stores new Jersey florida Boston then got merry to very nice turkish girl I have son 10 years old I am 51 years old last 5 years I am losing everything just got divorced don’t know what’s going on with my life I need help please everything I trying to do goes up to 90% then something will happen stops friends tells me somebody did something to you needs help thanks

  65. Imran said

    Dear All,
    I have been suffering from exorcism approximately 8 years, there is shaitan in my body, which speak through my mouth, whenever, I go to any Aamil, he started to speak to Aamil, most the words he says, ” I will not leave him never”, This devil has captured my mouth and close grip as I am unable to speak fluently and my lips keeps vibrating, although it has captured my overall body but right now it is disturbing only in my mouth, due to this , my memory has also so weaken and I all the time feel sleapy. I have doing treatment it from some Aamil from 4 years and now it has left me very much about 80% but it is still to extract my body completely, this devil knows the lot off mantar and speaks some hindu language which I am not sure and says very bad things about GOD, please do some suggestive measure so that I could get relief it early.

    • Imran Ali said

      Dear All,
      I have been suffering from exorcism approximately 8 years, there is shaitan in my body, which speak through my mouth, whenever, I go to any Aamil, he started to speak to Aamil, most the words he says, ” I will not leave him never”, This devil has captured my mouth and close grip as I am unable to speak fluently and my lips keeps vibrating, although it has captured my overall body but right now it is disturbing only in my mouth, due to this , my memory has also so weaken and I all the time feel sleepy. I have doing treatment it from some Aamil from 4 years and now it has left me very much about 80% but it is still to extract my body completely, this devil knows the lot off mantar and speaks some hindu language which I am not sure and says very bad things about GOD, please do some suggestive measure so that I could get relief it early.

      • A Muslim said

        Get hijama done. You will surely benefit from i

  66. Imran Ali said

    Dear All,
    I have been suffering from exorcism approximately 8 years, there is shaitan in my body, which speak through my mouth, whenever, I go to any Aamil, he started to speak to Aamil, most the words he says, ” I will not leave him never”, This devil has captured my mouth and close grip as I am unable to speak fluently and my lips keeps vibrating, although it has captured my overall body but right now it is disturbing only in my mouth, due to this , my memory has also so weaken and I all the time feel sleepy. I have doing treatment it from some Aamil from 4 years and now it has left me very much about 80% but it is still to extract my body completely, this devil knows the lot off mantar and speaks some hindu language which I am not sure and says very bad things about GOD, please do some suggestive measure so that I could get relief it early.

  67. faraz said

    I am in recovery phase Alhamdullah 90% just in one month. In past 7months my condition was worst i felt buring in feet, hand niddling pins, headache,sleepless, bad dreams, back pain, fast heart beat and much things was happend.
    Cure is in only quran i follow this plan
    1 )receite surah baqra three times in a row with 11 time durood begining and end
    2) split in drink water and olive oil
    3) take bath with rock salt add also vinger.

  68. PrincessInHijab said

    I cannot hear from my left ear but I still have so many dreams. My trust in Allah is helping me tout not hold back on my dreams due to my hearing. Sometimes I do cry and feel weak because I cannot even hear my own self in my salaah sometimes but this makes me think more of those who have conditions worse than mine. Those that are blind, crippled, disabled and those that are fully deaf. How must they be feeling? This makes me want to do more charity and gives me a quality of understanding others from their views. Sometimes I break done and feel worthless. Also going to school six form, I have to ask people to repeat more than twice because u can’t hear them. I almost got a detention for handing in my homework one day too late when I had done it on the day it was given. I had thought that I the teacher said to give it on the day I did but the due date was two days ago. Also this teacher called me and when I didn’t hear her, this group of girls that were in my class helped the teacher in calling me. They must have called me 5 or 6 times I heard. I felt so embarrassed!! My hearing is getting worse day by day but my trust in Allah is increasing. I feel as if my hearing loss is a test from Allah. The doctors say that they think my hearing was completely gone since birth or that something in my childhood might have made me lose it. The day I found out about my hearing loss, I cried so much. The cause of my hearing loss is still to be found but there is a slight chance of this being found out. The doctor said that I would never be able to hear ever in my left ear. I felt sick and useless but then a after a while it thought that the doctors said they couldnt do anything to return my hearing but they were just mere.humans who were still learning. What about Allah? The One who created me? He has power to do anything. He is the One who has more knowledge than the doctors. This thought keeps me strong that by trusting Allah, my hearing might return at some point in my life and if it dosent and i die then I will be my perfect self in Jannah. I can still hear a bit which I am very grateful for because there are those who have complete hearing loss.

  69. Faisal said

    I want to Contact Through Email Id – Personal Mail Please Provide me the email so that i can share my problem

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