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Closing down of “Ask Questions Services”

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful. May complete Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be upon the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam) forever forever.

Bi iznillaah, due to our personal commitments and as per the orders of our Sheikh, we would be shortly closing down all the “Ask Questions Services”. We have already provided all the necessary articles and guidelines for people to practice self treatment and benefit themselves and others.

We recommend our users to practice the dua’s and amal’s with full faith and full trust in Allah, and beg and cry before HIM (SWT) in abundance and remember expressing humbleness, humility and helplessness before our Merciful Lord is the best and greatest amal.

Guidelines for treatment of Blackmagic and Jinns

Guidelines for treatment of all pains and sickness

We will inshaallah, try our best to continue posting new articles for the benefit of all our users. We would end by quoting a beautiful verse of the Glorious Quran in which Allah says:”..loose not your heart, nor fall into despair, for you will succeed if you are a true believer”(3:139)

1,385 Responses to “Ask a Question (Other Issues) (CLOSED)”

  1. Anis Fathima said

    Assalamu alaikkum! I’m a married women i’m 29yrs old pls don’t show this comment because my husband saw this comment he never talk to me pls dont show my name. In my husband house my husband is the elder brother next one sister she is married & she have 2 sons she doesn’t go to her mother-in-law house & last 1 younger brother. My problem is my sister-in-law & my mother-in-law they always scold me they never give respect to me i mean they never give importants to me in my house full power is only my sister-in-law then i have only one son he is 3yrs old my father & mother in law treat my son very badly they like my sister-in-law’s sons only. I already told this to my husband but he told wait for sometime or he told dont tell these are all to me u solve u’r problem.not only this i have lot of problems They treat very badly pls help me i want my husband very affectionately pls tell me pls help me what can i do.

    • munawwar81 said

      As salamu alaikum Sister Fatiman,

      to solve your problem
      every day after Fajar prayer before sunrise recite
      ” Bismillah ar Rehman nir Rahim” 1000 times for 40 days. after finish reciting make dua InshaAllah you will see result in a week.
      Do not stop this wazefa it has tremendous benifits you will experience for your self with time.
      if any other problem mail me at

  2. saher said

    i wanted to ask about the treatments u mentioned..are we supossed to do all these or just we need to do 1 eg. amal 1 etc….tnx

  3. saher said

    i wanted to ask about the treatments u mentioned..are we supossed to do all these or just we need to do 1 eg. amal 1 etc….tnxx

  4. commercial real estate cold calling said

    Hi all, here every one is sharing such knowledge, so it’s good to read this web site, and I used to pay a quick visit this webpage daily.

  5. faeza said

    assalam alykum

    me jis ladke ko pasand karti hu wo bhi muje pasand karta tha hum 2 saal tak sath the par ab wo achanak muje chhod k chala gaya use wapis pana chati hu

    • FAEZA said

      assalam alykum

      me jis ladke ko pasand karti hu wo bhi muje pasand karta tha hum 2 saal tak sath the par ab wo achanak muje chhod k chala gaya use wapis pana chati hu

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  7. salam…my plb is that somebody doing magic contiously on me,,iam praying and doing everything but i become so much weak,,and my face become dark and dull ,,,,i just want to know the person name who is doing magic on me,,i have forgotten them,who is doing magic on me. ,iam praying for them ,,Allah give hidayath to them,,so plz sir tell me some wazifa that i want to know the name of the person,who is doing magic on me,,,,,iam waiting for ur reply ,,Allah hafiz

  8. Hasina said

    My brother in islam Asalamalkum !
    I start tasbi e Hazrat yunos (a.s) and witten three day mashallha I read almost forthen thousand time . during the day a dont have problem but I have too much nightmares can you please give me the solution to not see bad dreams thank again for your help and pray for me please .

    • munawwar81 said

      As salamu alaikum Sister Hasina,
      to prevent bad dreams what you do is .
      in bed before you sleep recite Surah Naas 3 times and blow around you assuming you are making a circle around you. after that recite Suran Naas again but in this manner
      ” bismillah ar rehaman nirrahim”
      Kul a uzu bi rabbin naas naas naas
      malikin naas naas naas
      like wise where ever is “naas” you should recite it 3 times. naas naas naas and finish the surah and blow over your self. Insha Allah you will not get any bad dreams or feel scared while sleeping as long as you do this wazeefa before sleeping.

  9. mohammad said

    please brothers im beyon sick i dont know who to talk to for help any sheihks for jinns please hekp for allah

  10. mohammad said

    i cant think Wallahy i woke up and my first words where alhamduliah i teared and when i got up i just snaped at my parents and started saying alhamdullah for what my sister habeing atherithid otr alhamdullah my parents devorced ot alhamdullah for what be caue my fianv broke m up eith me in the worst way possible or id it that fact i hear bvoices in my heaf and cant feal goof ehren i hesr Qursn i td likr im blovkrf tyo dslrr my fsiyth id beinh g plsyrd by s mondter plese someone snyone all i cant is to worship wprk and livr s dimplr livr,,, buyt i vsny ivr brcsmr thid dtstgrn help snthong well do all doors are dhut i psyrf prsyed snf prsyed dhooo sdeswee

  11. kazim said

    Pray for me and for my health ,may allah bless you

  12. Sofia said

    salaam sir i am 30 year old and i like one guy and wants to marry him, he is not my lover or boyfriend, he is very noble educated islamic guy , its my wish to marry him and please help me because i have no holyman to take permission of wazeefa i heard about naad e ali that it is very stronge so please help me about it

    • munawwar81 said

      As salamu alaikum Sister Sofia,

      recite these names of Allah SWT “Ya Haleemo Ya Raufoo Ya Mannanu”
      as much as you can with full faith in Allah with just a intention in your heart of fullfilling your legitimate desire of marrying this man if he is truly good InshaAllah if you faith is strong soon your prayer wil be answered.
      on case of any further questions mail me at

  13. It’s truly very complicated in this active life to listen news on Television, so I only use internet for that reason, and get the latest information.

  14. sakandar hayat said

    Assalam o alaikum

    Brother i want to become aamil of surah ta ha
    If you how to perform its amal please tell me or if you know any aamil of surah ta ha please tell me his name address and contact no


  15. arshiya said

    AS SalaM. Me ( arshiya D/o Mushruf unissa & Abdul Hameed) in love with( Sheikh Sathar S/o Abdul MAjeed & Noorjahan Bee). We were about to get married and suddenly lot of problems came. Now his alliance fixed with some one else. Both our families know we want to marry each other. Pls Sheikh aisa wazeefa dejiye that he comes back to me and now he is not talking to me also.

  16. said

    im hassaan qazi can u plx tell rabbi ajalni n dua for buisness sucess

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  20. A H said

    Hello , can you please tell me any solution to get rid of Allergy . I had been suffering from allergy since 2005 and now I am in a very poor condition i can’t even read properly because of my runny nose . I also have a dust allergy .

  21. Faizan said

    Asalaam alai kum,
    Im doing the amal of ayat ul karima, i have massive massive debts, my life is in danger, im finding it difficult to a job, my weddings been postponed, i cant see any solution to my problems..the people that i owe money to arent willing to negeotiate. I have done amals, read many nafls but like allhamdulliah things have calmed down but still i cant see a solution.

    Doing the ayat ul karima amal 125,000, will it help? What are the conditions? Im fasting too as it is ramadan so it makes alot harder..can i do it in sujood, sittin on my bed? Lying down on prayer or bed?

    If you can guide me it will be much appreciated. I really need duas & guidence.


  22. shabnam said

    assalamu aleikm,
    i need a wajeefa to get respect and love from disobedient childrens.actually my ammi is so disturbed with d behaviours of my brother and sister in law, and she use to wipe all d time. i cant see her this much helpless. so please any1 let me know some powerfull amal by doing which, d disobedient childrens becomes obedient to their parents alhamdulillah.plese help me in this matter.zajakallah khairul ameen.

  23. Parvez said

    Salaam Sister,

    Pls go to

    Here You Can Find Wazaifa for All Your Problems. Inshallah your problem will be solved.

  24. yasmeen said

    i have one question. i am 34yrs old i luv to someone we both ask the permision from our parents to get marry but theboy parents given permision.i dont have father my mother she is not giving me permision and since eight years iam in saudi and supporting to my family before my mother she look for me one guy and make ingagement after 3 months its broken bcoz of some dowry before i was agree with my mother know i luv to somone we want to get mary she dont want to give the permision and she search somone for me but i cant so please help me i am so deppressed what to do

  25. aishaaish said

    I am ayesha from u.a.e and i m single and 32 year old and my parents are worried about my life partner even me too
    Would u like to send me amal, zikr or wazifa for getting married

    • munawwar81 said

      As salamu alaikum Sister Ayesha,

      ya Qahhar, ya Jabbar, la ilaha ill-Allah
      and hasbunallah RabbunAllah 100 times each
      and InshaAllah your problem will be solved.

      incase of anything you can mail me on

    • A Muslim said

      One amal that I am aware of is ayat Kareema, It needs to be read 125,000 times. It can be read either individually or as a part of a group. It doesn’t need to be done in one sitting. I know someone who was also looking to get married and this worked for her. The proper method of doing this amal is below. I suggest you read the instructions carefully. I pray you get married soon InshAllah.

      It is a very powerful Amal for several needs

  26. Mehrunnisa Khan said

    I am 21 years old female my mother name is dure hayat saleem.i am in a great trouble i married to husband in court in 2011 my parents did not agree but now my mother is agreeing but my father does accept my husband as his son in law bcoz he is financially weak and does have job issues.plz help me or guide me what to do i did many wazaif for my husbands job and my father to agree but nothing works my father has forcely filed a khula in court and i have time till december plz help me .

  27. Mehrunnisa Khan said

    Plz reply me as soon as possible bcoz i dont ve time and need advice how can i save my marriage

    • A Muslim said

      Ayat Kareema should be sufficient for your issues. Follow this link:

  28. Assalaam I have been having too much trouble in life,away from my parents,broken marriage,just lost my job,no source of income in a lot of debt,always feeling sick n have body aches. I have come to a state where I dont feel like living anymore but dont want to think about suicide as it is a sin. I have alot of faith in allah talah and my namaaz keeps me going,dont know for how long thou. I need help, I cant share my problem with anyone not even with my parents as they will worry alot. Appreciate if I can be advised what to do. Thanks, may Allah bless with all good things in the world for helping me.

  29. nima said

    I am a 23 yr old girl I doesn’t have a close relationship with my parents I was raised by my elder sis who’s husband take care of me.he is practically my father until he started abusing me sexually dis has been going on 4 a while now. I am not proud of it but at the same time I have to do it he pays my fees and ol plus no 1 wil believe it nd i wil spoil my sisters marriage nd im going to hv an extra year in school I can’t afford to get him angry bcos he wil withdraw from paying my fees my parents are not doing well financially even if they did dey will not believe it nd i don’t have any where to go to pls advice me on what to do.

    • Donna said

      Dear Nima, Allah will help you. But its better you tell slowly to your mother and try not to give him time to do so. your mother will believe you Inshaa Allah. live more and more with your sister? Your sister is blind she does not feel anything?
      And if she came to know in your situation she will blame you only. so try to be clever and expose this devil to anyone. Otherwise your life will be spoiled. you are paying yourself against fees of your college? what will be your future? such people never let go the girls around them.
      if you need more help email me at
      Jazak Allah khair,

  30. Zahra said

    Salam nima ur story is very sad insha Allah I wil include u in my prayers may Allah make a way out 4 u.

  31. nadeem said

    Salaam Sis Nima, I am sorry to hear that you are being oppressed, if I were you I would discuss with my sister about this matter and maybe she would leave him knowing this. I personally would report the abuse to everybody including the police. Not passing any judgement but he must be engaging with other women the same, Its a satanic influence over him, he needs dua as well. Change your condition and Allah will help you change your condition/ Allah does not help people unless they change their condition I read something on those lines in the Quran. May Allah help you find a way out of this. In sha Allah!

    Also when you get a chance try and read the translation of the quran you will get your advise from Allah directly (Allah forgives all sins who truly repent)
    Barak Allah Feek!

  32. mrs sheeraz raza said

    Please pray for me. Ive been married in 2012 and im living in england and my husband is in pakistan i am lost without him i am not working due to my illness and how will i ever be able to cal him do his visa Im not working im poor please pray for me he cant keep me in pakistan he wants to be with me in england but how can i get help please give me a wazifa to read i wil die crying without him i love my husband so much please hdlp me

  33. mrs sheeraz raza said

    Please pray for me. Ive been married in 2012 and im living in england and my husband is in pakistan i am lost without him i am not working due to my illness and how will i ever be able to cal him do his visa Im not working im poor please pray for me he cant keep me in pakistan he wants to be with me in england but how can i get help please give me a wazifa to read i wil die crying without him i love my husband so much please help me. Thanks

    • munawwar81 said

      As salamu alaikum Sister Sheeraz
      please mail me on so i can
      advice you a wazifa.

  34. munawwar81 said

    As salamu alaikum Sister Sheeraz Raza,
    please mail me on so i can advice you a wazifa.

  35. zakira said

    assaalam alaikum Zakira ,
    i have health issue which surah or durud shariff to be read for reducing fats in body.And from two years my husband is not getting job i am facing very diffficult to survive bcoz nobody is there to help us except Allah Taala please guide to read any powerful dua or surah to be read

    • munawwar81 said

      As salamu alaikum Sister,

      I request you to mail me on
      and allow me to assist you.
      Be blessed.

  36. Sendo said


    Is there a way to locate a missing person, a non-muslim brother who has been missing for quite some time?


  37. zamir said

    I have a problem wadhu…i have to make wadhu in nimaz after every 3 mint.

    • Answer said

      There is a hadith for this. Once you have done wudhu for salaah, if it breaks then u do not have to do it again for this particular salaah. You can get this verified by any scholar. Also I strongly suggest that u get hijama done, to get rid of this problem permanently. Allah knows best

  38. sumbul said

    assalam o alaikum . my name is sumbul . I wanted to ask a question and I need your help . I was engaged to a guy my mother selected for me . in the start I was not ready for marriage but later I agreed for my mother . I started talking to him and I started liking him and he also started liking me . both of our families were happy . but later he got to know that. am not a graduate and my mother told them that. am graduate . after knowing this they broke marriage with me . and we are in tension now . but that guy still says that he loves me but his family does not want him to marry me so he can’t marry me . I perform all namaz and tilawat plz make dua for me and also tell me wazifa for marriage . and also my dream is to settle in abroad . his proposal was the one I wanted to ahead coz he is working in Singapore . plz plz plz make dua for me

    • munawwar81 said

      Wa alaikum salaam Sister,
      mail me on
      so i can advice you a wazeefa

  39. munawwar81 said

    Wa alaikum salaam Sister,

    mail me on so i can advice you a wazeefa accorfingly.

  40. sumbul said

    please help me . what to do ??? I still want him to marry me

  41. Aslan said

    My brothers and sisters. I seek help with problems in my life and family. We live in a christian country with a lot of tax depths. We have tried to pay down the bills in many years and still they keep coming.. Is there anything you would share with me that could help my family out of depts? I would be very great full .
    And lately depression has been bothering me. I can’t relax and there is always a feeling of sadness and loneliness. Lot of questions about doubts and happiness in life. I am nice to everybody but no one seems to appritiate my loyalty or love .
    I would be very great full !
    Greetings from Norway!

    • roohani work said

      any problem tell me

  42. Ishmam said

    Brother, I am Ishmam. Brother I have a dream that I am going to study in IBA University of our Country. But brother the minimum point to apply is 5, but I have only 3.6! Brother is there any doa which can make their mind soft and grant me to sit for the admission test and I can make my dream true?
    Please pray for me and suggest me what to do!
    I am in frustration.

  43. roohani work said

    salam brother and sister any problem balck magic safli magic taweez any work to contect

  44. shazi said

    I habe a question im sick of paying tax ive set an direct debit n im paying £25 a month for tax year 2011/12 n yesterday i got another letter of tax under paid for period 2013/14 for £534 because i was getting employment support allowance. I dont understand because i was getting employment support allowance after thay tax it. So why i have to pay i font have that kind of money as i dont work n if i had to pay it back why thay give it to me in the first place. I rang n explained to tham but thay dont seem to listen n told me that if i font pay they will fine me. Plz help me thank you

    • roohani work said

      salam email

  45. kanwal said

    Asslam o Alikum

  46. kanwal said

    Plz bhai replye am very helpless

  47. kanwal said

    Bhai plz reply me

  48. Misba imran bijapur said

    Assalamwalaikum sir I have problem in my home.I have two sons n staying in joint family.I request u to suggest me dua for peace in my home my husband has angry mood .so plz I need happy moments inmy life.I myself is an orphanage child.13yrs have been past away for my parents .

  49. sana said

    I am in love with a boy from last 1 & 1/2 now he left me.for his parents choice.plz tel me any wazifa to bring him back again.

    • Misba Bijapur said

      How to be happy in married life n how to handle family. Dua requested On Feb 23, 2016 6:34 PM, “Simple Guide on Islamic Exorcism” wrote:

      > sana commented: “I am in love with a boy from last 1 & 1/2 now > he left me.for his parents choice.plz tel me any wazifa to bring him back > again.” >

  50. Namra said

    My 25 months old boy don’t talk that’s why always crying and cranky and stubborn please suggest some dua, baby name azlan Qureshi 7 February 2015

  51. mohsin khan said

    Assalamu allikum.
    Mere propbm yhe hi me ek larki ko chata hu wo bi mujhe boht chati thi lkin hmri thodi si bhess larai ho gye wo mujhe chor ke chali gye hum log 6 yrs se reltnshp me the
    Wo mujhe yhe bol kr gye tmhre bagir ji bi ni skti or tmhre sath bi..
    Mene uske liye “Tahajud” ki namaz strt kr di or me more than 30 se “salato Tazbhi” ki namaz phar rha hu uske liye or 5 times ki namaz tho norml hi wo tho farz hi.
    Or me 40 di se zyda ho gye” Yaseen Sharif” phar rha hu uske liye uski narazgi khtm ho gye hum log pyr mohabbat se rhye
    Ek or chez uske liye “tabarak kal lazi” ki pahli ayat bi more than 20 days ss read kr rha hu
    Or ek wazifa or “ya musabbi bal asbaab” bi phar rha hu
    Kya kru me jldi se mere dua qabool ho jaye or wo razi ho jaye mere pass wapis aha jaye wo mujhse shadi krna chati thi ghr me bi krne wali thi. “

  52. mohsin khan said

    Mujhe ap
    Pr mail kr ke bata dijye.

  53. Aliya said

    My problem is that I am 19 year old girl .meri height bht choty hai n secondly hath ki hathelia n pao b chotey chotey hai..pls koi wazifa bataen.

  54. obeng said

    Assalamu alaikkum ,,please only Islamic people can use all this powerful prayers.

  55. obeng said

    Assalamu alaikkum ,,please only Islamic people can use all this powerful prayers.please answer.

  56. BETHANY said


  57. Sheetal said

    In midnight its around 4or 4:30o’clock…… Before few days i felt someone around me and my boyfriend was also felt some negative things….like he is male….. Some negative energy around me i just fell…..I didn’t noticed but suddenly…… The rectangular shape of painting hanging on the opposite site where my bed situated….. And little window also under that painting… .the painting were up and down and bed were also make noise and like someone is doing with there all of force from my toes area…….I was totally scared that time really and on which pose I carried to sleep i didn’t change even I heard that noise…..after few minutes when I was wake up…..I was confused that its was my dreame or really its happened………and main thing is that before some day same thing is happened…….. I am still scared about that it is not possible that same dream happening again……..I want to know what doest it mean and why should it were happening with me……..and in Muslim culture what is remedy for it……I want to know because my boyfriend gave me something I just want to confirme or nothing

  58. SelenaA09 said

    My husband left me for a younger woman and I was devastated. It was as if she had him under an evil spell, Paul turned against me overnight without any warning. It happened last year, I was desperate so I used every single spell casting website that I could find with no results. A friend sent me the link to Dr. Todd’s site and I contacted him two months ago. He started working with me on October. As a result from all of his wonderful work, my man and I are back together. I’m so happy and privileged to have such a great person like you on my side. Thank you! e-mail: manifest spell cast@gmail. com…

  59. Nabilabbas said

    Why hand is stuck on thigh during reciding dua e ahad

  60. Kyeyune Muhammad said

    Asalaam Aleikum brothers and sister,one of my brother told me that if ur totally poor and ur in need money,u get awhite cloth u put some puffum u switch of the light then read durood taj 170 times a day for 11week u can find alot of money where you a white cloth

  61. Assalam
    I need your help please,my partner and I are in two different countries and we have issues a lot .sometimes I He doesn’t want to talk to me,please help me with Amal that will increase his love for me.

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